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Beware Vodafone customers! “Unlimited RED” tariff has brought a customer account of 3500 €!

The tariff Vodafone RED Infinity was officially launched by the carrier on September 20, 2019 and promised all users an “unlimited” internet.

However, one of your customers has just reported that they received a € 3499.48 bill for using 548GB of included service and 29.7GB which cost the customer € 2804.54. That is, it seems that Vodafone’s “unlimited” internet is not exactly unlimited.

Vodafone Service was used on a Router

Vodafone RED Infinity Invoice

In seeking an explanation of the situation, the Vodafone client has exposed the situation on the Zwame forum by asking all its users if such a mobile phone bill would be normal.

In an explanation to the most curious who were asking questions about the use of the service, the Vodafone customer with the username “Nondual“stated that it was actually used on a router. To be concrete, Vodafone does not expressly state in its conditions of service that the service cannot be used on a router.

We can read the terms and conditions of the tariff “All Infinity tariffs are for personal (individual), individual and exclusive use of the end user on their smartphone and may under no circumstances be used in such a way as to compromise the safety or proper functioning of the Vodafone network. .

The use of Infinity tariffs for the purpose of resale of the service or its exploitation for any other purpose, with a view to obtaining an economic benefit, namely through the use of the service to provide services such as telemarketing, telesales, internet cafes or other commercial services. “

A warning should have been Vodafone’s procedure

Vodafone customer account 3500 euros Vodafone RED Infinity

Accordingly, given the information given under the terms and conditions of the RED Infinity tariff, Vodafone should have notified the user if it considers that this use was not properly due.

We may continue to read the terms and conditions of this conclusion “The customer authorizes Vodafone to monitor the use of the service in order to avoid fraud or misuse of the service.

In the event that the service is used for unauthorized purposes, Vodafone reserves the right to notify the customer accordingly and, if the customer’s consumption pattern continues, to apply restrictions on the use of the service or even to suspend or terminate the contract. providing services. “

Situation is still unresolved

You mentioned that you are still dealing with the situation in a Vodafone store. That is, we still do not know the outcome of the situation. However, we will be aware of what will happen. In the meantime, you are advised if you are a customer of this new Vodafone tariff. Beware because the internet is not exactly unlimited.

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