#BottleCapChallenge: New Bottle Cap Challenge Invades Social Networks

#BottleCapChallenge: New Bottle Cap Challenge Invades Social Networks

Bottle Cap Challenge is the name of the new challenge that is raging on the internet. Action movie star Jason Statham demonstrated his martial arts skills on Instagram. Statham kicked a video into a bottle cap, making it pop out in glorious slow motion.

In fact, Statham was challenged by musician John Mayer who posted his attempt on Instagram a few days ago. In turn, Mayer was challenged by UFC fighter Max Holloway, who made an (failed) attempt and began challenging other personalities.

However, Statham's video seems to have brought the general attention to this challenge. Your Instagram video already has over 11 million views. This challenge is very likely to go viral, like the Flip The Bottle Challenge.

There are already videos of several people trying #BottleCapChallenge

As might be expected, some people have already put on their training clothes and tried the bottle cap challenge. The following video shows some attempts, including celebrity ones.

The challenge seems to have started with a video of an ordinary citizen

Slovenian Instagram user Roman Kambur posted a video kicking the top of a bottle while a friend grabbed it. It was probably this video that inspired Holloway and started this new challenge.

The funny thing is that Kambur probably has no idea what started. Your video has been published on your personal page with about 600 followers. The video has just over 1,000 views.

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