Best VR Headsets Part 2, 2016


July 27, 2016

In Best VR Headsets Part 2 we will see even more amazing VR Headsets of 2016. Enjoy and leave your thoughts.

The first headset we present you in Best VR Headsets Part 2 is no other than Playstation VR. Previously known as Project Morpheus, they named this headset PlayStation VR.In a way somewhat fitting considering it is not PC but PlayStation 4 driven.

Rather than presenting a complete VR system, PS VR is an accessory for the PS4 console, meaning it will be less costly to own than something like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive when it arrives on 13 October 2016.

Best VR Headsets Part 2

The headset itself will be just £349 ($399) – a lot less than equivalent rivals. We need to point out the fact that the console is less pricey than a high-end gaming PC keeps costs down further.

PlayStation VR uses the same technologies as the others, although its screen resolution is lower than those used by HTC and Oculus.

It tracks movement of your head and uses the PlayStation Camera, in combination with your regular PS4 controller or PlayStation Move motion controls, to present the VR experience. This is an extension of your PS4, which is likely to see it as an easy VR choice for many.

There will also be a full line-up of content available from launch in October, including 50 game titles which are all full optimised for VR. PlayStation VR Worlds has several mini-games and experiences, including the London Heist segments we’ve previously played. Other games will also include RIGS and The Playroom VR.

PlayStation VR removes plenty of barriers to virtual reality because it’s an accessory to an existing platform. We expect to hear even more as the year unfolds. PlayStation VR is going to bring immersive gaming to your existing console.

Microsoft surprised everyone when it entered the world of virtual and augmented reality. It unveiled the Microsoft HoloLens headset. It works with Windows Holographic, a technology that adds 3D images in the world around us all. Technically this is more augmented reality than virtual reality, but it’s playing in the same space as some of these other systems.

Microsoft wants to introduce augmented reality objects into every aspect of our world. Obviously, that won’t happen with the naked eye, but users wearing HoloLens will be able to see holographic images overlaid onto real objects in front of them (which are projected by laser directly into their eyes). A full Windows 10 system is built into the headset and it runs off a battery, so it’s completely untethered.

The headset displays digital images into your real-world field of view. You can then view and even interact with these digitised-objects as if they were in the room with you. Using Kinect-style tech to recognise gestures and voice commands, the system features a 120-degree field of vision on both axis and is capable of high definition visuals.

Currently released as a Development Edition only, HoloLens is something for the future, rather than the right now.

The Sulon Q VR headset was unveiled during GDC 2016 in San Francisco and it could be a big competitor to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in that it runs on a Windows 10 PC architecture. Unlike those headsets though, it doesn’t need a high-end PC to run and is completely “tether-free”.


These instead it has the processing power built into the device, using AMD technologies to run “console-quality” games and applications, but without any wires needed to connect it to a separate box.

In addition to virtual reality uses, there are lenses on the headset that enable the user to use augmented reality applications too. This happens in a similar way to the Microsoft HoloLens we describe below. These overlay computer graphics onto real-world objects.

There are earbuds built-in that provide spatial 3D audio and embedded noise-cancelling microphones enable voice communication without needing a separate mic add-on.

It all sounds good but we’re yet to see the headset in action even though we were previously told “spring”. Also we don’t know the price as yet, and it could turn out to be rather pricey.

Meta 2

Meta had a developer kit of its augmented reality headset in 2013. But it’s the Meta 2 that’s really draws our attention. It looks similar to HoloLens with its large shape and helmet-like design. However, second-gen headset offers a larger field of view than any other AR headset out and on the way.

At 90 degrees, its three times bigger than the original Meta, and its 2560 x 1440 display plus positional tracking allowing your hands to interact with what you see makes for a very promising device.

But like most AR headsets, it’s not cheap and they haven’t released it yet.


The last of the headsets in Best VR Headsets Part 2 is Fove VR. Fove VR differs from the likes of Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR because it offers interactive eye-tracking. Inside the headset is an infrared sensor that monitors the wearer’s eyes; offering both a new control method and an edge on its competitors when it comes to realism.

With FOVE, simulated depth-of-field is possible. This happens due to the system knowing exactly what you’re looking at, and as a result, the virtual should appear more real.

It’s also the ultimate VR lovechild, thanks to investment from Samsung Ventures, Fove claims it will use HTC’s Lighthouse tech for full on room tracking. It’s not the only deal that Fove and signed. It also makes use of the Wear VR software platform and is compatible with Unity, Unreal, and Cryengine game engines.

This was our Best VR Headsets Part 2 article. Stay tuned to see more amazing headsets that come out in 2016.

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