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Best smartphones 2020: the ideal purchase for every user!

At the end of 2020 we have now selected the best smartphones of the year. Those who surprised the EBox team, from the best cost-effective smartphone, the best Android on the market and even the best mobile phones you can buy.

Among the preponderant factors for the choices of EBox we indicate the characteristics of each smartphone, the market trends, feedback of users, average price and value for money. Here are the best smartphones of the year.

Apple iPhone 12: full smartphone for iOS users

Apple iPhone 12 in blue
Apple’s iPhone 12 was announced in October 2020.

Screen: 6.1 inches
Platform: iOS
Price: since € 929

O iPhone 12 from Apple is a good smartphone for those looking for a secure, stable platform with up to five years of software updates. Along with the iPhone 12 Pro, this Apple phone has the new A14 Bionic processor, dual cameras that will please most users. Not to mention “MagSage” wireless charging and even support for 5G networks.

For the most demanding users and fans, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a good buy for those who give priority to photographic quality, especially for photo and night video. In addition, it has the best battery life among the new Apple phones.

Samsung Galaxy S20: secure option for Android users

Samsung Galaxy S20 gray
Samsung’s Galaxy S20 was announced in February 2020.

Screen: 6.2 inches
Platform: Android (OneUI)
Price: since € 699 on Amazon.ES

The best Samsung smartphone in 2020, for the average consumer, is the Galaxy S20 in your version standard. The excellent 6.2-inch AMOLED screen, the refresh rate up to 120 Hz, water resistance and beautiful build quality are the biggest highlights. In addition, it is one of the smartphones with the best processors, ensuring excellent performance and speed.

For more demanding consumers, or those looking for a larger Android smartphone, we can recommend the Galaxy S20 + versions, or even the Galaxy S20 Ultra. They are bigger and have even more versatile cameras.

OnePlus 8 Pro: cost-effective champion in 2020

OnePlus 8 Pro
The OnePlus 8 Pro was announced in April 2020.

Screen: 6.78 inches
Platform: Android (Oxygen OS)
Price: since € 829 on Amazon.ES

OnePlus launched several smartphones in 2020, but the OnePlus 8 Pro is the top of the range with the best price / quality ratio in the Android segment, in addition to being among the smartphones with the best processors on the market, in this case the Snapdragon 865 from Qualcomm. It also stands out for its large AMOLED screen with 120 Hz update and for its water resistance.

For consumers looking for the best cost-effective smartphones in 2020, we can recommend the OnePlus 8T, or even the OnePlus 8. In both cases, they will have a top product that will guarantee great performance for several years.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: the best of Android

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Samsung’s Note 20 Ultra was announced in August 2020.

Screen: 6.9 inches
Platform: Android (OneUI)
Price: since € 969 on Amazon.ES

The market-leading manufacturer has Note20 Ultra the best Android on the market. This smartphone premium is the result of years of innovation, surprising by the large 6.9 inch AMOLED screen with a high refresh rate up to 120 Hz and strong brightness. The iconic S-Pen is the added value for those who place productivity among the priorities, also shining on the camera.

If the budget is not an impediment, this is the best smartphone for demanding users. On the other hand, if you are looking for something cheaper, but with the same format, the base version of this product, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is a valid alternative.

OnePlus Nord: premium, powerful and affordable

OnePlus Nord gray
The OnePlus Nord was announced in July 2020.

Screen: 6.54 inches
Platform: Android (Oxygen OS)
Price: since € 399 on Amazon.ES

O OnePlus Nord is the Android smartphone with the best quality / price ratio in 2020, placing itself in the mid-high end segment. The glass lines the rear and front panel, giving it a touch premium, despite having an internal plastic structure. The Snadpragon 765G processor delivers enough power for most users and even the camera is a good surprise.

Alternatively, in the cost-benefit section, there is a note of praise to be given to Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 Pro. It is a good smartphone that achieves with the full screen, as well as battery life and more than enough performance.

POCO X3 NFC: best mid-range smartphone in 2020

Xiaomi’s POCO X3 was announced in September 2020.

Screen: 6.67 inches
Platform: Android (MIUI)
Price: since € 229 on Amazon.ES

O POCO X3 NFC integrates the Xiaomi ecosystem and is the best smartphone you can buy in 2020 for less than 250 euros. The full screen, Snapdragon 732G processor, huge battery with 5160 mAh capacity and great autonomy make it the right choice in the middle range. The ultimate cost-benefit, with a quadruple chamber and fast charging at 33 W.

Second in this category we highlight the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G. Similar to POCO X3 NFC, with improved processor, Snapdragon 750G and support for 5G. Glass construction gives it a touch premium, with very captivating colors.

Xiaomi Redmi 9C: cheap and good smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi 9C
The Xiaomi Redmi 9C was announced in June 2020.

Screen: 6.53 inches
Platform: Android (MIUI)
Price: since € 129 on Amazon.ES

When it comes to the best smartphone to buy up to 100 euros, the choices are few, but there is a device that deserves to be highlighted, the Xiaomi Redmi 9C. The cheapest and most competent Android smartphone, with a large, full screen, triple camera and a competent processor from MediaTek, the Helio G35. It has good autonomy and two vibrant colors.

In the entry range, with smartphones up to 100 euros, we leave a note of praise for the Realme C11. One of the best smartphones on the market in this range of cheap phones, also with the Helio 35 from MediaTek and a large 6.52 inch screen.

Nokia 800 Tough: the best phone for work and beyond!

Nokia 800 Tough
The Nokia 800 Tough was announced in September 2020.

Screen: 2.4 inches
Platform: KaiOS
Price: since € 154 on Amazon.ES

Nokia has the best phone in the world, or at least the best phone in the European market. The new Nokia 800 Tough has IP68 resistance, complies with MIL-STD-810G parameters, with autonomy up to 43 days in stand-by, or for several days of normal use. To this is added the access to WhatsApp and Facebook with both apps installed, color screen and physical buttons.

Anyone looking for the best work phone, compact, easy to carry, but truly durable, we recommend this Nokia phone. In 2020, it is one of the best entry-level phones on the market for its durability.

To anyone looking for something more economical, we recommend the best smartphones up to 300 euros, or even the best phones up to 400 euros, with several suggestions. Anyway, see how to choose a smartphone, with quick and useful tips to ensure a good purchase!

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