The future of many toys also involves the use of voice assistants

Alexa, let's play Lego Mindstorms Voice Challenge It is the name of the challenge jointly launched by Amazon and Lego to create interactions between the Alexa and its famous robotic kit. A competition in which anyone could participate and that would have as prizes a trip to Lego headquarters in Denmark and up to [...]

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MWC 2020: event will take place on “half gas” due to the threat of coronavirus

The Mobile World Congress 2020 (MWC) will start on February 24 in Barcelona, ​​but everything indicates that it can be held "on gas". After it was officially confirmed that the event would take place without any limitation, it appears that the coronavirus will ultimately negatively affect the popular conference.In official statements, both LG and [...]

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5 smart bulbs with which to start a beautiful relationship with Alexa

What are they and what can you do with smart bulbs? This home automation accessory is nothing more than a normal bulb to which the possibility of being handled through voice commands or from your own phone and, depending on the option you choose, it will have more or less functions that you can [...]

Samsung patents a smart speaker as we haven’t seen

The market for smart speakers has grown in recent years and Samsung is yet to complete its entry into it. Nevertheless, the South Korean giant is already thinking about its next product of its kind.A patent submitted by Samsung to the competent South Korean authorities shows us a different idea. This document reveals a [...]

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Google Chromecast: two features that Google needs to add!

Google Chromecast is one of my favorite gadgets. I never hid it and I am happy that such a gadget exists in my house. In addition to broadcasting Youtube, Netflix or any other screenshare, it also gives me the opportunity to make televisions speakers for a unique sound system.However, in my opinion, there are [...]

If OnePlus makes a smartwatch, it may very well look like this! You see

It has long been said that OnePlus prepares a smartwatch. However, we still don't see a gadget of this kind launched by the brand. Incidentally, OnePlus surprised by launching its SmartTV before a wrist gadget.It is believed that this decision will have come because the software and hardware is not properly tuned to give [...]

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A rival for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Realme is about to have its bracelet

Band Mi band ’de realme It is indisputable that Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the queen of activity wristbands. However, this reign could be threatened very soon. It turns out that realme is preparing his own bracelet in the image and likeness of his opponent and we will not take long to know it [...]

Xiaomi wireless shaver has a price you’ll love! Enjoy!

Xiaomi is mostly known for its smartphones, however, they are not the only gadgets that deserve attention. This quality shaver is simply unbeatable in price.If you have already purchased or seen the prices of quality shavers, you know that their value is not always inviting. this shaver from Xiaomi is for € 15 already [...]

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The deals of the day bring Rick and Morty and a 4K TV at € 430 for you to watch

The best deals of the day available on Amazon Today's offers come from the most varied: from a Philips TV with a fantastic price to wireless headphones, tremendously popular in the Amazon showcase, with a discount that is worth taking into account. In total six have been the proposals selected today to find the [...]

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Xiaomi will again bet on a market that we all thought was forgotten!

In addition to being one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, Xiaomi continues to be the brand that is present in more market segments, launching gadgets for "all tastes" on a regular basis. Now, according to a new leak from the Chinese social network Weibo, everything indicates that it may return to [...]

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These are some ideas patented by Apple that made us dream and came to nothing (for now)

Not all patents have to become reality The latest patent registered in Apple's name implies that the manufacturer is thinking of creating a iMac with body of curved glass. It would be something like a one-piece iMac, in which the screen continues to extend until it reaches the table and fully integrates the keyboard. [...]

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Xiaomi will close all its stores in China to help fight Coronavirus

Through an official statement, Xiaomi announced that as of tomorrow, all of its physical stores in China will be closed to the public. In the same statement, they reveal that the stores should reopen on February 3, but this date may be changed in the meantime.According to the brand's communication, this general closure of [...]

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Apple files a patent that describes a dream computer!

Apple is one of the companies that has most revolutionized the technology market. Although in recent years it seems calmer than at the time of Steve Jobs, the company continues to work to innovate in the sector.The latest patent shows us a dream computer. Apparently from the patent image, we have a desktop computer [...]

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Podcast 265: Xiaomi Pocophone, iPad is 10 years old, the future of smartwatches

It's time for another EBox Podcast! Today, the themes will be talked about. We look at Xiaomi's new sub-brand, Pocophone, and their smartphones. We will also talk about the 10 years of the iPad and the evolution of smartwatches.As usual, you can watch the Podcast live on the "Podcast EBox" channel on Youtube. To [...]

Nokia may finally launch a flagship that you will want to have!

Nokia's main goal was to revolutionize the smartphone market with the Nokia 9 PureView, being the first smartphone to feature 5 rear cameras. However, it ended up giving "a shot in the foot", by constantly postponing its launch, making it practically irrelevant at the time of launch.After several rumors and leaks about a possible [...]

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Oppo Smartwatch will have Apple Watch function!

The famous Chinese leakster Digital Chat Station posted on the social network Weibo about Oppo's future smartwatch. The gadget is said to have an electrocardiogram function, such as the Apple Watch Series 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.Previously, Oppo Vice President Brian Shen had already confirmed the design of Oppo's smartwatch. The brand [...]

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Mysterious Spotify gadget finally shown in real use

It was in May that Spotify unveiled a device it called Car Thing. At the time it was announced as a prototype that would be offered to a limited number of users in order to understand how they consumed music and podcasts in the car.The platform revealed that it had no plans to mass [...]

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The Xiaomi mascot (Mi Bunny) already has its own game!

Xiaomi surprised by creating a game entirely dedicated to Mi Bunny, its official mascot. The game is Minecraft style and this means that players will have an open world ready to be explored.The details of the game were not specifically mentioned. Especially because the game is primarily destined for China, however, it is expected [...]

Google Assistant will fix one of your biggest flaws! You see

Google Assistant may even be one of the most advanced assistants ever, but it’s still not perfect. One of its problems is the pronunciation of names. There are people who have names or nicknames that are not exactly simple to pronounce.Well, with the new Google Assistant update, which will be out soon for all [...]

Google Chrome will add an important feature that you didn’t even know you needed!

Google Chrome is about to add a new feature that will change the way you share an image made in search. A feature that I honestly always needed and never knew was important.That is, according to information from XDA, the new feature will give users the possibility to press an image and "copy to [...]

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