Lara Croft Go is free for your mobile, from the best puzzle games

Puzzles with the most popular heroine During these days of confinement we are taking advantage to enjoy all those activities to which normally we can not dedicate the time that we would like during normal days. An example is video games. So, not being able to go out, why not take advantage of the [...]

COVID-19: Google orders to cancel any “April Fool’s Day” game

April 1, known globally as "April Fool's Day", is just around the corner. However, this year it seems that it will be very different from the usual one thanks to the crisis installed by the pandemic of COVID-19. Over the past few years, Google has taken this day to play with its fans, but [...]

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Google Play Store: 7 free offline games to try

It's time to take a look at a list of games that will entertain you over the weekend. These are offline games that do not require an internet connection, meaning you can play anywhere without spending internet or mobile data. As always, it has excellent ratings on the Play Store.City Island 5 - Construction [...]

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Sony follows the example of YouTube and Netflix! Limited speeds in Europe

Sony has announced that it will start limiting the internet speeds of its servers in Europe and the United States. This measure is being applied in response to Coronavirus and quarantine measures, which are affecting users around the world. Therefore, in order to ensure stable connections, speeds will be limited.For now, these limitations will [...]

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These books are not from Amazon, but they are also free (for a limited time)

Free books from the Planeta publisher In these difficult times we are living, many companies are leaning on the shoulders, facilitating access to their products at a cheaper cost or directly leaving them at cost 0. We have already put you on notice of the collection of free books that you could read and [...]

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Free Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Child of Light from Ubisoft

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint The latest installment of Tom Clancy is available to play from Thursday 26 until next March 30 completely free of charge. You can download it both on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and with it you will enjoy an amazing open world where you must control a military team [...]

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The 20 best PC microphones in 2020

The computer's built-in microphone rarely delivers an acceptable minimum of quality. So there are PC microphones that improve voice quality for telecommuting, Skype calls, stream games, or podcasts.We select the best computer microphones, with USB or XLR connection, for casual users, or more professionals for content production. The list is organized from the cheapest [...]

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Predator: Hunting Grounds has demo available for PC and PlayStation 4

Predator: Hunting Grounds is a multiplayer shooter inspired by classic sci-fi and horror movies. The game has a release date set for April 24th but starting today you can try it out.Published by Sony, it will maintain a period of testing the game over the weekend, days 27, 28 and 29. In Europe, the [...]

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One of the best Android games is temporarily free on the Google Play Store

Monument Valley 2 is one of the most interesting games that you can install on your Android smartphone through the Google Play Store. The only problem is that his price is 5.49 €. Yet, is currently free in a promotion that ends in 7 days.To install you just need to go to the Android [...]

Kingston has an accessory to turn your mobile into a portable console

Turning the smartphone into a portable console If you like video games you will know that the number of hours that some users can spend playing on their mobile devices has grown in recent years. And no, we are not just talking about casual games on the way to work, classes or in those [...]

The deals of the day come with Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, games, bulbs and 4K TVs

The best deals of the day on Amazon Friday is presented with interesting news in what discounts it means. We have a couple of TVs with 4K support with quite significant discounts (we are talking about models from Samsung and LG), some games at irresistible prices and even a phone (the Galaxy A40) that [...]

The ‘prettiest game that exists’ is free for Android, run

Monument Valley, a visual fantasy When Monument Valley It was presented, back in 2014, it was a real surprise. It was about a game indie of a fairly fresh and different puzzle type, with a very careful and striking style compared to other options available in the mobile market. So much so that this [...]

Designer wants to turn Dragon Ball radar into a map app!

Designer Joshua Philoctete has an interesting goal: to make Dragon Radar from the Dragon Ball anime a map application, similar to Google Maps or Waze. It is very likely that you have seen the Dragon Ball and you certainly remember the Radar, used to find the 7 magic balls of the Dragon.Essentially, according to [...]

Resident Evil 3: physical copies of the remake will be extremely limited because of the pandemic

The remake of the classic PlayStation Resident Evil 3 will be released on April 3rd. The pre-order is now available online and fans of the saga no longer need to wait long. However, anyone who wants a physical copy of the game is unlucky, confirms Capcom on Twitter.Due to the negative impact of COVID-19 [...]

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Nintendo Switch will receive these great games in the coming months

Nintendo has presented a long list of games that will arrive from today until the next months of the year, so we are going to review all that will be coming to the catalog of Nintendo Switch. If you missed this Nintendo Direct Mini, we leave the broadcast below so you can review it [...]

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Google Play Store with free movies? Could be new Netflix competitor

The Google Play Store has much more to offer than just apps and games for your smartphone. In addition, you have also integrated Google Play Books, Music and Movies. However, the latter offer does not have the same format as the traditional streaming services.Instead of streaming, it presents itself more like a classic video [...]

The new series of Angry Birds comes to Netflix to destroy everything

Angry Birds: Summer Madness If you are a certain age you will surely remember the first years after the launch of the original Angry Birds video game for mobile devices. The success of the title was crazy and made Rovio Entertaiment earn a lot of money. And not only with him, but also with [...]

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7 perfect headphones to spend hours playing

Enjoy a good gaming session with these headphones If you want to choose some headset, you need to take into account a series of technical aspects such as connectivity, weight, type of sound cancellation and various other details. A set of features that we already told you in our guide to choose the best [...]

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Survey: would you use a foldable smartphone?

Foldable equipment is a reality. We have the Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X and Mate Xs and even lesser-known devices like the Royole FlexPai and FlexPai 2. So, we ask you a question: would you be able to use a foldable smartphone in your daily life?We are aware that the main reason for [...]

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Get the most out of your Nvidia Shield TV with these tricks and apps

Nvidia Shield TV, a great complement to your television The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the most interesting devices of the market, especially if you are going to make a certain economic investment (the Pro model costs 219 euros). Because to the advantages of Android TV as an operating system, we [...]