Burning Obsidian Card List: Set Contents announced

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Burning Obsidian The official announcement was made by The Pokémon Company! It will be released on August 11th as the third Set of the Scarlet and Violet era. We talked about the Set a few weeks ago.

The set will introduce the first Pokémon ex with unusual Theratypes, including Charizard ex (Dark-Type), Tyranitar ex (Electric-Type), Eiscue ex, and Vespiquen ex. These Teracristal Pokémon with particular types will use the same energy as their usual types, but will have a different weakness that will match their new types. Ex. Charizard ex will be a Darkness card with Fire attack costs and Grass weakness (Darkness-types are weak to Grass-type to represent Bug).

The set will also contain Dragonite ex Teracristal (Dragon-Type), Greedent ex Teracristal (Colorless Type), Revavroom ex, Melmetal ex, and Toedscruel ex. Like in the video games, many Teracristal Pokémon are still of their original types.


The Burning Obsidian Set will contain:

  • Over 190 cards
  • 15 Pokemon ex and six Tera Pokemon ex
  • 12 rare Pokemon illustration
  • Six special illustrations of rare Pokemon and Trainer cards
  • 12 full art and ultra rare Pokemon ex and Trainer cards
  • More than 15 Trainer cards
  • Three gold-type hyper rare cards.

Star Trainer Sets will contain a Full Art Charmander promo. The Pokemon Center version will come with a stamped version, as with the ETB of Scarlet and Violet.

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Burning Obsidian Cards will come from Ruler of the Black Flame of July , the eight former July Starter Decks , the former May Special Sets and the 30 cards cut from Paldea Evolved .

The formerly dark-type Charizard and formerly electro-type Tyranitar are homage to their 2006 Delta Species cards.

In TCG lore, it is said that scientists from the Holon region were working in a secret research tower trying to find Mew. One day, an experiment went wrong and an electromagnetic wave came out of the tower and surrounded the forest. Then Pokemon Species Delta became Pokémon of a different type as they were run over by this unusual energy source which changed their type.

A Charizard ex will also be released alongside the first 151 Pokemon in the Japanese set pokEmon cards 151 which The release date is set for June 16 and in Europe and America in the fall. Also in the fall, a special box called Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic will also be launched which includes a reprint The cheapest way to buy a car is by using the first edition Charizard.

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