Computer piracy is prohibited in many countries around the world. If you download a torrent file, which is distributed with the consent of the copyright holder, then there are no problems. But if you opened BitTorrent to illegally download someone else’s intellectual property, then you are already breaking the law.

However, torrents are a very useful technology. Useful, but also dangerous at the same time – viruses, hackers and malicious software do not sleep.

Why do I need a VPN service to work with BitTorrent?

  1. You need access to torrent sites. In many countries, access to torrent sites is blocked. For example, The Pirate Bay is not available in 25 countries (including Germany, France, and Australia) due to claims by copyright holders. If you live in one of the countries where this site is blocked, you can neither just go to it, nor even download torrents from there. Only a VPN service will allow you to access torrents! When you use a VPN service, your Internet service provider does not see which sites you visit, which is why they open without restrictions. Just connect to the VPN service and you can go to The Pirate Bay or any other torrent site.
  2. You need protection from laws the government of India has recently blocked a number of torrent sites. Now, any Indian citizen who has visited these sites and downloaded torrents from them can go to prison for up to three years! In the United States, all issues related to software piracy are governed by DMCA and NET. As a matter of fact, computer piracy is illegal in many countries, so it makes sense to first familiarize yourself with the legislation of your country and only then try to download something prohibited. And if you do not want to go to the bunk because of the downloaded torrent with the movie, you need to be careful.
  3.  If you go to a torrent site, try to make sure that your provider does not know about it.

  4. You do not like artificial restrictions on connection speed. Providers can monitor your traffic and slow down access to certain services and sites. Frankly, almost all Internet service providers “cut” the speed of access to torrent sites. You understand it’s sad to download one episode of a series in two or even three hours. If you use a VPN service, your Internet service provider will not be able to see which sites you are visiting, and, as a result, will not be able to reduce your connection speed. In addition, during peak hours, providers also reduce connection speed. If you want to download torrents as quickly as possible, then you need to somehow get around these restrictions. To do this, you need a VPN service that supports P2P connections.

Which VPN services are best suited for BitTorrent?

The torrents from the list below support P2P and BitTorrent, and also provide a fairly high connection speed, allowing you to download torrent files as quickly as possible


Why you need to use a VPN service

There are many countries where torrent sites are blocked. In other words, you won’t be able to access them using your regular Internet connection. If you use the services of a VPN service, you can bypass these restrictions and start downloading torrents.

In addition, the VPN service will allow you to hide your identity from the eyes of the government and protect yourself from cyber laws. The governments of all countries of the world are closely monitoring what their citizens are doing online … if these citizens, of course, use unprotected connections.

A good VPN service will not only allow you to shield yourself from government spies but also protect you from hackers. The virtual part of the network encrypts all data sent from your computer, which is very important to ensure the security of this data – and especially when you use public Wi-Fi access points.

You may already know that free and public Wi-Fi hotspots can be traps set by hackers. It is not difficult for a hacker to set up a public network and, as a result, gain full access to all the data that passes through it.

Using a reliable VPN connection, you will encrypt your traffic. In this case, hackers will not be able to find out what data you send to the network.

We would like to separately recommend two VPN services:


  • Some servers support P2P
  • High-speed connection – high-speed file downloads
  • Supports various protocols, it all depends on your requirements
  • This service does not maintain logs, so you can download torrents and not worry about anything
  • Accepts payment with bitcoins(for those who need complete anonymity)
  • High-quality encryption protects your data

Visit the service website or read user reviews.


  • Supports P2P file sharing and torrenting.
  • Exceptionally high connection speed.
  • This service does not maintain logs, so you can download torrents and not be afraid.
  • High-quality encryption protects your data

Visit the service website or read user reviews.

Downloading torrents, remember: a good pirate leaves no traces. Use VPN services and do not expose yourself or your data to unnecessary risk.