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Buy a Fully Loaded TV Box and what is Fully Loaded Android TV boxes?

Over the past few years' online ‘box’ sellers have taken the term Fully Loaded Kodi / XBMC to advertise “Free Movies, Free Sports, Free TV!”. In this post, we are going to review all aspects of a Fully Loaded TV Box and also Fully Loaded Android TV boxes. And we will also review our use of the term “Fully Loaded“. First of all, EntertainmentBox® specialises in Core Android and Windows Powered Smart TV boxes, that are fully loaded with the right software. Enabling you access to apps, games and software updates that are all easily accessible through the internet and Android loaded. We do not load your Kodi full of add-ons that slow down the performance of your device. It is left completely down to the end user as to which kodi add-ons or kodi wizard is used.

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Buy Fully Loaded TV Box?

Kodi is a very special award-winning media centre. That can be installed on most modern platforms it works like any other digital media centre. Allowing the user to play many different media formats. But unlike other media centres that need you to have a hard copy of the media file on a USB or another form of digital storage. Kodi (or XBMC as it was formally known) will allow you to watch content via the internet (streaming). Some online sellers tainted the term Fully Loaded Kodi / XBMC. By advertise Free Movies, Free Sports, Free TV. How is this possible? Easy… Let's take a quick look at how Kodi works.

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How Kodi works?

Kodi Media Centre is an application that can be installed on most platforms. Including Android TV boxesWindows PCiPhone, Apple TV 4. Kodi Media centre allows the use of 3rd party add-ons, these add-ons are created by many different developers. Add-ons can be added either by adding the URL directly into Kodi or by installing a zip file containing the addon. “Most of the add-ons literally fetch web pages from sites you could have otherwise streamed a video from in a normal web browser”. then prise it into the simplified lists you see in Kodi. These types of add-ons turn a hard to read or add filled page. Into something, you can browse through from your sofa.

Fully Loaded TV Box boxes on the black market

If you're thinking about buying a TV box and the seller is offering you Fully loaded TV boxes you need to stop and ask yourself. What are they fully loading onto the device? As the Smart TV box market grows so will the greed from some of these Black-market sellers. Not only will they offer to pre-install many add-ons that could easily be installed by the end user. But will also install pop-ups and adverts generating, even more, revenue for the original seller. If you have not seen our Fully loaded Android TV Box warning or the official Kodi TV warning you should definitely have a read. If you purchase a device from EntertainmentBox. Then you can feel assured that your box will not have any of these unwanted add-ons, pop-ups, or viruses. so anyone offering Fully Loaded TV Box in could be installing anything.

What are kodi builds? Kodi setup wizards?

Kodi can be customised with different backgrounds, menu bars, and skins. A setup wizard will customise your Kodi setup in a few clicks. It works by downloading many different add-ons and backgrounds then installing them all for you. This is called a Kodi build. (a kodi build is what the wizard puts on your device). There are 100s of different kodi setup wizards available. And also many different Android apps that will offer to set up kodi for you. You need to remember that if you decided to use any setup wizard. It will download many different add-ons so you have no control over what it downloads into your device. Some sellers that offer Fully Loaded TV Box usually install some sort of build onto the device before they sell it.

What are fully loaded Android apps?

Fully loaded Android apps are applications that can be installed on any Android operating system. Including TV boxes, tablets and mobile phones. Apps like “Showbox, MobdroCartoon HDMegaBox HDNewest Movies HD”, and many other Android applications offer the same or similar content. You can stream content directly through your TV Box onto your big screen TV. Most fully loaded TV box sellers will pre-install these apps before they send them to the customers. We, on the other hand, will not ship any device with the apps listed above. Again we leave this completely down to the end user.

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Is using kodi and streaming legal?

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Entertainment box Fully Loaded TV Box

We have looked at how other sellers are using the term ‘Fully loaded’ to sell boxes. Let's look at what we are offering with our Fully Loaded TV boxes. At EntertainmentBox our focus is on hardware and software.

We are constantly running OTA firmware updates to all our TV boxes new and old. When you buy a TV Box from EBox you will receive constant updates. These updates will add new features that might not have been previously available when the device was first purchased. This is all done with a few simple clicks of our OTA app, keeping your device fully updated.

“All our TV boxes are fully loaded with the latest version of Kodi/EBMC”. The only add-ons we pre-install is our EBox help videos and Youtube video add-on. As stated earlier its totally down to the end user as to how you configure your kodi and or which add-ons you choose to install.

The EntertainmentBox Android App is a great tool for your Android device. Stay in touch with EntertainmentBox via Twitter and also via Facebook. Have easy access to help and instructional videos. A direct link for all your retro gaming needs and more. The EBox app also has all the latest links for the most stable kodi for your device.

The Ebox Connect VPN is marketed as a security product. Which ensures online privacy, while protecting users from unwanted snooping, hacking and other malicious threats. Furthermore, it also can unblock websites/ Kodi addons. And other online content which is usually restricted by geographical region.

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Aptoide is one of the biggest Android app stores available. This app store has every Android app you could ask for. If it has not got the app you are looking for in its local store. You have the option to search other stores within Aptoide. Now you will always find that killer app you have been searching for.

Ebox have their own app store dedicated to smart TV boxes. Easily click and install all the apps you want to install onto your device. check out a few apps on offer  NetflixPlexTV PlayerFilm OnITV HubHulu and much more. These apps will constantly be updated as and when new apps are available.

This is a very useful app that we use if the device has any issues that can be resolved remotely. If a customer is having difficulties with their unit. One of our Technical Support staff will be able to remotely access their device and rectify most common faults.

All EntertainmentBox smart TV boxes are fully unlocked allowing you to be able to install any Android app you like without restrictions. If your device is not fully rooted you could experience issues when trying to install applications like VPN's. We believe it should be down to the customer how they modify their TV box.


If you are “looking for a fully loaded smart TV box then look no further!”. Don't be fooled into buying a fully loaded TV box that will cause you nothing but a headache. Finally, buy with confidence from one of first Smart TV box suppliers in the UK. We are available if you need us. We offer around the clock 24/7 support via:


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