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Control your visits from the mobile with these smart doorbells

Why use a smart doorbell? It may be that on more than one occasion someone has stopped by to say hello or deliver a package and you may not have known about it when you were not home. Well, this type of situation will not happen again with an intelligent bell, since [...]

Bargain: the Philips Hue bulb goes back to 5 euros

Philips Hue Smart Light Bulb Little can we tell you at this point about these Philips bulbs that we haven't already told you. Anyway, in case you get new, we point out that it is one of the most interesting products of the brand and that it has been gaining more popularity [...]

This would be the new Chromecast with Android TV and remote control

A Chromecast with Android TV The secret is in the interface. This new device, which would respond to the name of Sabrina, would offer Android TV as an operating system, and would be marketed within the Google Nest family. Next to it, a remote control would arrive that previously we had already [...]

Voice Match, the new «PIN» to buy with Google Assistant

Voice Match will secure your purchases Using a personalized voice profile is nothing new, all current assistants offer it and allow you to recognize the user who is speaking to them. This is useful for its activation and for the improvement of being able to offer a more personalized experience, with results [...]

Deal of the day: Xiaomi smart bulbs to a minimum

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb Although we always comment that the most popular smart bulbs, among other things due to their great trajectory, are the Philips Hue, the truth is that there are alternatives to light our house that are equally interesting and, on many occasions, cheaper. This is the case of [...]

Aqara S1 Smart Scene, the smart switch you are going to want

S1 Smart Scene and its IPS screen The world of home automation is so broad that it is difficult to know each and every one of the solutions that many manufacturers offer. It is also true that just as it is broad it is also unknown to many. But leaving these details [...]

What you should know before buying a smart blind

What are smart blinds Many embraced home automation a few years ago, but there are still those who doubt the advantages it can bring them. It is true that not all usage scenarios are identical and that affects the real benefit, but in most cases the experience improves. Before, What is a [...]

The future Xiaomi Mi Band 5 could let you talk to Alexa

An Mi Band compatible with Alexa? As published in Tizenhelp, the new bracelet could be presented in China between the end of June and the middle of July in an event in which they would show the device with a screen of greater dimensions than the original version, communication NFC (once again [...]

Give your pet a treat with these smart devices

A smart home for your pet If you have never considered the idea of ​​domotizing your house with the aim of improving the life of your pet, the time has come to do so. Because there are devices that help you and make life easier for them. Of course, before launching into [...]

Deals of the day: DJI products and smart plugs at 5 euros

The best deals of the day on Amazon As we just anticipated, the day could not be more complete: several DJI products have dropped in price on Amazon, together with a Belkin charging base at a fantastic price, a pack of smart plugs at a laugh price and even a kitchen robot [...]

Light up your house with this offer of ‘retro’ smart bulbs

LVWIT Smart Filament Bulbs Smart bulbs are becoming the order of the day, and Philips 'monopoly' is increasingly under threat. It is not that it is the only manufacturer that produces them, but for a long time it has been the benchmark when it comes to thinking about this type of home automation solutions [...]

Amazon Fire TV, all about the versatile HDMI stick

What is Amazon Fire TV In 2014 Amazon introduced the first Fire TV model, a product originally created for compete against Chromecast Google, another small device with which the company of the famous search engine had been fully successful for Marios reasons. The first was very economical and the second was that it facilitated [...]

Force your bulbs to automatically turn on at dusk

One of the wonders of the home automation It is that it allows us to program a large part of our routine to avoid having to be aware of elements of the house at many times in our day to day. The smart bulbs They are a great ally for these cases, and today [...]

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It’s that easy to control your TV with Alexa and an Amazon Fire TV

How to control the TV with Alexa When you bet on an ecosystem of compatible products with a specific voice assistant, the intention is clear: make the most of the integration options existing between products. This is why the Amazon ecosystem, with all the Amazon Echo and Alexa, is so interesting. From the control [...]

Lock it: smart locks to shield your home

The best options to choose a smart lock Choosing one of these equipment for our home can create some uncertainty. At the end of the day, it is the main barrier that separates us from possible theft and, leaving access to connected equipment, may not give us all the reliability we would like. For [...]

Smart plugs: what you need to know to turn any device into ‘smart’

Turn any equipment in your home into home automation We have already told you about many teams that have this technology and why you should domotize your home to facilitate your day-to-day tasks. But, as we mentioned, there are other devices that do not have it for various reasons. To solve this problem there [...]

New to HomeKit? These are the bulbs you should know

9 Homekit Compatible Smart Bulbs for Home In the market for this type of lighting we can find compatibility with the three main assistants in the market: Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. In this case we will focus on those that are compatible with HomeKit which, in summary, can be defined as the home [...]

Your house under control: everything you need to know about HomeKit

What is HomeKit? HomeKit was unveiled at the 2014 WWDC (Apple Developer Event) as a home automation protocol that allowed to unify and facilitate the arrival of this technology to all homes. What is home automation? In a simple way we can summarize it as a set of teams that, automatically or semi-automatically, perform [...]

Light up: everything you need to know about smart bulbs

What are smart light bulbs? This accessory is nothing more than a normal light bulb to which is added the possibility of be managed through voice commands with a smart speaker or from your own phone And, depending on the option you choose, it will have more or less functions that you can control. [...]

4K TVs, plugs with WiFi and even a sous vide: all today at their minimum price

The best deals of the day on Amazon Today's deals come with a common denominator today - they're all at their all-time low. Ah! Well, and they are also to be enjoyed at home, which has been the usual trend in recent weeks. Among the products you will find two televisions at really good [...]