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Google Maps for Android brings back a popular feature!

Google Maps continues to present itself as the most popular and useful navigation application. However, its...

Microsoft Lumia 650XL was another Windows 10 Mobile that didn't know the market

Microsoft did not have a very happy passage in the smartphone market until it saw. The...

PS5 breaks all Sony sales records

The scarcity of console volume and the constant public complaints about the impossibility of purchasing a...

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Bill Gates sulks with Elon Musk when he buys the Porsche Taycan and not a Tesla!

Elon Musk has been involved in several controversies with other recognized billionaires, one of whom is Bill Gates. Now, the CEO of Tesla has not welcomed the news that the founder of Microsoft has decided to invest in a Porsche Taycan, putting aside the idea of ​​buying a Tesla.

There is no doubt that Tesla was the manufacturer of electric cars that managed to start this revolution that we see growing in the automotive world. Today, however, Tesla is far from the only brand you should consider when looking for the perfect electric car for you.

Elon Musk quietly says that Bill Gates “is not that smart”

There seems to be no doubt that the Tesla CEO did not like the fact that a personality with such an impact in the world of technology gave preference to the great rival of Tesla Model S.

After a user alerted Musk to the information revealed by Bill Gates in the interview with Marques Brownlee, he only replied that he was quite disappointed with the level of “intelligence” in his conversations with Gates.

You certainly don’t mean that Bill Gates is “stupid”, but his reaction comes after a user says that people are going to place a high value on Bill Gates’ option, because he is an extremely intelligent person.

Elon Musk Bill Gates Porsche Taycan Tesla Model S

Rivalry between Porsche Taycan Turbo and Tesla Model S is still far from over

Since Porsche announced the arrival of the Taycan, the debate between which one is the best “super electric” has been very agitated. This whole discussion took on impressive proportions when the Porsche Taycan Turbo managed to win the fastest lap record on the mythical Nurburgring track.

It was not long before Elon Musk tried to devalue the feat of the new Porsche electric, stating that the Tesla Model S would soon break that record without any difficulty.

This was not the only time Musk was offended by these comparisons, especially after the popular TV show Top Gear ran a race between the two cars, where the Porsche Taycan proved to be the clear winner.

Different cars, for different people!

Although all this competition turns out to be very positive for everyone, as it will push manufacturers to the limit with regard to the evolution and innovation of their cars, it is important to realize that these are cars intended for different users.

While the Tesla Model S is an extremely futuristic electric car, with a bold design and an unbelievable amount of cutting edge technologies and features. The Porsche Taycan presents itself with traditional design lines from the German manufacturer, being perfect for fans of the brand who want to enter the world of electric cars.

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