Cancel your Twitch Prime account without losing your Amazon account

The free games that are delivered in Twitch Prime they are the best claim to get a Prime account in the service. We already tell you how to get it free linking your account Amazon Premium to your Twitch profile, but if you have changed your mind and want to stop subscribing [...]

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The latest update for The Sims 4 makes you pee … fire!

The Sim, the social simulation par excellence Although you do not like the world of video games, surely you know what they are The Sims. This social simulation title revolutionized the market at the time, offering a fun way to create a world of your own in which you manage the lives [...]

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This week’s Epic Store gift is Overcooked!

A repeated gift Although the offer is great and you can not find fault, the truth is that this gift from Epic Games has come in the form of a repeat, since the company already offered the free download of this same game a year ago. Even so, if you missed the [...]

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Razer launches Ornata V2! Meet the new mechanical “semi” keyboard

Razer has released a sequel to its popular Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard, entitled Ornata V2. This keyboard maintains Razer's most famous features, such as its design, wrist rest and RGB color scheme, compatible with Razer Synapse control software.However, this Ornata V2 brings some improvements over the previous version. Starting with Razer's "Hybrid [...]

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EBox readers responded! Console and PC are the preferred platforms

In the last EBox survey, we asked our readers which is their preferred platform to enjoy video games. Among them are consoles (Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo), PC (regardless of operating system) and smartphones or tablets.Most of us now experience video games, whether on a casual, regular or even competitive basis. Therefore, our [...]

Lenovo Legion will launch smartphone gaming soon!

Geekbench is a smartphone testing platform that usually gives us a forecast of future equipment. The most recent device to be detected by the platform was a smartphone from Lenovo Legion, with model number L79031.The smartphone was tested on the platform, obtaining scores of 914 in the single-core tests and 3370 in [...]

PlayStation 5: presentation event is “coming soon” says Sony

Sony canceled the PlayStation 5 presentation event (which was supposed to take place today), as quickly as it announced. Due to demonstrations against racism in the United States, the company decided to postpone the event. However, today Sony has updated the description of one of the PS5 promotional videos."Update: this event has [...]

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Project Cars 3 comes more accessible and spectacular graphically

Project Cars 3, improving control Project Cars is one of the most important sagas as regards the racing simulators. After his first two installments he has managed to obtain the recognition of many players and with this third they intend to improve in those sections where there was still an [...]

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OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro: update will improve the cameras!

According to information detected by XDA Developers, OnePlus has released an update of OxygenOS that aims to make the usual corrections and software improvements. However, the update brings several interesting news to improve your cameras.One is the H.265 video codec, an encoding protocol that helps reduce the size of recorded videos with [...]

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First tracks on the Xbox Series X menu

The new interface Said and done. It seems that those who are inside the Alpha ring in the show Xbox Insider They have already been able to update the application and launch it, revealing a new interface that affects the Microsoft Store. That is just what we have been able to see [...]

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Total War Saga: TROY will arrive in the summer and will be completely free!

Epic Games will continue its popular trend of offering PC games on the platform. This time, it is a new release and not a previously released game available for free. It's Total War: TROY, the new title in the famous Total War strategy saga, which dates back to 2000. Check out the [...]

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Only for PlayStation: all exclusive games

First parties? When we talk about a first parties We are referring to development studies that focus their efforts solely on launching a product for a company. These companies bring to life a series of games designed for a console, and this title will normally enjoy total exclusivity throughout the generation. In [...]

More PS4 games on sale with Days of Play

PlayStation already announced that after the first games that received a promotional price for Days of PlayMany more discounts would come in the form of a flash offer through the PlayStation Store. Said and done, the brand has announced today all the promotions that have been published today in the virtual store, [...]

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Xbox One X: Cyberpunk 2077 special edition will make your mouth water!

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated games of recent times. So much so that Microsoft will launch a limited edition Xbox One X with the game theme. Some users have already put their hands on the console and shared some images on Reddit.See the full screenshots of the Xbox One [...]

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In search of the fastest in the world: all about speedruns

What is a speedrun? As its name suggests, a speedrun It is a frantic race, a term that, applied to video games, defines a game completed in the shortest possible time. These full blast games have generated a series of competitions among users who, eager to demonstrate who was the fastest to [...]

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New seasons of Call of Duty are delayed

The world stops After the announcement of PlayStation with which they confirmed the postponement of the event dedicated to ps5 gamesActivision has also confirmed that season 4 launch plans for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone and season 7 of Call of Duty: Mobile they will be postponed because they do not [...]

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Game Gear Micro, SEGA’s most popular laptop reissue

Game Gear Micro 2020 is an important year for SEGA. It is not only 60 years since the company was founded, but also the 30th anniversary of the presentation of the first portable console that the company put on the market. For both reasons it is understood that they launch this new [...]

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Soccer video games that marked a before and after

The best (and most striking) football video games Since its origins, video games have managed to entertain millions of users around the world, and with the improvements in technology, games have become increasingly realistic. But in addition to getting closer to realism, the secret of success was also in knowing how to [...]

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Application to remove Chinese Apps is viral on Google Play Store with over 5M downloads

The application to remove Chinese Apps on the Android smartphone first reached the Google Play Store on May 17 and quickly went viral. Incidentally, the application went directly to the first place in the Free Apps table in the second largest market in the world, India.The application is simple and intuitive. It [...]

PlayStation 5: Sony postpones the launch of the PS5 saying this “is not a time for celebration”

Sony has taken the drastic step of postponing the launch of its PlayStation 5 due to the problems we are experiencing in the United States of America.This time the problem was not the pandemic, but the huge protests that are raging across the country due to George Floyd, the African American who [...]

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