Google Play Store: 7 free games just arrived for a good weekend!

We have a list of games just arrived on the Google Play Store. Get to know the latest games falling on the biggest app store. As always, they are free games and with good community ratings, even though they may contain in-app purchases.7 free games on the Google Play StoreSolitales: Patience and garden card [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will bring a SUPER Zoom! This is your rear design

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will be unveiled officially, if all goes as expected, next August. Therefore, images start to appear that show us how the new smartphone is designed.In these images on the back we also have information about one of its characteristics. It looks like your main camera will have the ability [...]

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Download the wallpapers of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 here

After months of rumors and leaks, behold, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The phone arrived with the "normal" version and an "ultra" and slightly more premium version. So, before the smartphone starts to hit stores, it's time to download your wallpapers. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 wallpapers are elegant and pull the [...]

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The Sony A8 is the best OLED on the market and now I don’t want another Smart TV in my house

Sony A8, video analysis Why is this Sony A8 the perfect TV? You just have to take a look at this model to see that we are facing a Smart TV special. As usual, Sony has put a lot of care in the design of its product, and that is that the [...]

Apple: do you have a Mac? The new MacOS Big Sur is now available

After being officially unveiled at Apple's WWDC (Wordwide Developers Conference). Behold, the new MacOS Big Sur is now available for installation on all compatible Mac computers.It is important to note that this is a public Beta version. That is, it is normal to have some bugs that can make your use with the Apple [...]

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Google Pixel 4a is an unexpected success!

Google's new smartphone, Google Pixel 4a, is having more success than expected. Google's "A" models arrived last year with the Pixel 3a to offer us a low-cost option with good quality.This new Google Pixel 4a is just that. A smartphone with pure Android and an intermediate construction. No great features or functionality. A perfect [...]

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Microsoft attacks Apple and accuses it of blocking the arrival of Project xCloud to iPhones

The last months of 2020 promise to be extremely interesting for the world of video games, with the arrival of Google Stadia's great rival, Microsoft Project xCloud, already confirmed. Earlier this week, the company revealed that its official launch will take place on September 15, the day it will be available for all Android [...]

Spain only thinks about Xiaomi! Samsung and Huawei continue to sink

Xiaomi has been growing incredibly in Europe. Spain was one of the first countries that the brand attacked strongly and now we see the results of this investment.According to Canalys, Xiaomi is the owner of the Spanish market. In fact, the brand's growth continues to be impressive and exceeded by OPPO with its recent [...]

Xiaomi responds to the situation of its application being banned from India

Yesterday we mentioned that the Indian government declared that one of Xiaomi's applications, which normally arrives installed on the brand's smartphones, had been banned from India.The Mi Browser application, is the Internet App for Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI and is no longer available in India. I remember that this is another application banned in [...]

Youtube: small (but important) design changes are on the way

Youtube is preparing changes to the design of your application. Apparently, at least for now, these changes are happening on Android smartphones and only for some users.In other words, it is possible that they will not be fully realized. Hence we have only a few users trying out new features. One way for Google [...]

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Sony WH-1000XM4 are official and arrive with even better noise cancellation

Two years after the launch of those considered to be the best headphones in their segment, Sony has finally unveiled the WH-1000XM4. These new headphones from Japan promise to make what was already good even better.The new Sony WH-1000XM4 show no differences in terms of design, with the same lines as the model launched [...]

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Android TV: choose the best Smart TV with the Google system

What are the advantages of Android TV? Having the Google operating system on our smart TV instead of opting for other variations like Tizen, from Samsung, or webOS, from LG, it can bring us certain advantages. The first, and most obvious, is that Android TV usually update more frequently than the rest of operating [...]

The 10 best Android phones with Dual SIM (2020)

Mobile phones with a slot to insert two SIM cards at the same time, or what is the same, devices with dual SIM, offer great flexibility. By being able to use two phone numbers from the same device This allows us to avoid having to always carry the company's telephone number with us in [...]

Google finally solves a problem that has annoyed Android users for years!

Google has finally made available to developers of applications and games for Android a tool that will put an end to one of the problems that most irritates users, requests for classification in the Google Play Store. So far, whenever an App places such a request, users are required to "jump" to the Play [...]

Successor to Google Home is about to be introduced. Know your price

There is no doubt that Google is preparing a new smart column to succeed the acclaimed Google Home. Many people expected this gadget to be revealed at the end of July, but it ended up not happening.Now, the well-known Roland Quandt advances with some information regarding the new Nest column. Perhaps the most important [...]

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These are the most popular Android smartphones in UK

UK is a country that uses much more Android than iOS. So let's talk a little about the popularity of each Android model in our country.According to the App Brain report, the most popular Android smartphones on our market are intermediaries. It is not surprising since our country does not have a minimum wage [...]

Run: this TP-Link smart bulb is only 6.90 euros

Smart bulbs at home Using smart bulbs at home is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you can make in your home. With them you can have complete control of the lighting at any point, deciding how and when to turn the light on or off. It's quite useful as they have voice support, [...]

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WhatsApp: new feature you will love begins to reach the Beta version

WhatsApp continues to improve its application continuously. We can even say that in recent times the WhatsApp team has been working and implementing much more features than in recent years.Well, a new one is coming. The "Search for Filters" is the novelty and the good news is that it is already reaching some Beta [...]

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The Pixel 5 is closer than you think

Google confirms the Pixel 5 Without going into too much detail, Google wanted to make it clear to all fans that the Pixel 5 is coming very soon to stores championing a new 5G connectivity that will allow you to enjoy extremely fast connections wherever the coverage reaches. That is what we can read [...]

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Google prepares the launch of its foldable smartphone

Google wants to follow in the footsteps of Samsung and Huawei on folding technology. The foldable smartphone from Google is a reality and will see the light of day sooner than expected.According to a document discovered by 9to5Google, Google's plans for a foldable smartphone promise a device with this technology already for 2021.Google has [...]