Installing an Android Box

What are the benefits of installing an Android box and which is the best Android box for you? An Android box could be a good choice for your family, depending on how much time you spend watching television. Another consideration is what you spend time watching while watching television. How much time does your family spend watching your cable or satellite television versus YouTube and other internet streaming services? If you’ve spent more time binge watching The Walking Dead or Stranger Things than catching the latest episode of the local channel’s shows, you might be ready for an Android box. Another sign you’re ready for an Android box is if your children spend more time watching YouTube videos of other children playing video games than watching cartoons on television.

Does this sound like you and your family? If so, let’s explore the reasons that an Android box is a better choice for you than cable or satellite. Don’t let the cable companies hold you hostage anymore. In addition, we will identify some of the best Android box options.


The cost of an Android box is much less than spending a large amount of money each month to keep current on your cable or satellite bill. It might be true that when you first signed on with your current company that they gave you a good deal. However, that was the introductory offer. Now, you’re likely paying more than when you began. What do you get? You get 120 channels and only watch five of them. It is more economical to choose an Android box. So, cut the cord!


With an Android box, you can surf the internet, answer emails, watch YouTube videos, and numerous app streaming services to get the best experience. Between Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and others, you can watch thousands of movies and television shows on demand without paying for channels that you will never watch. The monthly prices for these services are much lower than a cable or satellite bill.


Just like your cell phone, you can download apps and work with them on your television. Obviously, your television is going to be much bigger than your cellphone or tablet. With a larger screen, you will have a more pleasant experience.


Another benefit of an Android box is the ability to download games from an application store. You can play games on the big screen with minimal to no cost for the games. This option will provide hours of entertainment for your children and is much more economical than buying a gaming system and high-priced video games.

Best Android Boxes

There are several different types of Android boxes available for sale. Some of the best Android boxes include the Kodi, Apple, Xiaomi Mi Box, Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire TV, Leelbox T95Z, Matricom G-Box Q2, and the Google Chromecast Ultra.

Go For It

Selecting an Android box over cable or satellite should be a no-brainer. Your whole family will love how interactive and fun an Android box is for your television. Drop your cable or satellite company and get an Android box.

If you need assistance in selecting an Android box, check out the Entertainment Box. We are an industry leader in your entertainment needs. Selecting an Android box does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. We can help you make the right decision for your family.