Microsoft Surface Duo: the foldable appears in official images!

The Microsoft Surface Duo is the company's future bet on smartphones, with a cartoon format. The equipment is foldable, although it does not have a folding screen. There is a hinge that physically separates the two screens, opening the door to various multitasking possibilities.The famous leaker Evan Blass shared some images with official renders [...]

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Google Play Store: 7 free games just arrived for a good weekend!

We have a list of games just arrived on the Google Play Store. Get to know the latest games falling on the biggest app store. As always, they are free games and with good community ratings, even though they may contain in-app purchases.7 free games on the Google Play StoreSolitales: Patience and garden card [...]

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The Sony A8 is the best OLED on the market and now I don’t want another Smart TV in my house

Sony A8, video analysis Why is this Sony A8 the perfect TV? You just have to take a look at this model to see that we are facing a Smart TV special. As usual, Sony has put a lot of care in the design of its product, and that is that the [...]

Google Pixel 4a is an unexpected success!

Google's new smartphone, Google Pixel 4a, is having more success than expected. Google's "A" models arrived last year with the Pixel 3a to offer us a low-cost option with good quality.This new Google Pixel 4a is just that. A smartphone with pure Android and an intermediate construction. No great features or functionality. A perfect [...]

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OnePlus Nord: see how to assemble the smartphone piece by piece (video)

OnePlus made one of its most important announcements when it introduced Nord. This equipment marks the company's return to the mid-range market, with elegant and powerful equipment, at a friendly price.Now that the OnePlus Nord has already started to be sold in some markets, behold, the company makes a marketing maneuver a little different [...]

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Huawei Enjoy 20 has design confirmed by online store! Know your specifications

Despite the great difficulties that currently cross in the various international markets due to the prohibitions implemented by the United States, Huawei continues to bet on the launch of several smartphones in the various market segments.Now, new information has emerged about one of its next mid-range smartphones, the Huawei Enjoy 20. The smartphone has [...]

Microsoft attacks Apple and accuses it of blocking the arrival of Project xCloud to iPhones

The last months of 2020 promise to be extremely interesting for the world of video games, with the arrival of Google Stadia's great rival, Microsoft Project xCloud, already confirmed. Earlier this week, the company revealed that its official launch will take place on September 15, the day it will be available for all Android [...]

PUBG Mobile brings big surprise to the millions of fans! But for now it’s exclusive to OnePlus

With the vast majority of mid-range and high-end smartphones arriving with screens that support 90Hz or higher refresh rates, the gaming experience on mobile phones has improved exponentially. However, although smartphones support these refresh rates, it is up to the developers to optimize their games and add support for this option.Interestingly, one of today's [...]

Youtube: small (but important) design changes are on the way

Youtube is preparing changes to the design of your application. Apparently, at least for now, these changes are happening on Android smartphones and only for some users.In other words, it is possible that they will not be fully realized. Hence we have only a few users trying out new features. One way for Google [...]

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HTC Wildfire E2 is now on sale for less than € 100! HTC no longer even cares about presentations

HTC is far from its golden age, showing extremely negative results in the smartphone segment for many years. The manufacturer no longer even tries to make a difference in the mid-high and high-end segments, focusing only on the more modest market segments.Furthermore, it seems that they no longer even bother to invest in the [...]

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Millions of users won’t enjoy xCloud because Apple doesn’t want to

Apple and its obstacles to the game via streaming A few months ago, when the Project xCloud test was underway for both Android and iOS through TestFlight, we discussed it: if the game via streaming does not reach the iPhone and iPad it is because Apple does not want. That simple and direct. Because [...]

Android TV: choose the best Smart TV with the Google system

What are the advantages of Android TV? Having the Google operating system on our smart TV instead of opting for other variations like Tizen, from Samsung, or webOS, from LG, it can bring us certain advantages. The first, and most obvious, is that Android TV usually update more frequently than the rest of operating [...]

The 10 best Android phones with Dual SIM (2020)

Mobile phones with a slot to insert two SIM cards at the same time, or what is the same, devices with dual SIM, offer great flexibility. By being able to use two phone numbers from the same device This allows us to avoid having to always carry the company's telephone number with us in [...]

Google finally solves a problem that has annoyed Android users for years!

Google has finally made available to developers of applications and games for Android a tool that will put an end to one of the problems that most irritates users, requests for classification in the Google Play Store. So far, whenever an App places such a request, users are required to "jump" to the Play [...]

So you can decide who can or cannot reply to your tweets

How to choose who can reply to your tweets Twitter began testing in May a new functionality through which it was going to allow users of its platform to choose who may or may not reply to a tweet (do reply). Now that option has officially arrived through the latest updates to its mobile [...]

Running Android apps on Windows is possible thanks to the Your Phone app

In recent years, Microsoft has taken Android seriously. A good example of this is its Your Phone application that basically allows you to control some aspects of your Android smartphone on Windows 10.A huge step has now been taken by Microsoft in partnership with Samsung. Soon, it will be possible to access the applications [...]

Sony WF-XB700 Review: Quality True Wireless earphones!

The market for True Wireless headsets has an increasing supply to meet the growing demand. We had the opportunity to test the Sony WF-XB700, the Bluetooth headsets midrange Sony, whose price is around 120-150 euros, depending on the location where existing purchases and promotions.Strengths of Sony WF-XB700Satisfactory sound quality"Extra Bass" is legitMinimum latencyAutonomy for [...]

These are the most popular Android smartphones in UK

UK is a country that uses much more Android than iOS. So let's talk a little about the popularity of each Android model in our country.According to the App Brain report, the most popular Android smartphones on our market are intermediaries. It is not surprising since our country does not have a minimum wage [...]

The 15 best PC keyboards to buy in 2020

When buying a good PC keyboard, we are investing not only in productivity, but also in the quality and comfort of work, or play. With that in mind we have listed the best keyboards today so you can make a good purchase!Then you will find the main highlights of the best computer keyboards grouped [...]

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OnePlus is preparing a smartphone much cheaper than the OnePlus Nord!

This year OnePlus has finally managed to return to the spotlight, thanks to the launch of the new OnePlus Nord, which arrives with an incredible price / quality ratio. Since then, there has been talk of the possibility of the brand being able to launch two more smartphones in this new family by the [...]