Xiaomi has a solar charger so you always have a battery

Xiaomi's portable solar charger At this point everyone, or the vast majority, know the Xiaomi Youpin store. Through it we find almost every day with new and interesting products. Perhaps not all, it is true, but a great majority do. And it is that along with that touch of design so particular [...]

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Goodbye Google Home! Something new is coming!

Google Home is one of the gadgets that I like to have at home. In addition to controlling the music and a good part of the lights, it also serves to answer questions that I am simply too lazy to write.However, Google decided it was time to discontinue it. It was in [...]

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Google Chromecast may have its days numbered! Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is on the way!

At the beginning of the month, several rumors began to emerge that Xiaomi was preparing to launch a new gadget, which would present itself as a compact version of the popular Mi Box. Now, it was the manufacturer itself to confirm the existence of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.During the launch event [...]

Realme in UK is increasingly a brand that you should consider! See why

With regard to the popularity of Chinese manufacturers in UK, there is no doubt that Xiaomi takes a clear lead, but that does not mean that you should consider its direct rival, Realme.Over the past few months, Realme has finally decided to invest strongly in its expansion to Europe, already making available [...]

New AirPods could revolutionize your market even more. Do you know why

Apple managed to create a line of gadgets with huge success with its AirPods. These are already seen as a reference in its niche market, but that has not stopped the American from improving them every year.According to Digitimes' latest report, the next generation of AirPods could bring several health-related features. If [...]

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Xiaomi launches a smart lock with 6 different unlock modes!

Xiaomi continues to bet strongly on strengthening its "extra-smartphone" portfolios, increasingly addressing the segment smart home, with various gadgets that promote automation and security enhancement. Its new gadget, Xiaomi Smart Lock E, arrives to integrate the security segment.Xiaomi's new smart lock was launched today on its crowdfunding Youpin, offering users a vast [...]

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: real image reveals the design of the smartband and you will be sad!

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is probably the most anticipated smartband of recent times. This is because Xiaomi has always accustomed us to bring a quality gadget with an appealing price.However, according to these images, which claim to be those of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, we don't exactly have happy news. [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera is a surveillance camera with unbeatable price!

Xiaomi is expanding its catalog of surveillance cameras. It is called Mi Smart Camera SE PTZ and the most notorious of this gadget is its price: 18 euros converted from Chinese currency. If you arrive in UK, the chamber should not exceed 30 euros, making this a favorable option.Mi Smart Camera Features2 [...]

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Huawei is preparing to grow the Mate family. Find out what’s new

The Mate line is one of the most important for Huawei, especially in terms of smartphones. These usually debut the new Kirin processors and also bring some new features that later end up transitioning to the P line.But it is not just smartphones that make the Mate line and it looks like [...]

Xiaomi launches new bag that you want to take with you everywhere

This week Xiaomi added a new product to its portfolio. After having presented us with various types of backpacks, the Chinese manufacturer has now launched a bag to carry around your waist or shoulder.This will allow you to take your most basic gadgets and accessories, without risking losing or even getting wet. [...]

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Xiaomi launches new 43 “inch Smart TV with design and dream price!

Xiaomi is no longer just an "adventurer" in the Smart TVs market, having already won a place of great prominence. Over the past few years, its growth has been so great that it is now the most popular in China and the 4th most popular globally.Now, the manufacturer has launched its latest [...]

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Sony will bring the camera that we have wanted for many years! (Perfect for Vlogs)

Sony may even be on the streets of bitterness on smartphones, however, it is an impressive company in the photographic segment. Its cameras are of unbelievable quality and the color detail in low light is to be praised.However, the company had heard complaints from its users for not having a rotating screen [...]

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Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop: Win the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner!

The robot vacuum cleaner Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop costs 250 € in the official store, Mi Store and in addition to vacuuming you can also wipe the floor. It is one of the best Xiaomi vacuum cleaners, with intelligent functions and great cleaning efficiency on various types of floors.Then we show the functions, [...]

Poco asked fans for their opinion and they have already chosen the name of the brand’s wireless earbuds

Poco yesterday launched a vote on Twitter to give its users the possibility to choose the name of their first earbuds. It only took a few hours for a consensus to be reached.In view of the results obtained, the first earbuds Poco's True Wireless will be called Poco Pop Buds. Among the [...]

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Apple: iPhone will take the most drastic step ever on smartphones!

It will not arrive on the iPhone 12 (or 11S) that will be revealed next September. However, it seems that Apple is preparing to take one of the most drastic measures ever on smartphones.Apparently, according to Jon Prosser, who has proved correct many times in the past, Apple will present an iPhone [...]

Xiaomi Mi 10 is with fantastic promotion! Gift gadgets you can’t miss

If you are looking for a new high-end smartphone with Android, you have certainly already looked at the Xiaomi Mi 10. The device is sold in UK for a price of 799 €, but you can now buy it on sale for € 730.This is a promotional value that is active on [...]

Xiaomi Poco is preparing wireless earphones! And he wants you to choose the name

Xiaomi's sub-brand, Poco, unveiled the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro that promises to bring a top of the range at an acceptable price. However, it seems that the brand does not want to stop here.According to the brand's information on Twitter, Poco is about to launch wireless earphones. Something identical to the Xiaomi [...]

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Old men can too: how to install Disney + on any TV

What is Disney +? If you are a movie buff, you surely know what we are talking about. But, if not, we explain what it is. It is a platform developed by Disney, which follows the same subscription dynamics as Netflix, HBO or Prime Video. We are dealing with a consumer service [...]

The best Xiaomi gadget is not a smartphone! And it costs just € 29! (opinion)

If you follow EBox you know that I am a fan of the Xiaomi brand. In addition to quality smartphones, with a price to take into account, Xiaomi offers us gadgets to consider at prices much more attractive than the competition.One of these gadgets is your toothbrush. A simple gadget that quickly [...]

Top 10 webcams for PC (2020)

If this is the first time you are trying to make a video conference from your laptop, you may have just discovered that the webcam that comes standard is a bit crappy. If you have a desktop computer, chances are they don't even have a webcam, which doesn't help much if you're [...]

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