Tone, Mouse, Breech and Bino. The four friends who marked a generation with the films “Balas & Bolinhos” are back with new videos on their new Youtube channel. Perfect to brighten up this quarantine a little.

The production of the videos is quality and we will see all our favorite characters in action. The channel is only just starting and has only 4 videos, however, there are already 18 thousand people subscribed.

First video of the new Candy & Cookies channel on Youtube – The job interview

The first video brings the magic that we like the characters so much. The video was published on March 23 and already has 182 thousand views.

Without making spoilers, we see the 4 friends looking for jobs. In the job interview we will hear your greatest qualities and what makes you perfect to be the “bosses” of the company being interviewed.

The Chief Master

In the second video we have Rato (a well-known musical artist) going on television to make a recipe for food in the typical morning programs.

Cod cakes are ordered from the chef, who, without much disagreement, presents him with a dish worthy of being contested by our character.

Kun Fu Carnival

This is a small sketch of a slightly larger film. I’m sorry to inform you, but you won’t have a full video here. This is because it ends with a “continue”.

The first episode did not have much dialogue, however, it shows us that Tone’s experience in his travels to Asia cannot (and should not) be underestimated.

Boys For the Jobs – Military Life (pilot episode)

This is the one that will certainly smile you the most. The characters we know disappear to play a totally different role. Rato (Jorge Neto) started to represent a totally different character, and here we see that, after all, there is even a tremendous talent to represent.

The new videos are coming, so take the opportunity to subscribe to their Youtube channel and not miss a beat. At least it will give you a few minutes of joy in this quarantine.

Actors of Balas e Bolinhos and their roles

Candies and cookies

  • “Tone” – Luís Ismael
  • “Bino” – João Pires
  • “Mouse” – Jorge Neto
  • “Culatra” – J. D. Duarte

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