Believe it or not, a rumor claims that there is a third Xbox

Believe it or not, a rumor claims that there is a third Xbox

Xbox Series V, fact or fiction?

Xbox Series X features

Let’s start at the beginning. After the many rumors surrounding Anaconda and Lockhart (the codenames of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S), a new name appeared on the table a few months ago that responded to the reference “Edinburgh”. This reference appeared in Microsoft’s game development kit and in Windows libraries, so there were not a few who began to imagine possible meanings for the reference.

The bets went through a new console, which is the most striking option, and a simpler one that would simply refer to a branch of the Project xCloud cloud gaming service. But you know what? Here we have come to play.

Edinburgh’s Secret

Xbox series x

A few days ago Aaaron Greenberg himself revealed the true meaning of Lockhart on Twitter. What was the code name of the now known Xbox Series S, referred to a city in Texas, Lockhart, which is known as “The little town with the big heart.” Obviously it is a clear reference to the compact design of the console and the powerful processor that it hides inside.

Knowing this and Microsoft’s habit of using city names for these code names (Greenberg himself says it), the name of Edinburgh it could be related to the city of Edinburgh as long as the same trend is maintained.

Taking a look at the Wikipedia description, Edinburgh “It is the compact and mountainous capital of Scotland. (…) Over the city rises Edinburgh Castle, which houses the crown jewels of Scotland and the Stone of Destiny…”. It is not that we are confirming a third Xbox with a description from Wikipedia, but you will not deny us that the text does not encourage you to think about it.

What would the Xbox Series V offer?

Xbox Series X features

Rumors suggest that this console would be destined to offer an intermediate point between the Series X and the Series S, and rather than fill that space between the two, the intention would be none other than to stand up to the option without a PlayStation optical drive. 5.

Xbox Series V would ultimately be an Xbox Series X without a Blu-ray player, thus allowing us to achieve the potential of the 12 teraflops without forcing the user to pay for a disc player that many probably won’t use. Thus, they would get tighter on the price and would continue to offer a console equal to or cheaper (to be seen) than the PlayStation 5 edition without Blu-ray.

Something that should also be taken into account is that Microsoft would be keeping this ace up its sleeve to surprise its competitor and the public just after Sony officially announced the price of the console, thus being able to have a margin of surprise with which win back the public with a fairly aggressive price.

The most important thing is that this rumor for now does not have any kind of essential foundation, it is based simply on looking for a justification for that codename that appeared a few months ago, which as we have said, could simply refer to something from Project xCloud. We’ll see how this all ends.


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