Brydge Pro +, the keyboard that turns iPad Pro even more into a laptop

Brydge Pro +, the keyboard that turns iPad Pro even more into a laptop

Brydge Pro +, transforming the iPad Pro into a laptop

Brydge Pro + iPad Pro keyboard

Brydge is a company that has been offering accessories for both the iPad and Apple laptops. If you have devices of the bitten apple you are very likely to know them, especially their first version of Brydge Pro, a keyboard for iPad with a very striking design and that by materials effectively brought it aesthetically closer to the MacBook Pro.

The only problem or lack for some was that a trackpad was missing. With the arrival of iPadOS and support for both mice and trackpad, among other types of Bluetooth controllers, everything changes and many have decided that using the tablet with one of them is a good idea. So, taking advantage of the pull the company launches Brydge Pro +. And now we can say that This is the closest the iPad Pro will be to being a traditional laptop.

The new Brydge keyboard maintains aesthetic similarities with its predecessor, but also includes a new and differentiated element: a trackpad. Also made of metal and with the classic color of Apple laptops, the Brydge Pro + retains details such as the possibility of tilting the screen up to 180º thanks to its hinge system.

Regarding the technical capabilities of the trackpad, this offers multi-touch support and would allow gestures to access Expose, the iPadOS home screen and the Dock with ease. Still, do not expect an experience identical to that of macOS and Apple laptops. Mouse support remains a functionality that improves the accessibility of the product and its operating system.

Brydge Pro + sizes

That is, the option to connect a mouse or trackpad was included with the idea of ​​improving usability by users with mobility problems. For the user without physical limitations, the idea is to continue using the touch screen and the Apple Pencil as input devices. The mouse is true that it can be used, but if you have an iPad and you have tried it I think you will agree that it is striking but it is far from what macOS offers, for example.

However, the interesting thing is that whoever looks for something like that already has it. These new Brydge Pro + will be available for both the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 12.9-inch model and will be priced at $ 199.99 and $ 229.99.

If compared with the officers of the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio, they are not bad. Although remember that here they carry their own battery that you will have to keep charged because it does not feed from the iPad Pro itself through the smart connector. Of course, according to the manufacturer it can last up to 3 months on a single charge.


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