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The 12 best Android TV Boxes of 2020

I have been leaving this topic pending for some time, but it is time to face it. Which are the best Android TV Box What can we find today? The offer is eerily wide, so today we will try to shed some light and perspective on the world of "smart boxes" for TV.The first [...]

The cheapest Net TV Voice packages in 2020

We found the package Voice Net TV (3P) cheaper in 2020 when comparing the current offer of Vodafone, NOS, MEO and NOWO packages in UK. Our analysis also highlights the best characteristics of each one to facilitate the choice.On average we pay € 52.8 per month for the telecommunications service package, but it is [...]

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Take advantage of these Sunday offers: Xiaomi Mi TV BOX, Harry Potter and more

The best deals of the day on Amazon Below you have a selection with the best technological offers available on Amazon of the day. Some of them, as we always warn you, will not be available all day, so we advise that if you like something, buy it before it is too late. Ahead. [...]

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WHAT CAN I DO WITH A ANDROID TV BOX ?? 2019 EntertainmentBox welcome you to another post on our Android TV box buying guides. Today we are going to discuss a little bit here. What we can do with an Android TV box. and for you that are over there and you and you [...]


HOW TO WATCH AMAZON PRIME VIDEO ON CHROMECAST Can I watch Amazon Prime Video via Chromecast using my Mac, iPhone, Android iPad, Android, or PC? Over the years, streaming services have steadily been gaining popularity internationally. The vast range of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and the right to view them anywhere and anytime have [...]

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HOW TO JAILBREAK FIRESTICK IN 2020 How to jailbreak a FireStick? The Amazon Fire Stick is rapidly becoming one of the most used streaming devices all over the world today. This is because of the fact that the popular streaming provider has applications on this device. But that is not the only reason saddled [...]

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Guide Factory Reset Android 8 Oero

How to Factory Reset Android 8 Oreo? Do you have issues with your Android 8 Oreo device and want to do a Factory Reset on it? You should be aware if you factory reset the TV box it will delete all the data on your device. And it will be left with default apps that [...]

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Android 8 All Settings

Full EBox Android TV box Settings and setup guide, 8 Android help guides. We are going to show you how to set up an Android 5.1 powered TV box, we are using the EBox T8-AML-V3s in this guide but you can follow this helpful guide with all Android 8 TV boxes. Categories: How to guides, Android Settings Android [...]

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Free Online TV: The Complete List of Channels in UK

To watch free online TV in UK we have put together this list of cool live broadcast channels so you can watch UK's and Brazilian TV on PC, mobile phone, tablet and other mobile devices.You can take advantage of channels, and their websites, at home or anywhere with an internet connection, a browser and [...]

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Google wants to improve Android TV with new measure. But it will be worth little!

Google is about to implement new measures for devices running its Android TV system. In order to greatly improve the user experience, it will implement standardized minimums for the hardware performance of these devices. Over the last few years, the Android TV box market has been growing incredibly, with an incredible amount of offers [...]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is official with 48MP camera and an incredible price.

During the last few weeks much has been said about the 'separation' of Redmi and Xiaomi, and the first smartphone to be released after this decision by the manufacturer. The new Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is now official and the first of its kind to come with a surprising 48 megapixel camera. It seems [...]

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OnePlus goes back to your future Smart TV

It's no secret that OnePlus is working on a SmartTV. The company promises to bring back the name "Flagship Killer" to another segment and believes that the first OnePlus Smart TV could be a success. However, it is not being easy to implement. According to Android Authority, in an interview with one of its [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 8, Pocophone F1 and More Already Supported by Paranoid ROM

While it is no longer as important a segment as it was a few years ago, the ability to install custom ROMs on Android smartphones still has a lot of fans. One of the most popular is the Paranoid Android ROM, offering a handful of extra features to smartphones. Now the team of developers [...]

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Smartwatch: Ticwatch E2 and S2 are official with Google's WearOS

Ticwatch's smartwatch has made a positive impact on the market. Now is the time to see Ticwatch E2 and S2 official. Two new smartwatch that do not differ much except in design. The Mobvoi brand has made a positive impact by giving us a Google WearOS smartwatch at a better price than the competition. [...]

Xiaomi launches 'budget' version of its amazingly priced Android TV Box

Xiaomi is most likely one of the worldwide manufacturers that most products launch on the market every year. Especially if we consider the varied markets in which it is active. One of their most popular 2018 products was their Android TV Box, now a pretty quaint one! The new Xiaomi Mi Box 4 SE [...]

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Google Assistant and Alexa already let you talk to Santa

Google Assistant and Alexa already make calls to SantaWith the special Christmas day approaching, it would even be surprising if large companies did not use their virtual assistants to create new interactions. That's what the Mountain View company did with Google Assistant and Amazon with its Alexa. You now have a wide variety of [...]

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Android TV. Amazon-Google War Seems Near End

Google and Amazon are in truce with the arrival of Amazon Prime Music on Android TVThe war between Google and Amazon has been going on for a long time. During the last few years we have seen both manufacturers 'sabotaging' competitor applications on their systems. However, it seems that companies are finally starting to [...]

Xiaomi will bring two more high-end smartphones to Europe

Soon, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Black Shark Helo may officially arrive in EuropeXiaomi has increasingly focused on expanding to the various markets in Europe and is now preparing to arrive in the UK. While continuing to demonstrate a major focus on the Chinese market, the brand is poised to bring two of its [...]

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Samsung wants to equip its mid range with Qualcomm technology

On-screen biometric readers will also reach mid-rangeSamsung currently has several projects of major importance. In addition to the folding smartphone we envision today, it has its next high end. This should have a biometric reader developed by Qualcomm. The beginning of 2019 will be promising for Samsung. We hope to get to know your [...]