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Google may be surprised by the launch of Pixel 4a

In 2019, Google opened the precedent of launching its first smartphone in the middle segment of...

Spotify Lite is already in the Google Play Store but not for everyone!

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Google Chrome is even more secure for Android and iOS

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Canceling carrier contract will be easier! MEO, US, Vodafone and NOWO who get used

Terminating the contract with a telecom operator is no simple task! MEO, NOS, Vodafone and NOWO have strategies to keep customers and these strategies usually take time to get active. That is, while the service is not disabled, customers continue to pay.

However, everything may be about to change in April 2020 with the opening of an internet portal that will allow customers to cancel their telecommunications service more simply.

MEO, NOS, Vodafone and NOWO all have "retention lines"

MEO, US, NOWO Vodafone

The operators call it "cancellation lines", however, are internally known as "hold". Your job is to get the customer to abandon the idea of ​​canceling the service.

They usually offer better prices or better advantages than other carriers. However, with the new portal, things can change.

The new portal is the responsibility of the Directorate-General of Consumer and aims to facilitate the cancellation of operators' contracts. With or without contractual loyalty.

Operators are in favor of changes

Although the details of this new platform are not known, it was pointed out that the portal will arrive in April and details are being finalized with the operators. Operators that, oddly enough, seem to agree with the changes.

One of the situations that is not yet resolved is the portability of telephone numbers. It is not yet known how portability can be done on the portal as simply as cancellation.

We also need to know which user data will be in charge of the platform and how the data will be interconnected.

That is, it is a project that is still under development, but that promises to solve one of the biggest problems of operators at this time.

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