OnePlus may end up abandoning Qualcomm’s processors! See why

Oppo started hiring employees from MediaTek and Unisoc to start developing its own processors. Although no reference was made to OnePlus, I recall that both manufacturers belong to the BBK Electronics group and we have seen OnePlus follow in Oppo's footsteps several times.Contrary to what many might think, the United States' war [...]

Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro already has official release date!

Despite the many difficulties created by the "war" with the United States, Huawei continues with the launch of new smartphones at full speed. The next smartphones to be launched will be from its subsidiary - Honor Play 4 and Play 4 Pro - and promise to offer an excellent price / quality [...]

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Huawei already has an official YouTube replacement for its smartphones!

Huawei continues its mission impossible to find viable alternatives for all Google services and applications that can no longer be integrated into their smartphones. It has now been announced that they already have an official replacement for the YouTube app.As of now, the Huawei Video service has a strong partnership with Dailymotion, [...]

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro start receiving EMUI 10.1 in Europe

Huawei introduced the EMUI 10.1 when the P40 family was launched. These were the first models to feature the new version of the interface, but now it is time for some of their most important equipment to be updated as well.Holders of the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro have already started receiving [...]

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Huawei is in trouble again! Even MediaTek doesn’t guarantee anything! You see

Huawei was left without the possibility of creating its Kirin processors. This is because TSMC, which manufactured them, has just severed relations with the brand due to fears of U.S. sanctions. After all, this is the company that supplies the processors to Apple and Tim Cook's company is largely responsible for TSMC's [...]

Huawei Honor X10 5G has immediate success and sells out in less than 10 minutes!

After presenting the Honor X10 5G a few days ago in China, Huawei's subsidiary launched its new smartphone on the market today, achieving immediate success as expected. A few hours after it hit the market, the manufacturer announced that the Honor X10 5G sold out in just 8 minutes, having sold more [...]

Huawei may be the first manufacturer to launch smartphone with camera under the screen!

Chinese leaker Mocha published on the social network Weibo his view of the next front camera innovation in smartphones. Supported by reports from suppliers, the leaker believes that Huawei will be the first to implement lenses under the screens on smartphones.Today, manufacturers continue to rely on the notch or holes in the [...]

Sony Xperia 1 II has 4K screen and price that you will not like!

The Sony Xperia 1 II (said as Mark Two, in reference to the cameras), will begin to be sold in July in the United States. According to Sony, the equipment will soon arrive in Europe, where it will have a variant with 5G. However, its price will be around 1200 euros.Sony Xperia [...]

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Huawei massively orders MediaTek! You see

With the United States making it difficult to purchase processors from TSMC, Huawei turned to MediaTek to supply this precious component. According to internal reports, having Huawei as a customer increased the manufacturer's orders by 300%.In this way, the situation becomes quite ironic. Huawei will help MediaTek to grow, where it is [...]

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This could be the price of the new wireless earphones from OnePlus

OnePlus is working on wireless earphones a little different from the Bullets we see for sale by the brand. Apparently, OnePlus will launch wireless earphones that resemble AirPods. That is, with most wireless earphones on the market.The rumors indicate that they will be revealed in July and today we have indications that [...]

Huawei Mate 40 will debut the powerful Kirin 1000

According to the leaker rodent950, Huawei's next smartphone, Mate 40 Pro, will debut the Kirin 1000, the company's next self-made CPU. This CPU is expected to be introduced around September and will raise the bar on processor architecture. Mate 40 series use 5nm K1000 soc manufactured by TSMC.Samsung also started to build [...]

The offer of the day is this reduction of almost 40% in the Huawei Band 4

Huawei Band 4 and Band 4 Pro Huawei has an activity bracelet that is worth keeping on the radar. It is the Band 4, a model designed to always be worn on our wrist and thus have information about the activity we do every day, how we rest or how our heart [...]

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Citra is the first Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android!

Console emulation has evolved well beyond PC programs. In the Google Play Store you can find several emulators from different consoles. The latest is Citra, the first stable and well-functioning Nintendo 3DS emulator.Until now, the only way to have a Nintendo 3DS emulator on Android was, ironically, through a PC operating system [...]

UK plans to end Huawei’s 5G plans! Know the details

As The Guardian has advanced, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will move forward with plans the ultimate goal of which is to end Huawei's involvement in the development of 5G infrastructure in British territory.More specifically, Johnson expects the Chinese manufacturer to stop having any participation in infrastructure by 2023. Boris Jonhson says [...]

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Huawei is preparing to grow the Mate family. Find out what’s new

The Mate line is one of the most important for Huawei, especially in terms of smartphones. These usually debut the new Kirin processors and also bring some new features that later end up transitioning to the P line.But it is not just smartphones that make the Mate line and it looks like [...]

Honor will say goodbye to Kirin processors! Know the reason

Honor Chairman Zhao Ming recently announced that the company wants to strengthen its ties with MediaTek. The claims were made after the launch of the Honor X10, its latest range of equipment. Honor is Huawei's famous subsidiary, competing in more emerging markets.It was already known that Huawei also intended to start using [...]

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iPhone SE 2020 is Apple’s lifesaver! Know the reasons

Market research firm CINNO revealed data on Apple's sales in China. The spectrum seems positive because in April, the apple company managed to reach 3.9 million units sold. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a good number for Apple.However, this figure would be much lower without the new iPhone SE 2020. CINNO [...]

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Realme X2 Pro is embarrassed in DxOMark’s photo tests

Realme X2 Pro is not the most powerful smartphone at the moment. But it is one of the most interesting equipment that you can buy for around 400 euros. However, it will not be through its front camera.The equipment has passed DxoMark's camera tests in the last few days, and its front [...]

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Huawei without Google services? This is the ultimate solution!

Due to the US ban, Huawei was forced to bet on the AppGallery, its alternative to the Google Play Store. However, one of the biggest complaints regarding the Chinese manufacturer's store is the lack of popular apps, as well as those of Google itself such as YouTube and Gmail, among others.Here comes [...]

Huawei may present the next big revolution in smartphone cameras! Know the details

Sometimes, patents registered by smartphone manufacturers give us an idea of ​​what they are planning. Such is the case with Huawei, which, according to a patent registered in China, could implement a "liquid lens" in future smartphones.This approach is a way to improve the image stabilization and autofocus of the cameras, in [...]

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