Do you remember the classic football anime Captain Tsubasa, known in UK as Oliver and Benji? Well, Namco just announced a modern game, based on the famous Japanese animation series. Check out the official trailer.

Like Naruto and Dragon Ball games, Rise of New Champions has a style cell-shaded, which gives a three-dimensional look to the game, maintaining the charm of 2D animation without compromising the appearance of the characters.

Despite being a football game, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions will have that exaggerated style of animation and special effects characterized by anime. The trailer shows us several characters from the protagonist Oliver Tsubasa to the skilled goalkeeper Benji Price.

Namco has not specified when it will launch the game, it has only indicated that it will be this year. The game was announced for the PlayStation 4, PC and even the Nintendo Switch. However, for some reason, Xbox One was left out of the launch.

Captain Tsubasa debuted in UK in 1993

Coming from the manga published in Japan between 1981 and 1988, the animated series Champions: Oliver and Benji premiered in UK in 1993, on RTP1 and also on RTP2 (at the time TV2). The anime tells the story of Oliver Tsubasa and his rivalry with Benji Price, with many football games close to the mix.

Anime is recognized in UK for being practically the only animated series about football at the time. Furthermore, like Dragon Ball, the repeated frames and the hilariously slow narrative helped to mark Oliver and Benji in the hearts of the young UK’s at the time.

Captain Tsubasa was created and written by Yoshi Takahashi, in an attempt to promote football within Japan. The manga had 37 volumes, published weekly in the famous manga magazine Shonen Jump.

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