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Can you imagine your life without a smartphone?

Source: Depositphotos

Looking back, about 10 years ago lived perfectly happy without any smartphone. In fact, not even the first iPhones made me look twice at that weird, big, keyless phone. Who would say that in 2017 would want to try a Chinese smart phone, the UMi Z.

Who would say, today nobody wants a smartphone with keys, today we can already buy tops at a good price, example of this is the UMi Z.

The young Bacelar had a Nokia, by the way, a few Nokia's (N70, N80 and N95) and it was at a great cost that I surrendered to smartphones. It was far from imagining that after all these years he would look at an unknown brand and a strange name, UMi and his UMi Z.

More Information and Pricing for UMi Z

For me a mobile phone was used to communicate through text messages (SMS) and calls. Take some rudimentary photos, play some simple game at leisure time and little else. Finally I bought a smartphone and everything changed.

The Galaxy Y Pro was my first smartphone and for the price I paid at the time, I would be so well served today with a UMi Z. Hopefully the stigma for "Chinese brands" or "Xingling smartphone" will disappear. The truth is that we no longer need to pay a price premium to have a good outfit.

The new UMi Z

Today, nobody can live without a smart phone anymore (let's call it a smartphone). We live attached to a screen, fixed in social networks, narcissistic mirror of a false happiness, forced only to appear happier than the others. Disappointment, it is only a facade, need for attention, dependence on the approval of others.

From the moment we wake up and pick up the smartphone to see the time, see the email, see the notifications of social networks. When we see someone sharing a happy picture in the early morning of the two, either has not slept or is clearly lying.

Smartphones have become an extension of the human being, more common than reading glasses, more popular than sunglasses. Common, varied, repetitive, expensive and cheap, there is everything in this huge market where every brand strives to be recognized among the others.

More Information and Pricing for UMi Z

UMi is one of those brands and this is one of those articles where I take the opportunity to share a bit of my history, as well as getting to know one of the products whose future looks promising, the UMi Z brings together good specifications and a low price for virtually anyone. might have a flagship in your pocket.

By the way, the word flagship, widely used here in the site refers to Top of the Line, Top of the Line, Chief Car or, in literal translation, the flagship. The one who leads the others.

UMi Z Detail

The truth is that smartphones have made our lives more comfortable. Much more than a phone or mobile phone, smartphones have asserted themselves as a calendar, camera, music player, flashlight, world connection point, gaming platform, stylish object. Nowadays smartphones are very stylish and well built, look at this UMi Z and its design.

However, one of the biggest problems with smartphones is battery life, because we spend several hours a day glued to your screen. Here, several brands have tried to increase the size of the batteries and better managing their energy consumption. Some with higher success rate than others.

More Information and Pricing for UMi Z

I confess that I've been more "addicted" to the smartphone than I am now. Until recently I was paying more attention to what was going on in the internet world than what was in front of me. A habit that was dear to me …

Now, I am happy with a not very powerful smartphone, nothing surprising, without great specifications or features. I live with an iPhone 6 and only use the basics (deserving iOS a praise) because the essential is not a screen but the brightness of a smile.

However, and because this article requires it, if you are looking for a new smartphone with good specifications and affordable price, without neglecting the quality of construction and design, I think you would like to know the UMi Z.

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