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BlackBerry sues Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for patent infringement

BlackBerry Facebook WhatsApp Instagram
Canadian technology company claims several of its patents violated by Facebook messaging services

BlackBerry, the maker of Android mobile devices and various software solutions, has just sued Facebook. It also processes its subsidiaries, Instagram and Whatsapp. The Canadian company claims that the defendants have violated several patents and industrial property of the first.

Regardless of how it works, several patents held by BlackBerry, now part of Chinese TCL (like Alcatel), will have been infringed. The culprits were the messaging solutions and services provided by Whatsapp and Instagram, both companies owned by Facebook Inc.

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BlackBerry complaints have several profound implications for the messaging ecosystem. Moreover, they cover a large number of features and functionality that would debut in the BlackBerry Messenger service. However, these same characteristics would be copied in virtually all current messengers.

Although a large number of applications have infringed this company's patents, choosing Facebook and its subsidiaries Whatsapp and Instagram is no coincidence. Given their immense popularity, both will have grown and profited greatly from the technologies and ideas patented by BlackBerry. At the same time, BlackBerry's services and products were losing customers …

Whatsapp and Instagram sued by BlackBerry

Among BlackBerry's various complaints and accusations to Whatsapp and Instagram are notification badges. Warning signals when you receive a new message. This feature became popular on the BBM service and meanwhile all competitors would implement the same procedure. Now whenever you get a message, either on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp and Instagram you also get a visual and audible alert. You also receive an indication of the time and date when X message was received.

Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp

WhatsApp Instagram BlackBerry Facebook Messenger 2018
The popularity of the services held by Mark Zuckerberg is enormous.

Among the list of complaints we also have some more questionable. For example, BlackBerry accuses Whatsapp and Instagram (and hence Facebook) that identifying people and friends in photos was their idea. Yes, the Canadian company claims to have created the idea of ​​identifying people in the photos they put on social networks.

This feature became popular after Facebook implemented it and has since exploded in popularity. Another feature and patent that BlackBerry claims has been infringed is data encryption in outgoing messages.

Here, although BBM was initially the most popular application to encrypt conversations, after Edward Snowden warned the public, there was no shortage of competitors providing this encryption. However, even before BBM became popular there were alternatives that did just that, either via mobile devices or via PC.

Finally, Facebook also accuses BlackBerry in this case of patent abuse or claiming to have more patents than it actually has. He accuses the brand of "now that it has abandoned its efforts to innovate, seeks to tax others". The case has just begun.

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