Call of Duty Mobile has burst into the gaming world for smartphones, conquering millions of players since its launch day. When many thought it was impossible, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire were no longer the two top games for both iOS and Android.

Now, with its consolidated position, the arrival of Season 3 has been confirmed. Although not official dates, it is believed that the update will start to be released on January 17th and the servers will be active from the 20th. New season will bring countless new features to players, such as new maps, modes, ratings and more.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3

News coming soon for Call of Duty Mobile

Despite its great success, Activision cannot be “sleepy”, otherwise its rivals will once again dominate this gaming segment. So there are many surprises for Call of Duty Mobile’s millions of players.

One of the surprises is a new map – Scrapyard – featuring the “three lane” style implemented in Modern Warfare 2. This type of map provides battles at a breakneck pace, with many close encounters.

Coupled with the arrival of the new map is also a new game mode (available for a limited time) called “Rapid Fire”. This mode will be perfect for players who just want to relieve some stress by providing unlimited ammo and scorestreaks much faster.

CoD Mobile Scrapyard

Although not officially confirmed, a leak revealed that in the third season will also be implemented two new weapons, the G36C assault rifle and Barret .50 sniper rifle.

Finally, as in previous seasons, several skins, aesthetic items and rewards will also be released this season.

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