Harry Potter: Wizards Unite receives support for Google Fit

Niantic has just released an update for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game that adds support for syncing with the Google Fit app. With this new feature, Niantic launched Adventure Sync, a fitness feature.Adventure Sync was created to interact with users' fitness goals, so that the experience is not just a game. Therefore, the [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S20 will hit stores a few weeks after its launch

Samsung will showcase its new flagship on February 11, but remains silent about its arrival on the shelves. But thanks to Max Weinbach, that secret will no longer be.According to him, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 will officially hit stores on the first Friday in March. This means that you can get your hands [...]

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Xiaomi will close all its stores in China to help fight Coronavirus

Through an official statement, Xiaomi announced that as of tomorrow, all of its physical stores in China will be closed to the public. In the same statement, they reveal that the stores should reopen on February 3, but this date may be changed in the meantime.According to the brand's communication, this general closure of [...]

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Gcam: how to install on any Android smartphone without Root

The Gcam or G cam, short for Google Camera is a modified version of the application (app) found on the Pixel line smartphones. As a rule, it manages to significantly improve the photographic quality of Xiaomi, Huawei and other smartphones.The premise is simple. Gcam has an excellent image processing, highlighting the HDR mode, night [...]

Nokia may launch its first foldable smartphone in 2020

According to the Nokiamob publication, the Finnish company may present a foldable smartphone later this year. From what has been said, this could happen in late 2020 or early 2021.Should this rumor materialize, Nokia will face fierce competition from brands such as Samsung, Motorola and Huawei. These three have already launched a device of [...]

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Apple files a patent that describes a dream computer!

Apple is one of the companies that has most revolutionized the technology market. Although in recent years it seems calmer than at the time of Steve Jobs, the company continues to work to innovate in the sector.The latest patent shows us a dream computer. Apparently from the patent image, we have a desktop computer [...]

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Caixa Geral de Depósitos reveals voice assistant in its CaixaDirecta application

Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) is one of the largest banks in UK and wants to continue developing and investing in the technological segment.Certainly for this reason the bank decided to create a new tool for all users of the CaixaDireta application, implementing a voice assistant in UK's (UK) capable of making transactions or [...]

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Apple iOS 14: These should be the iPhones and iPads compatible with the update

The new Apple iOS 14 is coming soon. The new operating system should be officially unveiled at the WWDC conference to be held in June as usual.The new system is not expected to have drastic changes. This is because we can see a serious list of iPhones and iPads that support the system. That [...]

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Podcast 265: Xiaomi Pocophone, iPad is 10 years old, the future of smartwatches

It's time for another EBox Podcast! Today, the themes will be talked about. We look at Xiaomi's new sub-brand, Pocophone, and their smartphones. We will also talk about the 10 years of the iPad and the evolution of smartwatches.As usual, you can watch the Podcast live on the "Podcast EBox" channel on Youtube. To [...]

IPhone or iPad backups: options and tips

How to make a copy of the iPhone or iPad on Mac iCloud is the option that Apple wants you to consider in order to have a backup copy of the data stored on your iOS device. First of all, because of the security it offers against local copies, since, like other cloud storage [...]

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Google Camera (GCam): improvements on the way to the popular Android app

The Google Camera application, also known as GCam, is mostly available on Google Pixel smartphones and on everyone using Android One as an operating system. However, it is not very complicated to install the application on another smartphone. (Below you can find out how).The new update, which is still in the development stage, shows [...]

Nokia may finally launch a flagship that you will want to have!

Nokia's main goal was to revolutionize the smartphone market with the Nokia 9 PureView, being the first smartphone to feature 5 rear cameras. However, it ended up giving "a shot in the foot", by constantly postponing its launch, making it practically irrelevant at the time of launch.After several rumors and leaks about a possible [...]

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Amazon Photos: a great option to store your photos without limits, if you are a Prime user

Amazon Photos, what it is and what exactly it offers Amazon Photos It is an Amazon photo storage service. And as a customer (aka registered user) they offer you 5GB of free space for you to save your photos and, taking advantage of Amazon Drive, any other type of file you want as long [...]

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OnePlus 8: brand reveals what it wants to improve on your camera!

OnePlus is about to launch yet another range of smartphones. If all goes as expected, the next smartphones will be the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro and 8 Lite.The brand revealed in its official forum that it knows that it has to improve in many aspects and one of them is in its photo camera. [...]

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Android 11: we already know when the new Google system will arrive! Here’s what to expect!

Google has revealed that its annual conference, Google I / O, will take place between May 12th to 14th. This means that it is on these dates that we will officially have the new Android 11.However, it is expected that before the conference Google releases the beta version to developers. This usually happens a [...]

Xiaomi Pocophone X2 already has official release date! Sooner than we thought

After practically a year of silence, POCO has once again put itself in the spotlight by becoming an independent Xiaomi brand. Obviously, this news quickly sparked rumors that new Pocophones were on the way.Now, through its official Twitter account, the brand has confirmed that the "new" Xiaomi Pocophone X2 will be officially unveiled on [...]

Start Monday with the best deals: Apple, Lord of the Rings and more

The best offers available on Amazon Then you have a selection with which we consider to be the best technological offers of the day. Some of them (by time or by stock) may not be available throughout the day, so our recommendation is to catch what interests you as soon as possible. Sharp sound [...]

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“Overhangs on the screen are normal” says Motorola about the Razr folding

Today the Motorola Razr foldable has become available for pre-order in the United States through the operator Verizon. The value of the equipment will be around 1300 euros. The most funny thing is that Motorola launched videos promoting the mobile phone, indicating that it is normal for the screen to have bumps.In addition to [...]

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Apple’s unofficial file is at risk of disappearing

One of the most interesting sites on the Internet is the Apple Archive. This virtual location contains more than 15 thousand advertisements, internal training videos, images and other content in the history of the Cupertino company. However, most of this valuable collection has been eliminated, by Apple.The curator of the virtual "museum", Sam Henri [...]

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Facebook blames Apple for the Jeff Bezos iPhone hack. Understands the situation

Recently, the iPhone X of Jezz Bezos, CEO and owner of Amazon, was "hacked". According to the Washington Post (which is also owned by Bezos), the attack was carried out by Saudi Arabia. This is because the American newspaper has been investigating the case of the murder of its journalist Jamal Kashoggi.The Washington Post [...]

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