Byte will be the 'resurrect' of the legendary Vine application

Byte will be the 'resurrect' of the legendary Vine application
Vine Byte Social Networking Application
Byte will be the app that will arrive to 'resurrect' Vine

Do you remember the Vine app? Certainly it is difficult to forget an application that has become a true social phenomenon, starting a new generation of multimedia content. Now its co-founder, Dom Hofmann, has confirmed that he will return soon.

Over the past few months there has been a lot of information that has revealed the possibility of a new application 'resurrecting' Vine, but so far there has been no confirmation. Hofmann has now confirmed through Twitter that Vine's "new generation" will be called Byte.

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For those who no longer remember what Vine was, it was the first social platform based on the creation of short video clips (6 seconds) that were played endlessly on loop.

Its popularity has grown exponentially, making it one of the most popular applications among younger people. It was Vine that started the new trend we now know as "Stories ".

Vine will 'resurrect' in 2019 as new Byte app

Despite its enormous popularity, after being acquired by Twitter in 2012, it ended in 2017 because it was unable to generate enough revenue. During its last years, it has become quite complicated to keep the same numbers of active users due to the strong competition that has emerged.

Despite being the platform that gave rise to the current "Stories ", there is still no app / social network that offers the same kind of experience. For this reason, Dom Hofmann believes that the time has come to bring this type of platform back.

There is not yet any concrete information about what the new Byte application will have to offer. However, it is known that it will offer the same concept as video clips that play on loop. Finally, the new Byte application will be launched during spring 2019.

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