Which Best TV box for 2018 to buy?

Android Box Best Buy

Which Best TV box for 2018 to buy? Best selling TV boxes for 2018

Which Android TV Box to buy?

If you are a beginner or are already using an Android TV Box and are still confused about upgrading to a new one we can help. Have you got questions like which TV box to buy and why? Or what is the best TV box for me?  Then keep reading. In this guide will explain why to choose Entertainment Box.  And also try to help you decide which Android TV Box is the right one for you. We also cover what is the Best TV box for 2018 to help you make the correct decision when upgrading or buying a new box.

Why EntertainmentBox?

At EntertainmentBox we have been selling Android TV Boxes since 2013 ( Previously known as Droidsticks ) and possibly one of the most trusted sellers around. Don't just take our word for it our users will tell you that our after-sale service is impressive and the best part quality of hardware Entertainment Box offer’s to its customer. See for yourself, Twitter, Youtube, 192, Google, Trustpilot,  are just some of the places you can find out what our customers think.

TV Boxes

If you have been searching around for a new box, you most probably have come across cheaper Android TV boxes on other sites. These boxes are inferior to our high quilty devices. We work very hard on all our software that goes into our TV boxes to ensure that you the user gets the best overall user experience. We also regularly push updates to our TV boxes with our update software. Now your device will always be running on the latest software version. When you purchase a TV box from us, you can expect Full support, updates, and a 1-year warranty.

Fully loaded

We will quickly explain why a product listed with name Fully Loaded is priced higher than other boxes. These boxes are what some would call dodgy TV boxes or pirate boxes because someone has pre-installed content that's freely available on the internet. And for that, they will charge you a premium price. But what they do not tell you is that whether it is an Application / KODI setup that they are pre-installing it will not last forever. And unless you know how to setup/update device, You will either end up again having to buy new equipment or the default software will have to be changed on the box for you to do a fresh setup. If you're thinking about buying a TV box and the seller is offering you Fully loaded TV box you want to stop and ask yourself.

What are they fully loading on the device? Since the Smart TV box marketplace grows so will the greed of some of those Black-market vendors. Not only will they offer to pre-install several add-ons which might easily be set up by the end user. But will also install pop-ups and ads generating, even more, earnings for the original vendor. In case you haven't noticed our Fully loaded Android TV Box warning or the official Kodi TV warning you should indeed have a read. If you get a device from EntertainmentBox, then you can feel assured that your box will not have any of these unwanted add-ons, pop-ups, or viruses. So anyone offering Fully Loaded TV Box in 2018 may be installing anything. Also, it is not only the boxes with a higher price tag that come with a warning. Most cheap units do not have any updates, customer support and the chances are no refund or exchange policy too.  

Why Choose Entertainment Box?

Which EntertainmentBox to Buy?

As we have always said at EntertainmentBox.com whether you choose to purchase a product with cost £55 or £125, you will get the best hardware for the price. Yes, some features / Access may be different for lower-priced products, But you will still receive the same level of support. If you want to know how Android TV Boxes work with detailed information, click here.

Best TV Boxes For 2018

Now we will share more information on each of the of Best TV boxes 2018  as per user’s purchases, and which devices users trust most. We will update the best-selling TV boxes every month if anything changes, so check back soon to see if any changes have been made on our Best TV boxes for 2018.

  1. The Ebox QMAX TV box is the most powerful TV box we sell with 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC
  2. The R99 V2 is a top-selling TV box with 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC.
  3. This Q box is A very rounded TV box for the price and has 2GB RAM, 16GB eMMc
  4. Zennon For the price the zennon is the cheapest of the boxes but can still play 1018p Movies

Top Selling

The QMax is a powerful TV box!

The EBox QMax is a high-performance TV box, that runs on the latest Android 8.1 Oreo OS. It has an Ultra-large 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM capacity ensures more stable and resilient operation. Most average media boxes only play 1080P video playback, but the QMAX plays just about any 4K file you could throw at it. With added VP9 hardware decoding alongside the H.265, you can enjoy 4K Movies or TV shows without any freezing or lagging. 




The R99 V2 is a powerful device with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage making this TV box an instant hit with customers. The R99 V2 continues to be one of the best choices around using its Android Nugat OS. This is the new R99 TV box from EntertainmnmetBox will turn any normal TV into a Smart TV on steroids. This powerhouse of a device has 4GB of ram and 64GB of storage space this will make light work of anything put in its path. Use the power of Android, download any app you like and use it on your TV giving you an endless amount of entertainment. 

EBox T8 6 Mini

The T8 6 Mini is one of the newer releases from EntertainmentBox and packs a punch. The T8 6 mini has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, making this a very powerful TV box. The T8 6 Mini has all the latest features you would come to expect from a newly released TV box including Android 7.1, dual-band wifi and VP9 Decoding (YouTube 4K playback). The T8 6 Mini is a very reliable and stable device and will play any 4K files without any issues. By having 3GB of RAM you will be able to play games run high-end apps without running into any difficulties.  If you are looking for a device that has enough power to handle your day to day streaming and gaming needs then look no further. 

Budget Range


The Q box, although its priced very low, we’ve never thought it to be inferior to any of the two. Its OS is the well-loved 7.1 and has an Amlogic processor. In case you are trying to cut down on the cost, and settling for 16GB of memory and 2GB RAM, you will most likely end your search with this box. Savings of up to almost 1/2 of the cost of the units above while enjoying what the majority of them may offer will lure many to purchasing this unit. The T8 V has 2 GIG of RAM DDR3, and that’s the same for Q. It’s the QUAD-core and the OCTA-core difference that probably sets both of these poles apart price wise. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to take home something that is merely sufficient to upgrade a little bit your viewing experience, this cheaper unit is up to that kind of job. Aside from the Android Marshmallow, other familiar features also installed in this model are the VPN, OTA updates, Kodi, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Again, there’s no reference to speed rate for the Ethernet.

Voice Control

Then there’s also the voice control functionality; you can use it like the Siri Speaker or the Amazon Echo. For a meagre price, you could have your home devices connected to the box and control settings for all of them with just with of your voice.  

Something Different


The EBox ATV is a completely different type of TV box as this runs the Android TV OS. All other TV boxes in this list use an open source version of Android. The ATV utilizes the Android TV platform this is designed for the TV so you will get a slicker home screen. There are some drawbacks but also some advantages in choosing Android TV OS. We have created a page that explains what are the pros and cons of using Android TV OS . The ATV comes with a Voice remote and is compatible with the Google Home Smart speaker, or any other Android product including smartwatches. The EBox ATV has proven to be a very popular choice for many uses due to the advantages this has over other boxes in its class.

Top Selling Accessories

Wireless keyboards, pro remote’s help you navigate your TV box easier!”, A Television set-top box is similar to having an Android-based Tablet on your Television set. The only difference is your Tv has not got a touchscreen. You're standard remote supplied with the device will allow you to get around your box with no issues. Nonetheless, it may become tedious clicking one letter at the same time. Also moving your cursor to one end of the display screen to the other may take a while.

S77 Pro Air Mouse

The new S77 Pro-remote which isn't only back-lit but also offers a microphone button to activate the built-in mike. This can be used with apps that you may want to utilise on your devices. You can use this voice remote for any device Android, Windows, Mac, Linux. It is perfect for applications like a voice memo or a dictation program. Or opening apps and smoothly moving around the device with the Air mouse. Also, the brand new S77 Pro comes with an IR-learning feature. That means you can program it to control any other IR device like A Tv.  



In this post, we explained why you should choose to get your TV boxes from Entertainment Box. And told you what each box could do. You should now have a better understanding of what TV box is the right for you in 2018. You could go for raw power and get the QMAX, or the T8 6 Mini. You could also go for the best-selling TV box, that can do anything the R99 V2. And if your budget is a bit on the low side the Ebox Q Box. Now we have covered everything you need to know when out shopping for the Best TV box for 2018.  


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