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Put music to your summer with these aquatic speakers

How to choose the best speaker to use in the pool Choosing one of these accessories may seem like an easy task, but the truth is that depending on your specific needs, there are different details that you should consider: IP certification: is the most important feature in this particular case as it directly [...]

How to change the IP: practical guide for mobile, Mac and PC

THE IP address identifies a computer, or mobile device, on the network and the Internet. That said, changing the IP is one of the measures that can protect privacy and prevent, for example, websites from knowing which country you are visiting from.This article shows you how to change the IP step by step on [...]

The 18 best Philips smart bulbs and lights

The smart light bulbs It is something that every time, it is more common to see in our houses. Lights that can be operated with our smartphone and via voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant. One of the largest manufacturers of smart luminaires is Philips, with a huge catalog full of possibilities to [...]

The new Xiaomi ceiling lamp is able to illuminate and heat the environment

Light and heating directly from the ceiling lamp That Xiaomi is able to get super varied products is a reality that we are all aware of and has been demonstrated over the years with proposals of all kinds. The last is a ceiling lamp that, along with its basic function of lighting, also will [...]

Why you should tame your home: tips and tricks

The term home automation It is something that is already quite widespread but, if you are somewhat confused with this topic, I explain what it means: in the dictionary it is defined as “a set of techniques aimed at automating a home”. Or explained in a simpler way: it is the set of technological [...]

Xiaomi has a new (and cheap) smart plug, but there’s a catch

The new Xiaomi smart plug This morning we talked about the expectation that Xiaomi always raises with the launch of any product, something applicable even if it is something as relatively simple as a smart plug. And it turns out that many media have begun to echo the availability of Xiaomi Mini Smart Socket, [...]

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Relive your Raspberry Pi with these curious accessories

Accessories to squeeze your Raspberry Pi Depending on the type of project and use you have planned to give the Raspberry Pi, you will need some accessories or others. The ones you are going to see here are very focused on somewhat more complex projects, but with a little patience and a good guide [...]

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To the new Xiaomi router you can connect all the smart bulbs that you want

Xiaomi AX3600, a router designed for connected home A good router is something that changes your life, really. Even so, the majority do not pay attention to it because the operators already give one when they contract with them the internet service at home (this is the case in UK and many other countries). [...]

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Three solutions to add devices from other ecosystems to Apple HomeKit

Question of protocols and ecosystems The big problem of home automation is in the different protocols and existing systems. Right now, the three main actors are Google, Amazon and Apple. These offers Assistant, Alexa and Siri along with their respective platforms to create a home automation ecosystem that is practical and functional to the [...]

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Philips Hue bulbs suffer a vulnerability that would allow access to your network

Philips Hue and the vulnerability of its smart light bulbs When it comes to starting with home automation it is logical to do so with the use of smart light bulbs. And if there is a popular model is the Philips Hue bulb. The manufacturer offers a wide range of intelligent lighting solutions and, [...]

Raspberry Pi, the best accessory you can connect to the iPad Pro?

Raspberry Pi 4, the best accessory for the iPad Pro Neither a USB C HUB nor any of the other classic accessories that you can know for the iPad Pro. The best complement that you can use with the Apple tablet is the Raspberry Pi 4, or so some users think. Yes, that plate [...]

5 smart bulbs with which to start a beautiful relationship with Alexa

What are they and what can you do with smart bulbs? This home automation accessory is nothing more than a normal bulb to which the possibility of being handled through voice commands or from your own phone and, depending on the option you choose, it will have more or less functions that you can [...]

Smart sensors and how to improve home automation

Smart sensors, what are they? A sensor is a small device capable of detecting things such as variations in temperature, movement or, for example, when a door is opened or closed. Thanks to that, when it occurs, the sensor sends an order that works as a switch. An example of the use of this [...]

A lamp that eliminates viruses? Yes, it exists, and it’s from Xiaomi

Xiaomi's great home automation catalog Although we have always associated Xiaomi with telephony, the truth is that the brand has managed to carve over time an image that encompasses much more than smartphones. The firm has a good amount of devices beyond the terminals among which we find for example its famous electric scooters, [...]

Google Assistant will fix one of your biggest flaws! You see

Google Assistant may even be one of the most advanced assistants ever, but it’s still not perfect. One of its problems is the pronunciation of names. There are people who have names or nicknames that are not exactly simple to pronounce.Well, with the new Google Assistant update, which will be out soon for all [...]

The future standard for home automation is the best could happen

The solution to home automation: a common standard Google, Apple, Amazon and Zigbee They have reported that they will work on a common standard for connected home devices. Based on the IP (Internet Protocol) standard and with an open source approach, everything seems to indicate that soon it will be much easier to integrate [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S9 will have revealed the full specification list

The next Android "leader" will be presented soon by South Korean tech @TechCrunchAfter yesterday confirming the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​we now have news. And no, it's not your box, we already saw it here, in the previous article. Little by little, [...]

Samsung Galaxy X could arrive as early as January – Rugged Smartphone

It will not be a folding smartphone as previously speculated but a robust deviceThe Samsung Galaxy X has been the subject of much attention in recent times. For several months it was thought that this would be the "such" folding smartphone of the South Korean company but the reality would be much less futuristic. [...]

Honor will present something "Epic" tomorrow at CES 2017

Honor, Huawei's sub-brand, will present a new smartphone tomorrow, January 3 at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Honor itself has launched a teaser on December 30 when it promised something "epic" to make this edition of CES unforgettable. See also: It's Time to Make a Difference - EBox AWARDS The brand has been doing [...]