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Help toddler Zahra walk – Save her leg

Help toddler Zahra walk – Save her leg We don’t normally do this kind of thing, but this story touched us so much, we wanted to help all we can. Some of team know the family personally, so this makes this case even more special. Please read on about how you can help a special […] Read More

Affiliate Program Scammer – Affiliate Program revised

  Affiliate Program Scammer – Affiliate Program revised As the saying goes. There is always one that ruins it for others. Due to an Affiliate Program scammer, we have had to revise the Affiliate Program slightly. Here at EntertainmentBox as our customers know. We are known for openness, clarity and our great customer service. We […] Read More

EBox MC – EBox Media Center Now Available

  EBOX MC – EBOX MEDIA CENTER NOW AVAILABLE The EBox MC or Ebox Media Center is now available, based on Kodi 16.1 if you are looking for a Kodi android alternative, then this is it. Current version at the time of writing of the Ebox Media Center is based upon Kodi 16.1, EBMC will be updated constantly and based […] Read More

Affiliate Program – Sign up Today to earn money!

ENTERTAINMENTBOX.COM AFFILIATE PROGRAM Do you want to earn extra money on your website or blog? Well, now you can with the EBox Affiliate Program. Signing up to the affiliate program is easy. Simply visit the Affiliate Registration. Enter all of your details and someone will get back to you within 48 hours to tell if […] Read More

About EBox – Who are EntertainmentBox?

About EBox – Who are Entertainment Box? Thanks for visiting Now you are here you must be wondering if we can be trusted, are our items genuine and what do our customers think. Categories: Entertainment Box, About Us: We are a UK-based trusted company – leading the way as one of the UK’s and USA’s leading distributors […] Read More

Windows Android Dual Boot Tablet Best Dual Boot Tablet

Windows Android Dual Boot Tablet Best Dual Boot Tablet The new X98 Air Ultrapad 3G comes with official licensed Windows 10 and Android 5.0 lollipop as well as UK warranty. Categories: Entertainment Box, Reviews, Windows This tablet comes with pre-installed turn by turn Satellite Navigation system on the Android platform and 1 year free licensed Microsoft Office 365 on Windows OS. X98 3G Air […] Read More

Most underrated Kodi TV Box

  Most underrated Kodi TV Box? Well, this is a little misleading as it’s not strictly just a TV Box. It is actually a mini PC. Smaller than most Android TV Boxes and as powerful as a desktop PC. This gets the tag of Most underrated Kodi TV Box as people tend to go for the […] Read More

Top Oculus Rift gadgets accessories of the future

Top Oculus Rift gadgets accessories of the future. Categories: News, VR With the future going VR, the possibilities of what you can do with the technology is amazing. Some will just stay as concepts due to cost or production. Some will hopefully break through and hit the market. The Oculus technology will provide users with a completely immersive […] Read More

Android powered TV Box Retro Gaming

ANDROID TV BOX RETRO GAMING So, you have your new Android TV Box or if you are thinking of getting one. Categories: How to guides, TV box, Android apps, Downloads You are looking at all of the features that your Android TV Box can do. One lesser known feature is Android TV Box Retro Gaming. Yes, you can play […] Read More
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Kodi Jarvis 16.1 Released

Kodi Jarvis 16.1 Released EBox offer Kodi download links on our Kodi downloads page here. Categories: Kodi XBMC SPMC EBMC, News With Kodi Jarvis now the latest stable release. The Kodi Team have issued an update for the latest version to Kodi 16.1. This is a bug fix tweak. Fixes Include: • Never cache addons directories • […] Read More

Cheap Android powered TV Boxes

EBox stock some of the best Cheap Android-powered TV Boxes. EBox stock some of the best Cheap Android-powered TV Boxes. They may be Cheap Android-powered TV Boxes but they are not cheap when it comes to how they are made. Categories: TV box, Reviews We stock some the cheapest Premium Android-powered TV Boxes there are. Be aware of […] Read More