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Back to the future finally has its trilogy on 4K Blu-ray

Back to the Future Trilogy on Blu-ray

Back to the Future trilogy Blu-ray

There will be two versions that hit stores to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the saga. Since Return to the future hit the big screen in 1985 and closed its magnificent story in 1990 with Back to the future 3, many fans have been collecting the different versions on VHS and DVD over the years, however, there was still a version to come with which to improve the DeLorean experience.

Below is an excerpt from the beginning of Return to the future remastered in glorious 4K, the first few minutes of what is considered one of the best movies according to IMDb votes.

This trilogy will be so special that it will come in two different versions:

Back to the Future trilogy Blu-ray

  • Anniversary Edition: Includes three Steelbooks to store each of the three films in a beautiful metal box that, combined, form the complete picture of the DeLorean. Also included are 4K UHD Blu-ray discs of each movie remastered with HDR10 + effects and multidimensional sound and a bonus Blu-ray with previously unreleased content.

Back to the Future trilogy Blu-ray

  • Special edition: This is a book-type box that includes the three movies remastered in high definition (be careful, it’s 1080p, and not 4K ultra high definition), also including the extras disc.

What does the extras disc include?

The bonus content disc will include an hour of completely new content that will allow you to see details of the film never seen before. These are some of the contents that can be enjoyed with this disc:

  • The Hollywood Museum go back to the futureJoin co-writer / producer Bob Gale on an intimate tour of the full display of the films, their props, and anecdotes.
  • Return to the future: the musical behind the scenes – Discover the new musical show with a Q&A with the cast and creative team along with the recording of two new songs.
  • An alternate future: the lost auditions – A look at Return to the future that could have been recorded with the images of the strange auditions that were made with actors who are now famous.
  • Could you have survived in the movies? Return to the futureExplore magic and science in Return to the future and find out which laws of physics were actually violated in this special episode of the popular YouTube series.

As if that were not enough, among the 7 discs included in the Anniversary version, we will also find a compilation of extra material that could already be enjoyed in editions already on the market, and which are the following:

  • Stories of the future: Documentary in 6 parts
  • The physical laws of Return to the future with Dr. Michio Kaku
  • Deleted scenes
  • Michael J. Fox. Questions and Answers
  • Filming images
  • Music videos
  • Movie Comments
  • Return to the future: The attraction
  • Doc save the world! – Short film
  • The design of the Delorean
  • So they were made Back to the Future I, II and III

Released October 21

May this magnificent edition be launched a October 21 It is not the result of chance. In Back to the future 2, Doc programs the DeLorean’s switchboard to be transported into the future to Hill Valley, California, exactly on October 21, 2015, a date that curiously is already part of our past, so some will feel especially old when they find out of the temporary jump that your brain has just suffered when you read these lines. That’s life, folks.


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