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Bye Bye Camera removes people from your photos

The Bye Bye Camera app has a purpose that does justice to its name: it says 'bye bye' and removes people from photographs. There are several applications that already remove people, objects and animals. However, this app is only dedicated to eliminating humans from existence captured in photo.

The following image shows the effects of Bye Bye Camera. So you can understand, we've left the subject of photography with some visibility but the app really eliminates the human element. You can, however, see some distortion on the floor, probably where the digital removal tool was most used.

bye bye camera

This app came from an art project by the collective Something Something. The artist responsible for the app states that Bye Bye Camera's purpose is to "remove the vanity from a selfie" leaving only the original background.

The Bye Bye Camera Uses Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence used by this app is ironically called Yor Only Lok Once (only look once). Intelligence classifies objects and can outline a person in photography.

Later an effect that exists in Adobe Photoshop called 'contextual fill' is used. In this step, artificial intelligence tries to fill in the empty space left by the human according to the rest of the surrounding image.

The Bye Bye Camera costs 3 euros and is available for iOS on the App Store.

Alternatives to Bye Bye Camera on Android

Adobe Photoshop Fix


With some patience, Adobe Photoshop Fix can be a powerful tool in your phone. You can retouch and change photos with some of Photoshop's most famous effects.



Although it is a cruder tool, TouchRemove can identify objects in the photograph and remove or even clone them.

Remove Object


Performing exactly the same function as TouchRemove, Remove Object gives you more control over removal. You can choose the transparency of the object you want to delete and also have a manual removal tool.

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