Bitcoins: Hundreds of videos removed by YouTube are reinstated

Recently, hundreds of videos about Bitcoins have been flagged as inappropriate by YouTube. The videos in question were labeled "harmful or harmful content" and "sale of regulated products." However, YouTube has reversed its decision.According to a video platform spokesman, the erroneously removed content has already been reinstated. The spokesman points out that YouTube has [...]

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Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum have had better days! But not everything is bad!

It's time to make a final 2019 balance on cryptocurrencies. As unstable as the crypto market is, we do not really believe that things can change radically until December 31st.So let's look at the year where Bitcoin, Ethereum and other AltCoins promised a lot, though, which for some left to be desired.Bitcoin, Ethereum and [...]

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What's up with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Died for good?

If you are not an avid cryptocurrency follower let me answer the second question of the title. Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are in good health.Just because you don't see the mainstream media talking about crypto doesn't mean they ceased to exist. In fact, they are, in my opinion, better than ever.What's up with BitcoinBitcoin is [...]

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Malicious apps discovered that can bypass two-step authentication

The We Live Security by ESET team has discovered new malware that undermines the two-factor authentication security mechanism. This new method is capable of intercepting messages and having access to the codes contained therein.These apps were available on the Google Play Store.At stake are some applications that pretended to be a Turkish trading and [...]

Cryptocurrencies: MEOS (EOS) will be a social network to compete with Facebook!

We can admit that Facebook is only in the battle of social networks. Although Twitter has its fame, Facebook dominates the world market. Not to mention Instagram, which is also part of Facebook.That is certainly why the Cryptocurrency EOS must have quite a battle ahead. According to a patent filed by the company "", [...]

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Firefox update gives us more security and privacy than Google Chrome

Mozilla has just released Firefox version 67 for all platforms. This version maintains the ideology of Firefox Quantum, released in 2017, which focused on speed.In addition, there is a huge focus on security and privacy tools. Mozilla says Firefox is 'faster than ever' and has released a video enhancing the capabilities of the new [...]

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Bitcoin is back? Is winter over for cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin were a hot topic in 2017. However, last year was not exactly fantastic for anyone who believes Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will take over the world. However, in recent days we have seen a slight recovery of Bitcoin, which in turn has also dragged the other cryptocurrencies to a safe [...]

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Nvidia: Turing Graphics Are Selling Much More Than Pascal Models

The announcement was during the day that Nvidia dedicated to investors. The news came as a surprise, with the developer revealing that Turing printers sold far more than Pascal models in their first two months. Obviously, this data is intended to strengthen investor confidence.The Pascal printers were launched almost three years ago, in May [...]

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Huawei P20 Pro and P20 start receiving Android Pie with EMUI 9

The Huawei P20 Pro and P20 have made a positive impact on the UK's market. Although they are high-end smartphones priced slightly higher than their predecessors, they are important smartphones for brand accounts. The Huawei P20 Pro and P20 were not perfect equipment. As much as they had considerable hardware and software upgrades, the [...]

Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and all other Crypto fall hard

The cryptocurrency market seems to have been forgotten by the media. Bitcoin, Ethereum or even the "ugly duckling" Ripple set records last year, however, this year has been a nightmare for crypto lovers. Bitcoin, which even hit nearly $ 20,000 in 2017, is currently at $ 5,000. The Ethereum that has comfortably exceeded $ [...]

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HTC Exodus 1s is the brand's second (wrong) bet in the cryptocurrency world

HTC continues to see the big evolution of the smartphone world bypass it, while still failing to bring competitive smartphones to market. Its new CEO, Yves Maitre, has already promised that the brand will start to innovate again in the smartphone world, and this absence was largely responsible for HTC's decline.However, the HTC Exodus [...]

Man claims iPhone made him gay, sues Apple

A Russian citizen sued Apple. According to D. Razumilov, the iPhone was responsible for his becoming homosexual, which he considers to be negative for his life.The man claims compensation of 1 million rubles - the equivalent of 14 thousand euros. According to France Presse, the complaint was filed in court on September 20, and [...]

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Donald Trump says cryptocurrencies ‘are not money’

US President Donald Trump used the Twitter social network to give his opinion on cryptocurrencies. Trump says Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are "not money," and "their value is highly volatile and based on thin air."These statements come hours after the "social networking summit" the US president attended. Trump says "not a fan of Bitcoins [...]

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Opera Touch Receives Cryptocurrency Wallet Support on iPhone

Opera Touch is a browser that is becoming increasingly popular, especially among users within the cryptocurrency world. All in all, this is a browser that offers native Web 3.0 support and comes with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet.With this addition, the company's ultimate goal of delivering a Web 3.0 compatible browser and cryptocurrency portfolio on [...]

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Facebook Cryptocurrency to arrive in 2020 with the name 'GlobalCoin'

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg is finalizing plans to launch his cryptocurrency following a meeting with the Bank of England. Internally, cryptocurrency is called Global Coin and is due to be launched in 2020 in some countries such as India.Zuckerberg consulted with central banker Mark Carney about the risks of launching a cryptocurrency. In [...]

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The Galaxy S10 has a cryptocurrency wallet inside

Samsung is now one of the first major mobile brands to bring a cryptocurrency wallet to its top end. Galaxy S10 users will thus be able to store bitcoins, Ethereum and Cosmo Coins on their devices. This wallet is what is called a 'cold storage wallet'. Briefly, what it means is that it is [...]

Samsung Galaxy S10 will even arrive with Bitcoin wallet

About a month ago, first indications emerged that the South Korean manufacturer could be preparing a surprise for the Samsung Galaxy S10. That surprise would be the implementation of a wallet to hold your Bitcoins. Now thanks to the inevitable leakster Ben geskin, we have access to several images that confirm the presence of [...]

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Apparently Fall in Hours

Cryptocurrencies, including the largest of all Bitcoin, fell sharply within hours. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general were recovering from the huge fall of December 2017. I remember that Bitcoin was being valued in December 2017 at almost $ 20,000, a figure that has now been no more than 7,000. See also: 103 Million Dollars [...]

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Bolsomito 2K18: controversial game is in the sights of the Brazilian Government

Gambling could damage social, gay and feminist movements, as well as harm candidate Jair Bolsonaro."Be prepared to face the most different types of enemies who want to establish a criminal ideological dictatorship in the country." This is the short and simple description of the Bolsomito 2K18 game. It is an instant case of controversy [...]

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Fortnite for Android: No more waiting to play

Fortnite for Android was one of the great revelations of 2018. The Epic Games game was already on iOS and was the envy of any game lover with an Android in his pocket. Finally the game became available for Android at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. However, it was far from [...]