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Beware of Google Chrome! New version arrives with a very dangerous bug!

Beware of Google Chrome! New version arrives with a very dangerous bug!

Earlier last week Google began launching the new version of Google Chrome for Android. This new version has introduced some interesting improvements regarding its security and privacy features. However, not everything went well with the update.

According to the latest information, the company has already suspended the release of the update after many users report that the App has started deleting information from other applications. However, about 50% of users who have the app on their smartphone have already received the update.

Google Chrome 79 Caution bug

Google Chrome "attacks" apps and deletes all recorded data

It is important to note that this bug in Google Chrome did not affect all applications present on your smartphone, only those not developed natively for Android. That is, all applications that still present themselves as a "frame" for a web page.

Amazingly, there are still many developers who insist on launching applications that are simply "tailored" versions of their web pages. These applications take advantage of Android System WebView, which allows web content to be displayed.

Each time Google updates this platform, all of these applications receive the latest APIs and features. However, with the latest Google Chrome update, developers have come across a big problem as their Apps have information deleted by their browser.

Applications return to their original state, losing all information

Basically, Google Chrome 79 is factory resetting these applications. They remain installed on smartphones and unchanged shortcuts. However, all stored information is permanently deleted.

This way, users saw their apps return to their original state, as when they were first installed.

Google has already apologized for this "crash", confirming its seriousness and guaranteed developers and users that it is working on a resolution that allows the restoration of Google Chrome 79. As a high priority issue, it should not be long before A solution was found.

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