Canon EBoxS R6, the best of two worlds in a fantastic hybrid

Canon EOS R6

Canon EBoxS R6 video review

And today we are going to comment on our impressions with the Canon EBoxS R6, so we are going to tell you what it feels like to have in your hands a team that plans to offer spectacular recording quality without forgetting its principles, and it is still one camera of photos.

A very Canon exterior

Canon EOS R6

You just have to take it out of the box to notice that we have something special in our hands. We are talking about a Full Frame, so the body could be heavy if you compare it with other models on the market. In total they are 680 grams of weight with the battery and the cards, to which we must add the objective, of course. Still, the body feels especially good, as it has a very nice package in the hand, conveyed by a generous grip and rounded lines throughout its body. It has a large number of control dials and adjustment buttons, but they are all kept very well organized, being able to reach all quickly with the thumb and index finger.

Canon EOS R6

The control dial always and a joystick control instead of the EBoxS R touch bar, which the general public did not like at all. The only button that we feel strange is the power button, since it has been placed on the other side of the viewer, and this always forces us to use the left hand to activate it. It is not a major problem, but after years of using cameras, having to use the second hand to turn off the camera is a very strange gesture that we still have difficulty performing.

Screen and viewfinder

We cannot forget its folding screen 3 inch, something that has characterized Canon for a long time and that allows us to see the screen from almost any angle. But in addition to the screen, we have an electronic viewfinder that, with a speed of 120 images per second, offers us especially sharp previews. It is important to mention that this viewfinder has a lower resolution than that of the R5, so, if it already looks good, we do not want to imagine what the R5 will be like.

In the rest of the body we will not find too many surprises, or yes, since under the cover of the card we will find two slots for SD cards. And as for the battery, just what the manufacturer promises, since we have been able to reach almost the 500 photos using screen and viewfinder (at 120 images per second) continuously. It is important to mention that the electronic viewfinder affects the performance of the battery more than the folding screen, especially if we have the fast refresh option configured at 120 Hz.

A very fast approach

Canon EOS R6

But let's get to the interesting, so it's time to talk about the photos. The EBoxS R6 mounts the same sensor 20.1 megapixels of the EBoxS 1D Mark III, so this is a captor with an excellent track record. The advantage of the R6 is that, being a mirrorless model, it is capable of delivering bursts of 20 images per second (12 with a mechanical shutter) while maintaining focus, and believe me the results are incredible.

The ability to maintain focus on both people and animals is spectacular, and it practically takes all the work out of taking the photo, limiting yourself to correctly exposing and framing before shooting. It is something that is very surprising when it comes to taking portraits, since the person in front of the camera is instantly identified, so the photo always comes out perfectly in focus. And be careful because it will not be limited to people, but also to animals, perfectly identifying the eye and the area to focus with an astonishing speed.

With the help of the touch screen, we can always define the focus area or track objects or areas, something that will also help to obtain the best results if we want to track or point to a particular point.

Photos without shaking

Canon EOS R6

And speaking of obtaining better results, nothing better for that than having an integrated stabilizer. Canon has decided to finally integrate it, and it does so through the front door. And this of the big door has a double meaning, since thanks to the large bayonet of the camera, the sensor has enough space to move freely, obtaining really effective stabilizations. Especially if we combine a lens with an integrated stabilizer, at which point we can gain up to 8 steps when shooting.

In our case we have been able to shoot at speeds exceeding one second and the results are immediately surprising. The stabilizer works like a charm, and this has allowed us to take photos at night more easily than ever.

And since we are talking about taking photos at night, a point that should be noted is that the 20 megapixels of this Full Frame sensor allow to obtain quite good results at high sensitivities. This is something that for now we have not been able to compare with the EBoxS R5 (which has a 45 megapixel sensor), but looking at the results obtained, we can say that the work it does is quite good.

But not everything is going to be a photo. We will have to talk about the video, right?

The video of the Canon EBoxS R6

Canon EOS R6

Analyzing any current camera and not talking about its video section seems unthinkable today. And there are many users who bet on these types of products when creating multimedia content. Something logical and understandable thanks to the leap in quality they made many years ago and the advantages of having an interchangeable lens system.

In the case of Canon, it was expected that they would put the batteries back at some point, and that day has arrived with these new Canon EBoxS R5 and R6. We will talk about the first in depth when we analyze it as well, so now we focus on the, let's say, little sister of the family.

Does it get hot?

Canon EOS R6

Before, let's talk about the warm-up. In our tests we have not suffered any problems. It is true that they have not been continuous recordings and that may have prevented it from overheating and turning off. Still, we have used it for long periods. With intermittent recordings, but keeping the camera on at all times and there have been no symptoms of excess heat.

Therefore, we do not doubt that from the tests seen in other users the problem is real and there. But in our case, recording 4K and 60p clips of between a few seconds and some as long as 5 minutes, the camera responded perfectly. In the same way when we did it in slow motion.

Video results

And now yes, how does this Canon EBoxS R6 behave in video matters? Well the short answer is very good. It is true that it does not have the capabilities of the EBoxS R5 in terms of formats, maximum resolutions, etc., but it is still a very interesting proposition for most content creators.

In addition, not recording in All-I could be a negative point for those works with more post-production, but as an advantage, the IPB codec used to save the videos is much easier to handle on less powerful equipment, because you will have less problems if your team is of humble benefits.

Canon EOS R6

Speaking of codecs and image quality, the camera allows the use of different profiles, among which C-Log stands out. A flat profile with which the dynamic range of the sensor is maximized and allows better color grading.

The wonders of focus

Canon EOS R6

To all this, we must add its AF system. If in photography it is already spectacular to be able to focus on the bursts of up to 20 photos that it is capable of taking, in video once it captures the eye of the person or animal it is very difficult to lose it. So you make sure that all the material is correctly focused. Here they have undoubtedly put themselves at the level of Sony, who until now was a clear winner on these issues.

Canon EOS R6

For the rest, sharing characteristics such as the comfort of its grip when holding the camera to record freehand or the articulated screen that greatly facilitates shooting from different angles, the Canon ESO R6 is a very good proposal for the large Most who are looking for a full frame camera with great features and that performance in color themes that Canon offers.

A very defined proposal

Canon EOS R6

Is it the best mirrorless camera for video? The answer is no. The EBoxS R5 is logically superior and the Sony A7S III has also arrived with great force to compete with the best in the sector, but without a doubt it is a proposal that together with the 24-105 mm can give a lot of play and its price remains in a range much more affordable price.

In addition, the camera includes a microphone input, headphone output for monitoring audio and also mini HDMI output for external monitors or recorders. Little more can be asked of it, although if you are looking to do much more serious work than a video during your vacation or for a YouTube channel, then it may pay you more to wait and bet on the Canon EBoxS R5.


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