CAUTION: 30 camera apps on the Google Play Store are malicious! Make sure you don’t have them here!

The Google Play Store can even be a magical place when it comes to the number of Apps we have there. However, Google is a long way from solving the problems of developers who want more than what they promise to take away.This is the example of these 30 Camera Apps that install unwanted [...]

Huawei could have TomTom maps to save the absence of Google Maps

Huawei It still has a serious problem with the United States, and that means that its terminals are still unable to use Google software. With the arrival of the new year, the manufacturer is already preparing the launch of its next flagship, a very marked date that will mark the pace of the brand, [...]

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Know the Lexus Moon vehicle concept

Car manufacturer Lexus created a concept for seven vehicles whose purpose is to travel on the moon. The concepts were designed by designers from European Advanced Design Studio, a partner company. One of the concepts was published in the culture and arts magazine Document Journal.The Lexus lunar motorcycle. Credit: Karl DujardinThis shows us a [...]

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European Union wants to regulate advance of artificial intelligences. Understand how

According to ITHome, the European Union is creating a plan to make sure that artificial intelligence technologies are applied ethically. This will allow public and private companies to have limited access to artificial intelligence or facial recognition technologies in public spaces.European Union documents state that the plan is part of an effort to assess [...]

The best activity wristbands to get fit this 2020

Of course, these bracelets not only will they help us quantify physical activity that we carry out throughout the day. We too will notify alarms and all kinds of warnings coming from the phone, monitor sleep or even, some can be customized both by software and through accessories to become more than just an [...]

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Check the apps and websites that are accessing your Facebook account (without your knowledge)

Control the access of certain apps to your Facebook account There are people who have chosen to unsubscribe on Facebook after being involved in so many murky issues related to privacy. Others use (and share) much less the social network. And finally, there are those who continue to enter regularly, relying on a platform [...]

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Microsoft Edge, the new version of the browser revives the browser war

Microsoft Edge and its evolution as a browser Years ago Microsoft launched Edge, a browser that had the mission of being the Internet Explorer replacement. To do this, they created a new rendering method and opted for a series of changes, but it did not curdle. Thus, in 2018 they decided to “kill him” [...]

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7 technologies that hides your mobile camera: know them better

The technologies that help make better photos with your mobile How to improve the photos we take with our smartphone is perhaps one of the most recurring issues among users. We already tell you at the time some tricks to make better photos with the phone and we even talk about mobile applications to [...]

TikTok surpasses Facebook and Instagram in 2019 downloads

2019 was a truly happy year for TikTok. The social network for sharing short videos has become so popular that it is already the second most downloaded by users, surpassing Facebook or Instagram.As revealed by Sensor Tower analysts, TikTok has been downloaded this year over 700 million times globally. This number is only surpassed [...]

DuckDuckGo, this is what you should know about the most interesting alternative to Google

What is DuckDuckGo and how does it work? Let's start with the basics, what is DuckDuckGo. The short answer is that it is a search engine like Google's. The long one is that, as a search engine, it does not have as much weight in terms of search volume but has managed to gain [...]

Logitech MX Ergo K860, a keyboard designed not to “break” your wrists

The new ergonomic Logitech keyboard Ergonomic keyboards are nothing new, there are manufacturers who have spent years betting on them and creating alternatives so varied that only some are able to bet on it. But now Logitech who launches a new keyboard with such features is nothing but the demonstration of interest that begin [...]

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Instagram for the web will give you a new way to interact with friends!

Instagram continues to present itself as one of today's most popular social networks and is the platform of choice for young people. After launching its web version some time ago, it remains very limited compared to mobile applications.Now the social network has officially confirmed that it has begun testing private messaging also on the [...]

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Amazfit Stratos 3 Review: The Best Xiaomi Smartwatch for Sport!

Amazfit Stratos 3 is one of the best Xiaomi smartwatch, now available in UK, for sports and outdoor activities. It has GPS, internal memory for music and costs 199 €, but see if it is right for you in the full analysis.The smart watch does not go unnoticed on the wrist, being relatively large, [...]

17 Apps You Have to REMOVE NOW from your Android! Were banned from Google Play Store

Google continues to fail to rate Apps before entering the Google Play Store. Google's app store may be the largest in the world, but it's far from the best.There are many Apps that lack quality or purpose. Worse yet, there are also many times when we talk about malware or applications that are designed [...]

YouTube for iOS adds filters to give you more control in your subscription feed

YouTube continues to improve its application The latest changes that YouTube is introducing to its mobile applications are improving the experience. The problem or controversy with its algorithm will remain in force, but at least being able to decide which channels we want to watch or which ones we want to receive recommendations from [...]

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Youtube for your smartphone will have new categories you’ll love!

Youtube is one of the most used applications in the world. So it goes without saying that minimal changes to the App can change (and greatly) the way users consume content.The new update, which is coming to iOS and coming soon on Android, is a direct factor in how you're going to watch videos. [...]

Google Play Store no longer shows notifications for apps that have been updated

A Google spokesman confirmed to the Android Police publication a new "feature" in the Play Store. From now on, the app store will stop showing notifications for apps that have just been updated.Until now, whenever an application was updated, a notification was shown that this update was completed. Until news to the contrary, this [...]

7 Tricks to make your android mobile faster How to improve the performance of your Android phone Taking into account that all the tricks that I am going to talk to you about are quite easy, we go from the simplest to the tips that are a bit “more complicated”. 1. Have only what is necessary The first advice, as I [...]

The best PC processors for different users by 2020

These are the best computer processors of 2020 for every type of user. The processor is the "brain" of your computer, so it must be fast, efficient and perfectly match the other components.Anyone who uses the computer to surf the Internet and work in a text editor may be satisfied with a high-end input [...]

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Apple seems to have preparing a turbo mode to give more performance to its Mac: Pro Mode

Pro Mode and the beta of macOS Catalina 10.15.3 Apple laptops have always kept the issue of energy consumption and temperature very controlled. Through limits on maximum frequencies, the choice of components that were not authentic ovens and other decisions manage to offer balanced equipment. Although at some other time there were problems with [...]

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