Best apps Part 1 presented by Ebox


September 18, 2016

Best apps Part 1 presented by Ebox

A TV Box is a great method to spend your free time and enjoy hours and hours of high quality entertainment. At this point we need to consider that a TV Box needs great apps to be of great use to its owner. In Best apps Part 1 we will see some of the best apps you should download on your TV Box. Enjoy!

Google Play Music


[Price: Free / $9.99 per month]
The first one in our Best apps Part 1 is Google Play Music. Google Play Music is one of those obvious Android TV apps that everyone should at least try. Those using the free option will have access to a variety of playlists and they’ll be able to upload 50,000 of their own songs to Google Play Music to stream from their Android TV. People forking out the $9.99 per month will also get tens of millions of songs to stream along with YouTube Red, which offers ad-free video streaming. It’s powerful and worthy of consideration.


Features and usage

Google Play Music offers users an “online music locker”, allowing them to store their music online at no cost (up to 50,000 songs) and listen to it through the service’s web player or mobile app. You can download songs through the mobile app for offline playback, as well. Users must first sign up for the service and verify they live in a country where it is available by providing a valid credit card through their Google account. You can upload songs and playlists through the Music Manager application. which is installed on the user’s personal computer.

You can set the application  to monitor a specific folder or existing music library on the user’s computer. Any new additions to them will also be added to the user’s Play Music library online. In addition, during the upload process, Music Manager will attempt to match the user’s songs to those in the Google Play catalogue; if a match is found, the song will be added to the user’s library without the need to upload it.  Users also get personalized recommendations based on what they listen to the most.


[Price: $7.99 per month / $11.99 per month]
The second app in our Best apps Part 1 is Hulu. Hulu is one of the premiere streaming services out there and it has one of the better Android TV apps. The one advantage that Hulu has over competitor streaming sites like Netflix is its immediate availability of some big name shows. Their original content is also showing much improvement from a couple of years ago. At the time of this writing, there are three options which are a free subscription, a $7.99 subscription, and a $11.99 subscription (removes all advertising). However, the free option won’t be around for long, so don’t consider it a long term solution.


Hulu subscription service

At an industry conference held on October 21, 2009, News Corporation Deputy Chairman Chase Carey stated that Hulu “needs to evolve to have a meaningful subscription model as part of its business” and that it would likely start charging for at least some content by 2010. Carey’s comment jibes with other News Corp. heads, including Rupert Murdoch who has expressed a desire to charge for content with a number of online units.

The name they gave to the Hulu monthly subscription service Hulu Plus. They launched it in beta (preview) on June 29, 2010. They officially launched it on November 17, 2010. Like the free version of Hulu, the content available with a Hulu subscription also contains advertising. However, it offers an expanded content library including full seasons, day-after access to current season content and more episodes of shows available through the free Hulu. A Hulu subscription also provides a wider array of viewing choices.

More to Know

The free-access to Hulu was only available on PCs and laptops, while a Hulu subscription allows viewers to access Hulu through all Hulu-supported devices including set-top boxes, smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile devices and more. A little more than a year after the launch of the Hulu subscription service, the number of paying subscribers reached 1.5 million. By 2015, Hulu reached a 50 percent increase in subscribers and announced that the service had reached nearly 9 million paying subscribers.

On April 29, 2015, Hulu announced to the press that they would do away with the “Plus” brand name to reduce confusion between the paid and free plans.

The Wall Street Journal reported in July 2015 that Hulu was exploring an advertising-free subscription option for around $12 to $14 a month. This was confirmed as going forward as of September 2, 2015, with a “No Commercials” plan priced at $11.99, $4 more than the $7.99 monthly rate for a “Limited Commercials” subscription, though a few highlight network series (less than 10) would retain pre-roll and post-roll ad pods.

Entertainment Box

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