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About Entertainment Box

EBox is a UK-based trusted company – leading the way as one of the UK’s and US’s leading distributors of Smart TV boxes. These are also called an Android box or a Kodi Box. We also stock a range of Gadgets. Entertainment Box is the by far the Best TV box shop and has been trading since 2013. We offer a range of products. Including Android powered boxes, Windows Mini PC’s, Kodi boxes. EBox gives the best choice of TV boxes powered by Android in the UK and US. We have a UK store and a dispatch centre in Chicago, ensuring super-fast Worldwide delivery. If you want to save money by cutting TV bills you have come to the right place. A Smart Box for your TV can do many things, including streaming Movies/TV Shows and playing games. This is all possible by using Android applications. With access to over 1 million Android apps, it can do any task a modern day smartphone can do. They can also be used for controlling smart home devices, like lights, thermostats, and plugs. Furthermore, most WiFi enabled home devices can connect to one of our TV boxes. Other products and services offered by EBox are: Projectors with Android built in, Smartwatches, Virtual Reality headsets, Handheld Gamepads, and IOS/TVs app signing services for the Apple TV and iPad/iPhone.

Smart Kodi TV box

An EBox Smart Kodi TV box opens your world to endless possibilities. Including Streaming and Gaming, even controlling WiFi enabled connected home devices. By simply connecting to a TV and broadband connection. You can enjoy the benefits of using Android Apps on most TV's. Including apps like Plex, Kodi, Netflix and Play Movies. Now that's what you call a super smart TV.