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Rocket League’s popularity level may have dropped in recent months, but it’s still a great game if you’re into cars and the beautiful game. Because what this title developer by Psyonix is ​​about is basically both. We are going to play a kind of soccer match where the players will be cars but the objective will remain intact: to score a goal in the opponent’s goal.

Now we have confirmation of something that its leaders announced long ago. The game goes from being paid to free to play. That means you will no longer have to pay to play it alone or with friends. Although there is something that may not please those who at the time decided to invest in it, but let’s go by parts.

On September 23, Rocket League can be downloaded for free, without the need to make any payment. The game will not only be available on Steam, it will also debut on Epic’s store, the Epic Games Store. From said store you will have as an extra or incentive two extras that you will receive for the simple fact of doing so. These extras will be a Sunbeam Accelerator and Hot Rock Trail.

Being available in the Epic Games Store is because it was the company behind the popular Fortnite that bought the developer studio. Therefore, everything seems to indicate that little by little they will be replicating part of the model that led to the success of the well-known – and controversial, for its use as a throwing weapon that Epic makes of it – Battle Royale.

In this way, Rocket League will release tournaments and challenges. In addition, of a Rocket Pass that will include Season 1 and new item packs.

It’s not all good news

Rocket league

Although the passage of Rocket League can be great news for most users, especially for those who wanted to play and did not dare to pay for it for whatever reason, it will also be a blow for some.

Rocket league will be updated for Windows, but not on your current versions of macOS and Linux. That means that after the last update released in March, the game will stop offering the benefits and news that PC users with Microsoft’s operating system will have.

The reason according to them is that the use of DirectX11 and 64-bit data greatly complicates the development and maintenance of other versions for the total number of users who later play. Something understandable, although if you take into account that the game was paid for, it is likely that it will no longer be so funny if you are an active user.

Anyway, the important thing is that Rocket League becomes free from September 23. So now you know, get ready. Because if you are looking for different games, even if this is not new, it is a great option.

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