Baby Yoda’s return is a success (the numbers say it)

Baby Yoda's return is a success (the numbers say it)

The Mandalorian, a return in style

Not even COVID-19 has been able to with the second season of The Mandalorian. While many other series (and movies) have been forced to postpone their premieres or freeze their shootings until further notice, the second season of this Disney + series has stayed true to its promised date from the beginning. And it is that the great project of Jon favreau He had an ace up his sleeve: just after finishing filming the first season last year, they linked up with the second, still without having premiered the series but fully confident that the product was going to be a success.

And boy did they get it right. The arrival of the series was a surprise for everyone, since The Mandalorian brought us not only the essence of star wars that many claim to miss in the cinema; also a character that has driven young and old crazy, Baby Yoda, and who now stars in numerous merchandising products, helping Disney to make cash every day.

The Mandalorian

With such a premiere in 2019, it is not surprising that the arrival of this season’s new episode was so eagerly awaited. The expectation was maximum and although, as always, there are opinions for all tastes, the truth is that a large majority have been especially enthusiastic about the return and how the story continues to develop with their return. But,how does that materialize in numbers? Now we have some clues.

The Mandalorian 2 audience

Disney does not usually share data about its platform, but other sources are in charge of giving us information about its star series. This is the case of Reelgood -which is echoed by the medium Observer-, where is collected that The Mandalorian «Accumulated a streaming quota 5.7% »during its first weekend, from October 30 to November 1.

This data is higher than the one I posted in its debut episode last year, when it reached 4.4%, in addition to being the best figure for a Disney + original content since its inception.

Baby Yoda - The Mandalorian

Parrot Analytics has also published its calculations, focusing on the demand generated by the audience. According to this analyst, that of the second season of the Star Wars series has been superior to those of The Umbrella Academy 2, The Boys 2 or Titans 2 in similar situations.

Finally we have the reference of Samba TV, which ensures that the premiere of season 2 of The Mandalorian “attracted 1.04 million households.” This implies a 73% increase compared to the debut episode of 2019, supporting the rest of the good figures that we have obtained from other sources.

Does anyone still doubt the Baby Yoda series?

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