The offer of the day: TP-Link smart plugs at 9 euros

TP-Link Smart Plugs When we talk about smart bulbs, we always say that Philips bulbs are without a doubt a benchmark in the sector. With the topic of "smart" plugs, we could say that TP-Link has a similar reputation. The firm has a long history in everything that has to do with [...]

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Google makes change in Gmail for Android that you will like

Details count, and Google continues to improve the Gmail app for better use. In the Android version, the service just got a new compose button, which makes things simpler.The floating action button in the lower right corner of the service is therefore no longer a circle. In addition, the multicolored “+” sign [...]

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Google and Samsung are preparing to fix the “cursed” wallpaper!

Recently, a wallpaper started to circulate that once defined, causes a "crash" on Android, causing the equipment to shut down. This problem affects all types of devices, although the majority of reported cases are in Samsung.The situation escalated to such an extent that even the famous leaker IceUniverse issued a warning, asking [...]

Save all your Facebook photos by sending them to Google Photos

Whether you are a tremendously active user in Facebook or someone who just goes through the social network, you probably have the odd photo (and video) uploaded to your profile that you would like to keep and have better security. If this is the case, and you don't want to go, one [...]

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Panasonic launches wireless headsets to combat AirPods Pro

Panasonic has just launched its alternative to Apple's AirPods Pro. They are the company's first fully wireless headsets, and they name the Panasonic RZ-S500W.These stand out for their ability to bring active noise cancellation, which promises to be at the level of "market leaders". They promise an audio experience without unwanted noise, [...]

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HTC Desire 20 Pro has some specs revealed! The last hope?

Through Google Play Console, the platform for companies and developers, some information about the HTC Desire 20 Pro was discovered. This is HTC's upcoming smartphone and its next bet in the mobile industry. HTC currently needs no introduction, known to have become irrelevant in recent years.HTC Desire 20 Pro specificationsThe specifications found [...]

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OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro: update will improve the cameras!

According to information detected by XDA Developers, OnePlus has released an update of OxygenOS that aims to make the usual corrections and software improvements. However, the update brings several interesting news to improve your cameras.One is the H.265 video codec, an encoding protocol that helps reduce the size of recorded videos with [...]

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Google search adds extremely useful function!

Google is trying to make searching for information faster and more accessible by highlighting the most relevant content in the search. When a user searches and enters the page, the text most relevant to the question will be highlighted in yellow.Example of Google highlighting a search, in this case the definition of [...]

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Control your visits from the mobile with these smart doorbells

Why use a smart doorbell? It may be that on more than one occasion someone has stopped by to say hello or deliver a package and you may not have known about it when you were not home. Well, this type of situation will not happen again with an intelligent bell, since [...]

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will surprise with these five news

Xiaomi is preparing to present the new Mi Band 5 as early as next June 11th. The novelties of the new smart bracelet should be mostly internal, and there will be emphasis on five new sports modes.If, like me, you have a Mi Band 4, you know that it only let you [...]

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Nokia has a new 4K Smart TV with Android

Nokia and its new 4K TV At the beginning of December 2019 - how far and how close it sounds at the same time with the 2020 that we have - the Nokia firm gave us surprise by venturing into a segment in which until now we had not seen it work. [...]

Facebook Messenger will have subtle change in Android 11

Only next fall will Android 11 arrive in its final version on the main devices with Google's operating system. And one of the visible changes will occur in the Facebook Messenger app.Google will extend the API (Application Programming Interface) Bubbles to the Google messaging service, as evidenced by a leak of information [...]

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The true wireless headphones from Panasonic: go for Apple and Sony

Panasonic RZ-S300W and RZ-S500W The first two True Wireless headphones that Panasonic launches under its own brand are the RZ-S300W and RZ-S500W. They both share the same button-type design and with an in-ear pad system. What is most striking is that they are not one of these proposals that stick to the [...]

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Bargain: the Philips Hue bulb goes back to 5 euros

Philips Hue Smart Light Bulb Little can we tell you at this point about these Philips bulbs that we haven't already told you. Anyway, in case you get new, we point out that it is one of the most interesting products of the brand and that it has been gaining more popularity [...]

If you got tired of Twitter, so you can delete your account

Tired of Twitter Like many other users, you may be tired of Twitter. Good for the tone or atmosphere that is breathed lately, for how it steals your time and contributes little to a productive or informative level, etc. So if you feel that it was time to leave TwitterThese are the [...]

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Google removes the application to remove Chinese Apps from the Play Store!

Just yesterday I wrote to you that an application with the name "remove Chinese Apps" went viral on the Google Play Store by getting over 5 million downloads in just under a month.The application was simple, it identified all the Apps that had on the smartphone that were from Chinese developers. After [...]

Android messaging: application gets even more interactive in the next update!

The "Android Messages" application, also known as "Google Messages", is the perfect application to start communicating with friends and family. This is because it works with RCS that all UK's operators already offer.These new RCS arrive to replace the old SMS and give us an interaction identical to any messaging application that [...]

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TikTok continues to grow in popularity! Know the details

According to data from market research firm Sensor Tower, TikTok was the most downloaded application in May on the Google Play Store. The total number of transfers was 119 million, more than double the transfers in May 2019, a positive annual growth.Globally, more than 20% of transfers are from India, making it [...]

On Android 11 it will be even more difficult to install an APK

In recent years, we’ve seen a constant effort on Google’s part to try to discourage users from installing apps outside the Play Store. After all, this is the main vehicle for malware to enter the operating system.With the arrival of Android 11, behold, another obstacle is placed by Google. Whenever you give [...]

Google risks paying heavy penalty! Did not respect user privacy

Google is facing a court case by the California government. The lawsuit involves accusations to Google of continuing to monitor users' activities even in Chrome’s Incognito Mode.The lawsuit requires a payment of $ 5,000 per affected user, totaling $ 5 billion in losses that Google may have to pay if it loses [...]

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