Podcast 268: iPhone 9 (SE2), Galaxy S20 arrived and Citroën Ami (€ 6900 electric car)

It's almost time for another EBox Podcasst! Today's themes will be interesting, captivating and, above all, will generate good conversation. Today we will look at the rumors of the new iPhone 9, also known as iPhone SE2, we will talk a little about the arrival of the S20 to the UK's market and also [...]

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iPhone 12 Pro can make big ‘jump’ in the camera and battery

Apple is preparing to present the iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE 2) very soon. Bearing in mind that this is going to be a more modest model and without much prominence regarding specifications, the arrows are still pointed at the iPhone 12.Apple's upcoming tops are not due until September, and the first spec rumors [...]

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Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi suffer from declining sales in the world’s largest market

As Reuters advances, February was not a pleasant month for mobile phone salespeople. China, the largest market in the world, saw a 45% decrease in mobile phone sales. The most affected brands were Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi.In the case of Apple, the company sold 494,000 units of mobile phones. It may seem like a [...]

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Apple Powerbeats 4: know the design and specs of the new earphones

An information leak, advanced by WinFuture, made known the information about Apple's upcoming earbuds, the Powerbeats 4. This is the Beats earbud range, oriented towards sport, but maintaining sound quality and autonomy.Powerbeats 4 have not yet been officially announced by Apple, but given WinFuture's track record, the information should be correct. Regarding the design, [...]

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Dark Mode on Google Pixel is giving problems! Know the details

Google recently added a much-requested feature to Pixel devices: scheduling Dark Mode. The function allows Dark Mode to automatically switch on at sunset. It is not possible to schedule specific hours but it is a start. However, this feature is having problems with some apps.As some Reddit users have advanced, Dark Mode scheduling is [...]

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The deals of the day: Xiaomi, Logitech and, above all, Apple

The best deals of the day on Amazon This Monday comes with very interesting sales under the arm. Especially highlights the Xiaomi Mi 9T phone, some interesting mouse or video game, a Fossil hybrid watch and, above all, a lot of Apple product with discount (which is still an event). Remember that whatever interests [...]

Apple Watch may soon detect oxygen levels in the blood. Do you know how

Apple continues to work to make your smart watch an increasingly complete product when it comes to health. And, apparently, one of the next steps in that direction will be a feature that allows the detection of oxygen levels in the blood.This was a feature discovered exclusively by the 9to5Mac website, after analyzing some [...]

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If you still use the first-generation Philips Hue Bridge, this is what you should know

No more updates for Philips Hue Bridge 1Gen If you are users of Philips Hue bulbs, you will know that, with the exception of new ones that include bluetooth connection, they all require a device that acts as a bridge between them and applications and other devices and services. That bridge is the Philips [...]

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Popular AnTuTu application disappears from Google Play Store. Understand the reason

The popular benchmark application for smartphones, AnTuTu, has just disappeared from the Google Play Store. The explanation is still unclear, as there has not yet been an official statement, however, it is believed that the reason for this is already known.Apparently the Cheetah Mobile developers held some rights to AnTuTu applications. Therefore, Google decided [...]

2K Games games also leave GeForce Now

2K Games gets off GeForce Now The last weeks have been complicated for Nvidia. Since its streaming games service left that beta phase, its catalog has been reduced. What began with the withdrawal of the Activision Blizzard games continued later with those of Beteshda and Hinterland Games. And now 2K Games is added. Since [...]

iPhone 11 starts to become scarce because of the Coronavirus outbreak

A report from the New York Post reports that several retailers in New York are running out of stock of iPhone 11. The fault of this scenario is the lack of production of the equipment, due to the fact that many factories are closed in China, because of the new Coronavirus.With smartphone production chains [...]

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Android was the most vulnerable operating system of 2019. Meet the top-10

A report by the TheBestVPN let us know the operating systems with the most vulnerabilities during the year 2019. Android is the one that appears in the first position, surpassing Windows 10 and also the distribution of Linux Debian.According to the revealed data, Google's operating system accounted for a total of 414 vulnerabilities in [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is no longer the king of photography at DxOMark! Know the competitor!

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro surprised the world by taking the first place in the ranking of DxOMark (private entity for evaluating photographic and video quality), however, its isolated leadership was short-lived.Yesterday a smartphone called OPPO Find X2 Pro was officially revealed and it was this same terminal that decided to match the Xiaomi [...]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs iPhone 11 Pro in drop test! Which one is the best?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was placed next to Apple's iPhone 11 Pro in order to know which two would be more resistant in a falling scenario.Both terminals are made mostly of glass, that is, neither will have the capacity to resist as much as the older models that were built in metal.Watch video [...]

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Killer robots, the history of Compaq and more documentaries about technology

Tech documentaries you shouldn't miss We are surrounded by technology, we use it daily and inform ourselves daily about its progress, news, problems, ... but we forget many times to know their stories. How was Apple created? What was the great success and the great failure of Bill Gates? How has 3D printing revolutionized [...]

15 best female-style smartwatch in 2020

Smart watches combine technology and function with design. Here we choose the best products for those looking for a female smartwatch for sports, as a complement to the mobile phone, or as a fashion accessory.Based on criteria such as price, battery life, screen, functions and physical features, you have the best brands here. Whether [...]

Huawei AppGallery: developers will be entitled to 100% of revenue

It's no secret that Huawei is working on ways to make AppGallery a legitimate competitor to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. One of the measures for this is to offer an above-average "slice" of revenue to programmers who put apps on the AppGallery.As published today in Huawei Developers, during the first [...]

This is Huawei’s plan to fight the Google Play Store

It goes without saying that Huawei has had better days. As much as the brand wants to launch smartphones for our market, the absence of the Google Play Store and Google services, make their smartphones less appealing.There is only one way to deal with this situation. Since, for now, no way has been found [...]

Oppo Watch is official! Almost everything we want from an Android smartwatch

OPPO officialized its Oppo Watch today. The new smartwatch from the Asian company has a design seriously inspired by the Apple Watch but with features that you will like. Mainly its operating system, WearOS.If you are an Apple user you don't have a lot of headaches when choosing the best smartwatch for your wrist. [...]

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Apple is trying to eliminate the notch on iPhones. Understand how

There is much speculation about when Apple will finally remove the notch from iPhones, present since the iPhone X. 2020 is unlikely to be the year, but according to Max Weinbach of EverythingApplePro, Apple is already working on it.Periscopic chamber may be the solutionAccording to Weinbach's information, the solution that Apple is trying to [...]

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