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If they made a Harry Potter animated series, make it look like this

Harry Potter in comic format The Harry Potter saga It is one of the most important in literature and cinema. That practically nobody questions. Therefore, after so many years since the premiere of the latest book and his latest film, it is not surprising that it continues to generate so much interest. If looking [...]

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Turn your Raspberry Pi 4 into a Nintendo NES with this case

A very special Raspberry Pi 4 case Building on the principles of previous models released, Retroflag once again amazes us with a Raspberry Pi case inspired by Nintendo's 8-bit console. On this occasion, instead of looking for a size similar to the mini Nintendo console, the manufacturer has preferred to increase the dimensions to [...]

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Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s second new console takes shape

Xbox Series S So far Microsoft has only officially presented a new next-generation console: the Xbox Series X. A machine that we already know a lot about thanks to the information that the company itself has shown. This will be its most powerful and best-prepared model to offer a next-generation gaming experience capable of [...]

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Mi Fan 1C, we tested the Xiaomi fan that you can control with your voice

Xiaomi Mi Fan 1C, video analysis Minimalist and functional design One of the most striking features of most Xiaomi connected devices is undoubtedly their design. The brand, along with the rest of the manufacturers with whom it collaborates in each of these proposals, have always stood out for offering products with a [...]

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Centralize your gadgets and get ready for PS5 with these AV receivers

What is an AV receiver? A AV receiver or AV amplifier is a device that centralizes all the audio and video signals in your living room to control what you are going to see on the television or projector and offer the best possible sound with the help of external speakers. Its main function [...]

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It’s a good time for this Samsung Smart TV 4K at 45%

Samsung 4K UHD RU8005, a very good option Among so many televisions and the current varied offer it is difficult to find the best 4K Smart TV on the market. That is why you will surely appreciate that we make it easy for you, very easy, directly recommending the purchase of this Samsung RU8005. [...]

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The sounds of The Last of Us 2: an art that rounds out the experience

The Last of Us 2 and its sound engineers The Last of US 2 is a great game, one so good that even if you've eaten a major spoiler in its history, you get to enjoy it a lot from start to finish. And is that the work carried out by Naughty Dog is [...]

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Twitter is testing new ways to count retweets

Even though things are similar, a retweet is not the same as a retweet with a comment. This slight difference raises the possibility that it may be interesting to count them independently. Therefore, Twitter is testing a new interface change that affects retweets and replies. The number of replies, retweets and, now, retweets with [...]

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Will this character be the great villain of Avengers 5?

A rival at the height of Thanos The Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe closed with the last Spiderman movie, but just before that we were able to say goodbye to a good part of the Avengers who have accompanied us for years in Avengers: Endgame. In this film, the superheroes left their [...]

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Netflix will premiere this magnificent video game docuseries on August 19

High Score, the video game documentary Today video games are part of the culture, and they have such an impact on our day to day life that you could hardly find someone who has not played the odd title or, at least, the name of one of the greats does not ring a bell. [...]

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Halo Infinite comes to Nintendo 64 thanks to this homemade mod

Halo on Nintendo 64 If you thought you saw it all, wait until you see this recreation of Halo Infinite made by Hooloppe, a YouTube user known for his retro recreations. And it is that this user had already surprised us previously with intros and scenes of current games running under engines of old [...]

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You have this Cecotec robot vacuum cleaner for less than 150 euros

Cecotec Conga 1090 Series, value for money Cecotec has for some time managed to carve out an important niche within English homes. The brand enjoys a catalog with a large number of products that stand out for having a good value for money and the Conga 1090 Series is, without a doubt, a good [...]

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Download Quake for free, the game that together with DOOM marked the FPS

How to get original Quake completely free If before it was already something normal, during all these months that we have of pandemic, confinement and new normality, obtaining completely free games from their own developers has become even more common. Now it is Bethesda who taking advantage of her QuakeCon 2020, an event that [...]

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New stories beyond the wall come to Apple Arcade

Tales of crows Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is a new game based on the world created by George R. R. Martin. A very particular title because everything that happens inside it will be in real time. That means it won't matter whether or not you are playing, events will keep happening one [...]

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Canon EBoxS R5 problem, solved by removing the card?

Memory card out If you have followed all the topic related to Canon and its new EBoxS R5 and R6 you will already be aware of the situation. The Japanese manufacturer recently unveiled its latest two mirror cameras with some really amazing specs. Especially the EBoxS R5, capable of capturing video at 8K resolution [...]

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The Sony A8 is the best OLED on the market and now I don’t want another Smart TV in my house

Sony A8, video analysis Why is this Sony A8 the perfect TV? You just have to take a look at this model to see that we are facing a Smart TV special. As usual, Sony has put a lot of care in the design of its product, and that is that the [...]

Yes, the latest from Xiaomi is a smart aquarium

An aquarium with WiFi Remember not long ago we talked about how weird (but also fun) it was to have a smart mug? Well, more or less along the same lines, this aquarium with WiFi could be included. Fish tanks are that type of equipment that we never imagined could be controlled by a [...]

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These thumb condoms want to be the perfect accessory for gamers

The onscreen controls problem If you have played Call of Duty Mobile or to Fortnite, you will have experienced in your own flesh the problem of managing the view and the control of the character with the controls integrated in the screen. It is something especially annoying, since you do not have the perception [...]

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John Wick will have fifth installment and Keanu Reeves at the helm

John Wick will return twice When the third installment of the already popular saga starring Keanu Reeves, John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum, was released, the production company confirmed that there would be a fourth installment and that it would be released in May 2021. Later we learned that due to the pandemic they were [...]

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Cool off with these portable air conditioners

How do portable air conditioners work? The first thing you should know about this equipment is that its operation is similar to that of the wall unit together with its outdoor unit, but there are two clear differences: it does not need any type of installation and, of course, they are less efficient than [...]

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