Learn to use Luma Fusion for iOS

Those of us who are dedicated to video themes and use Final Cut Pro X follow waiting Dreaming of an iOS version. But we have to settle for iMovie and that option to then be able to export the project to the Mac to finish it in Final Cut. Fortunately we have Luma Fusion, an application with a really spectacular tour and that with each version adds new and better tools.

It is true that there are still some points where you should improve and offer those points necessary to facilitate certain actions, but it is undoubtedly the best video editor on iOS and iPadOS. Therefore, it is the option chosen by anyone looking to edit professionally on an iPad.

If you have thought about the same thing at some point, but you were scared not to adapt or did not know where to start now you have it easy. And if you already started using Luma Fusion but you got something stuck, With these videos you will be able to learn how to handle the entire program.

Free video course for Luma Fusion

Luma Touch itself has published a completely free video course from its video editor Luma Fusion. Through a series of videos conducted by Fodor Joseph you will be able to know all the tools, sections and the odd trick. So get comfortable and start with the first one or go directly to that section that was not clear to you after using the app.

And quiet, the videos are in English but offer subtitles in 9 languages ​​so you can follow them just as well and without missing anything. A training that you can complement with the PDF guide that you can also consult, although there we fear that you will only find it in English.

About 60 minutes of training to master Luma Fusion

With a total duration around the hour, this Luma Fusion course or user guide is the best way to get started in the application or to consolidate some ideas or ways of using it that, perhaps, might not be clear at the beginning.

As a free resource it is true that it is priceless, because it is not only well explained but it is enjoyable and not at all heavy to be very short videos. Moreover, surely you wear and when you realize you have already seen the whole series or almost. And they will always be there for when you want to review some concept again.

For the rest, Luma Fusion for iOS is true that it costs € 29.99, but it is a professional and powerful tool for editing videos and achieving very attractive results from an iPad. Yes, it can also be used on the iPhone, but it is an iPad Pro where it is most comfortable. In addition, you can take advantage of the option to connect the Apple tablet to an external monitor and have a more comfortable working environment. Ideal for users iPad only.