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Attention, Coimbra! It is now possible to travel from Uber in the city

From today, Coimbra has joined the range of cities covered by Uber's travel application. The home...

The deals of the day bring straps for Mi Band 4, a Surface, Stranger Things and more

The best deals of the day on Amazon You have today a selection of offers Among which you will surely find what you were looking...

MECOOL M8S PRO L Android 7.1 S912 TV Box 3GB/32GB

Always find the best deal with our live store price checker! Video Reviews Images Highlights The first...

OnePlus 7 Pro is crushing sales of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

OnePlus has caused a great deal of excitement among the millions of fans, receiving high praise...

Battlefield V: Desired update has been postponed indefinitely

Battlefield V postponed update DICE

Battlefield V is the latest title of this popular Electronic Arts lineage. However, with the great pressure from the success of rival Call of Duty, DICE's new FPS (first person shooter) is far from having the desired arrival type.

After having a troubled arrival, seeing his date postponed for almost a month (November 20), DICE revealed that it would not make the entire game available at one go.

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This means that users will need to wait a while to receive new updates that will unlock the full potential of the game. This would be the first update of the chapter. Overture, Tides of War, and would bring several additions in both multiplayer and single-player mode.

Wanted Battlefield V update postponed indefinitely

According to the timeline provided by DICE at the time of the release of Battlefield V, this update should have been released today. However, via a tweet posted to your official account. It was revealed to her fans that the update was postponed indefinitely.

This cancellation at the time of the update release is due to the developers have come across a bug. The tweet explains that they preferred to postpone the release of the update rather than risk users having problems while playing.

Battlefield V postponed update DICE

Needless to say, Battlefield V fans quickly began to express their displeasure. Many have even reiterated their dissatisfaction with the game since the day of its release.

However, when eventually made available, this update will bring a new map – Panzerstorm – located in Hannut, Belgium in 1940. This is a huge map with a perfect battlefield for battle tanks. For this reason, it will allow combat up to a total of 17 tanks simultaneously. One thing is guaranteed, excitement and adrenaline are two ingredients that will not be missing in these battles.

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