Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: here’s the image of the smartphone with 100x zoom

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will be the top end of the range that the company will unveil officially in February. With a presentation scheduled for February 11, Samsung believes that the new line of smartphones has everything to be successful.The new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will be the third terminal to be unveiled [...]

Fortnite already runs faster on the iPad Pro than on the PS4, but you should keep these limitations in mind

Fortnite at 120 FPS on iPad Pro The last version 11.40.1 has incorporated the possibility of playing 120 fps, so that Apple tablet owners can take full advantage of the Pro Motion screen, which offers a 120 Hz refreshment with which to enjoy crisp and extremely smooth images in motion. This is a very [...]

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Apple TV + will have animated series from the creator of Bob’s Burgers

Apple continues to strive to expand its content catalog on the Apple TV + subscription service. One of his future announced additions is called Central Park, an animated series by the same creators and animators as Bob's Burgers.The series tells the story of a family living in a castle in New York's gigantic Central [...]

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CAUTION: 30 camera apps on the Google Play Store are malicious! Make sure you don’t have them here!

The Google Play Store can even be a magical place when it comes to the number of Apps we have there. However, Google is a long way from solving the problems of developers who want more than what they promise to take away.This is the example of these 30 Camera Apps that install unwanted [...]

Update of AirPods Pro continues to cause complaints. Understand why

A few days ago Apple's AirPods Pro received a firmware update. These updates are typical and can often fix minor problems like battery life and lack of connectivity. However, the effect was the opposite as several users are expressing dissatisfaction.On Reddit, several users are complaining about a dedicated topic of various problems after the [...]

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Apple without Lightning cable? This is not quite what the European Union wants

This week there were several reports that the European Union intends to force Apple to abandon the cable with Lightning input in the near future. However, that is not quite what the entity wants.Regulation focuses on wall chargers (wall chargers or power adapters). According to The Verge, what the European Union wants is for [...]

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Become an expert of Luma Fusion, the best video editor for iPad

Learn to use Luma Fusion for iOS Those of us who are dedicated to video themes and use Final Cut Pro X follow waiting Dreaming of an iOS version. But we have to settle for iMovie and that option to then be able to export the project to the Mac to finish it in [...]

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Fitbit gadgets can help you know when you’re about to catch the flu

The Lancet Digital Health newspaper says a study found that wearables from Fitbit can help you understand when a flu outbreak is about to arrive. This will certainly be a feature that almost nobody would expect to be able to develop.The study was carried out in several North American states, covering a universe of [...]

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Xiaomi Amazfit GTR and Amazfit GTS: update brings new life to GPS

The Amazfit GTR and Amazfit GTS smartwatches with the Xiaomi seal are among the wearables most interesting launched in 2019, in the price range slightly above € 100. However, both models faced several complaints from users when using GPS.Huami (Xiaomi's partner company) seems to have finally listened to users, and has released an update [...]

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European Union wants to regulate advance of artificial intelligences. Understand how

According to ITHome, the European Union is creating a plan to make sure that artificial intelligence technologies are applied ethically. This will allow public and private companies to have limited access to artificial intelligence or facial recognition technologies in public spaces.European Union documents state that the plan is part of an effort to assess [...]

The best technological offers of the day selected for you, to buy!

Then we leave you with the best technological offers of the day. Some of them will not be available all day, so we advise you, as always, to catch them as soon as possible so as not to miss it. All yours. Happy shopping Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite Looking for an Android tablet? This [...]

The best activity wristbands to get fit this 2020

Of course, these bracelets not only will they help us quantify physical activity that we carry out throughout the day. We too will notify alarms and all kinds of warnings coming from the phone, monitor sleep or even, some can be customized both by software and through accessories to become more than just an [...]

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Huawei P40 Pro PE. Design unveiled before release

As usual, Huawei will launch the new tops of the P line during this quarter. The Huawei P40 and P40 Pro are guaranteed models, and a new rumor comes that will also be released a Huawei P40 PE.The first renders of the alleged P40 PE have already been unveiled, and we realize that this [...]

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LG Launches Bacteria-Free Wireless Headset with Box

LG has just 'joined the party' from makers of wireless headsets. After the popularity of Apple's AirPods, many brands have been betting heavily on this segment, and LG is the latest to join the group.The headset you called Tone Free HBS-FL7 would be just another wireless headset that costs $ 199, and have some [...]

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7 technologies that hides your mobile camera: know them better

The technologies that help make better photos with your mobile How to improve the photos we take with our smartphone is perhaps one of the most recurring issues among users. We already tell you at the time some tricks to make better photos with the phone and we even talk about mobile applications to [...]

TikTok surpasses Facebook and Instagram in 2019 downloads

2019 was a truly happy year for TikTok. The social network for sharing short videos has become so popular that it is already the second most downloaded by users, surpassing Facebook or Instagram.As revealed by Sensor Tower analysts, TikTok has been downloaded this year over 700 million times globally. This number is only surpassed [...]

Logitech MX Ergo K860, a keyboard designed not to “break” your wrists

The new ergonomic Logitech keyboard Ergonomic keyboards are nothing new, there are manufacturers who have spent years betting on them and creating alternatives so varied that only some are able to bet on it. But now Logitech who launches a new keyboard with such features is nothing but the demonstration of interest that begin [...]

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You can now use the iPhone as a Google security key

The iPhone as a secure access key to your online services For a few months now Android users have been able to use their terminals as 2FA security key and improve authentication options in two steps. Especially as a replacement for the use of SMS, an option that although it is safer than using [...]

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This application uses deepfake to get your face on the most popular GIFs!

Doublicat is the name of the app you'll want to install on your Android or iOS smartphone. The application is free and turns the known GIFs in your face.In short, the application uses deepFake to change the face of known GIFs for your face. You just have to take a picture of your face [...]

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Donald Trump presses Apple to unlock criminals’ phones

The controversy hits the tech world again, this time with Donald Trump and Apple. The US president tweeted that Apple is not contributing to US security by refusing to unlock criminal-owned iPhones. We are helping Apple all of the time on TRADE and so many other issues, and yet they refuse to unlock phones [...]

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