Are you waiting for the iPhone 12? We have bad news for you

Contrary to normal conditions, iPhone 12 is not expected to be presented in September. According to investment bank Cowen, the new equipment will be delayed by two months.This means that they will most likely not be released until November. This information is even more pessimistic than what was expected a month late. [...]

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Xiaomi imitates Apple in the strangest video you’ll see today

Testing the resistance of a smartphone on video is not always done in the most conventional way. And it is in this sense that Xiaomi's latest promotional video for the recently launched Redmi 10X appears.In what may be the strangest video you'll see today, the equipment's resistance is tested with the throwing [...]

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iPhone SE: Apple created its golden goose!

The iPhone SE is the latest smartphone from apple and its popularity has been tremendous. The equipment brought us an impressive quality in a very outdated design.However, its "low value" (for an iPhone), has made consumers scratch the card. I dare say that many have had to endure the uncertainty of the [...]

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iPhone 11 gives no chance: it is the most popular smartphone in the world

During the first quarter of 2020, the iPhone 11 was very prominently the most popular smartphone globally. The data are from Omdia, and show that Apple will have shipped something like 19.5 million pieces of equipment during this period.These numbers are even more expressive if we take into account that the runner-up [...]

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iPhone 12 will keep something that Apple should have the courage to abandon

If you are thinking of buying one of the upcoming iPhone 12, you can forget about placing a bet on a USC-C port. Everything points to that Apple will maintain the controversial door of Lightning, before taking an even more bold step in 2021.The information comes from the leaker “Fudge”, on Twitter. [...]

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Deal of the day: Xiaomi smart bulbs to a minimum

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb Although we always comment that the most popular smart bulbs, among other things due to their great trajectory, are the Philips Hue, the truth is that there are alternatives to light our house that are equally interesting and, on many occasions, cheaper. This is the case of [...]

Xiaomi launches new RedmiBook notebooks clearly inspired by MacBook Pro

As promised, today Redmi introduced a wide range of new products in China. In addition to their new smartphones and their new Smart TV´s, we also had the unveiling of their new line of portable RedmiBook computers.The new Xiaomi RedmBook arrives in models of 13, 14 or 16 inches and have a [...]

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Apple Magic Keyboard: The next keyboard on the iPad could be fantastic! Know him

Today we have access to an Apple patent for the Apple Magic Keyboard. We have no idea if this patent depicts a product that ended up not being revealed, or about the successor to the recently launched Apple Magic Keyboard for the iPad.However, looking at these patents, we can see that the [...]

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Apple Watch Series 6: the concept that leaves us dreaming (video)

It is no secret that Apple is preparing a new Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 6 is the next smartwatch to hit the market and we are already starting to have speculations, leaks and rumors about the new smart watch.This new video does not tell us what the clock will look [...]

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Huawei is in trouble again! Even MediaTek doesn’t guarantee anything! You see

Huawei was left without the possibility of creating its Kirin processors. This is because TSMC, which manufactured them, has just severed relations with the brand due to fears of U.S. sanctions. After all, this is the company that supplies the processors to Apple and Tim Cook's company is largely responsible for TSMC's [...]

Aqara S1 Smart Scene, the smart switch you are going to want

S1 Smart Scene and its IPS screen The world of home automation is so broad that it is difficult to know each and every one of the solutions that many manufacturers offer. It is also true that just as it is broad it is also unknown to many. But leaving these details [...]

New AirPods could revolutionize your market even more. Do you know why

Apple managed to create a line of gadgets with huge success with its AirPods. These are already seen as a reference in its niche market, but that has not stopped the American from improving them every year.According to Digitimes' latest report, the next generation of AirPods could bring several health-related features. If [...]

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Apple begins to reopen stores worldwide

According to Bloomberg, Apple will reopen two of its stores in Japan to reopen on May 27. The stores are located in Fukuoka and Nagoya Sakae. However, it is not known when the rest of the country's stores will reopen.The truth is that Apple has reopened stores all over the world like [...]

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The 7 best drones to buy in 2020

Creativity takes on a new dimension from the air, whether in photography, or video. These models are the best drones in the world with which we can capture otherwise impossible angles, for professional or amateur shooting.When choosing the best camera drones, we use criteria such as the quality of filming and photography; [...]

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Spotify hunts pirates that offer premium features!

Spotify issued several copyright orders to Google in order to remove any pirated tools. These are, for example, APK files that offer the Spotify Premium functions free of charge, present in the Android universe.The orders issued by Spotify ask Google to remove links that promote this type of programs either on the [...]

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Xiaomi launches a smart lock with 6 different unlock modes!

Xiaomi continues to bet strongly on strengthening its "extra-smartphone" portfolios, increasingly addressing the segment smart home, with various gadgets that promote automation and security enhancement. Its new gadget, Xiaomi Smart Lock E, arrives to integrate the security segment.Xiaomi's new smart lock was launched today on its crowdfunding Youpin, offering users a vast [...]

Hackers create a tool that can unlock any iPhone!

A group of hackers called unc0ver claims to have created a tool that can unlock any iPhone, without restrictions on operating system versions. The tool serves to "jailbreak", that is, to have administrative access in the operating system.This is a similar process to "root" on Android but more complex. According to the [...]

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Apple Glasses has price and launch height revealed in leaks!

EverythingApplePro, along with Jon Prosser and Max Weinbach, have been the leakers responsible for information about the iPhone 12, new Macbooks and the mysterious Apple Glasses. However, the latest leaks have revealed that virtual reality goggles will arrive in 2021.In addition, its price has also been revealed: $ 499 or 457 euros. [...]

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Apple: AirPod advertising wins prizes and runs the world! (video)

This AirPod advertising is simply brilliant. Apple is one of the companies that best knows how to do advertising. The company's products are shown in a "secondary" way and we often only realize that the advertising is from Apple because in the end we have its mythical cracked apple logo there.Well, this [...]

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This could be the price of the new wireless earphones from OnePlus

OnePlus is working on wireless earphones a little different from the Bullets we see for sale by the brand. Apparently, OnePlus will launch wireless earphones that resemble AirPods. That is, with most wireless earphones on the market.The rumors indicate that they will be revealed in July and today we have indications that [...]