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More PS4 games on sale with Days of Play

PlayStation already announced that after the first games that received a promotional price for Days of PlayMany more discounts would come in the form of a flash offer through the PlayStation Store. Said and done, the brand has announced today all the promotions that have been published today in the virtual store, [...]

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How to choose the ideal size for your next television

The ideal size of a television on what it depends If you seek the recommendations of the manufacturers themselves, organizations such as the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) or the sellers of each store can get you a lot. To avoid this and so that phrases like "A cinematic [...]

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TikTok: see how many devices are accessing your account

Many times we dedicate ourselves to logging into our favorite social networks on various devices (mobile, tablet, PC…) and there comes a time when we lose control of which computers can access our accounts, assuming a major failure in maintaining good security and privacy of our data and content. Today we are [...]

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In search of the fastest in the world: all about speedruns

What is a speedrun? As its name suggests, a speedrun It is a frantic race, a term that, applied to video games, defines a game completed in the shortest possible time. These full blast games have generated a series of competitions among users who, eager to demonstrate who was the fastest to [...]

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Loopable: 9 movies we never tire of watching

The 12 best films for «The Output» In the history of cinema there are thousands of good movies that you can see and enjoy. But, we all have few titles that we enjoy whenever we see them again. For this reason, and so that you too can get to know us a [...]

The best cameras for tight budgets

What cheap camera to buy? Choosing a camera is not easy. If you also want it not to exceed the barrier of 500 euros, even less. Therefore, it is logical that you wonder if since you are going to buy a product that will easily last you for many years, why not [...]

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The best scooter from Xiaomi drops to its best offer on Amazon

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro, the best version Telling you that Xiaomi scooters are the most famous and one of the best options you can consider is nothing new. The Mi Electric Scooters have earned a good reputation for offering a high quality product, a fair price and a rather attractive design. [...]

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New seasons of Call of Duty are delayed

The world stops After the announcement of PlayStation with which they confirmed the postponement of the event dedicated to ps5 gamesActivision has also confirmed that season 4 launch plans for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone and season 7 of Call of Duty: Mobile they will be postponed because they do not [...]

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Game Gear Micro, SEGA’s most popular laptop reissue

Game Gear Micro 2020 is an important year for SEGA. It is not only 60 years since the company was founded, but also the 30th anniversary of the presentation of the first portable console that the company put on the market. For both reasons it is understood that they launch this new [...]

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Clean your Facebook fingerprint without deleting your account

Facebook It has included a new function that will allow you to delete with greater precision all those publications that you made over the last years, so that you can further refine your privacy, delete comments or opinions with which you now disagree and, In short, do not leave a trace of [...]

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Who is Kevin Mayer, the executive who left Disney for TikTok

Kevin Mayer, head of Disney + After going through companies like iHeartMedia and LEK Consulting, where he held important positions of responsibility, the definitive leap for Mayer came in 2005. It was then when he signed for The Walt Disney Company, where he would end up working the next 15 years of [...]

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These devices keep your drink always hot

Smart cups We admit that we are very fans of those little and not so little gadgets that make life easier for us every day. Some of them sure sound like you. For example, vacuum robots, smart thermostats, sensors and other types of devices that are designed to facilitate day-to-day life by [...]

This would be the new Chromecast with Android TV and remote control

A Chromecast with Android TV The secret is in the interface. This new device, which would respond to the name of Sabrina, would offer Android TV as an operating system, and would be marketed within the Google Nest family. Next to it, a remote control would arrive that previously we had already [...]

The Lord of the Rings virtual meeting revealed all these secrets

The Lord of the Rings, one of the great trilogies of cinema We can say little about The Lord of the rings that has not already been written. The film trilogy of this great story is one of the most famous of all time, assuming a fantastic adaptation of some books, written [...]

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The Batmobile story: a documentary for bat fans

The history of the Batmobile The first Batmobile was inspired by a 1936 Cord, a red convertible that at that time was only used to carry the bat man from one place to another and did not have not half the accessories or technology that we have seen in the latest movies [...]

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Soccer video games that marked a before and after

The best (and most striking) football video games Since its origins, video games have managed to entertain millions of users around the world, and with the improvements in technology, games have become increasingly realistic. But in addition to getting closer to realism, the secret of success was also in knowing how to [...]

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Refurbished gadgets: are they really worth it?

What is a reconditioned product? This question may be the first thing that comes to mind. A general definition of reconditioned equipment, or restored, is one that without being new, meets the necessary conditions to be sold again. Something very important when purchasing one of these devices is that, generally, there are [...]

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YouTube Kids, how to see and enjoy the best YouTube for children

What is YouTube Kids Created virtually from scratch and with a user-friendly interface for children of any age, YouTube Kids is the company's response to the numerous criticisms suffered by the content hosted by YouTube. And it is completely understandable, because although the online video platform can be a wonderful place, it [...]

Deal of the day: a smart feeder for your best friend

Automatic feeder with Dadypet Pet gadgets are slowly starting to catch on. At the end of the day they are another complement that you can comfortably control and that helps make life easier for our little companions. Among them one of the most popular is the automatic feeder, a device that dispenses [...]

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This theory wants to advance the plot of Fortnite season 3

Fortnite desert island Let's put ourselves in situation. Epic Games schedules the launch of its new season 3 for this week, however, plans are forcibly changed and they are forced to delay the launch. This affects a large number of aspects at the distribution level, and of course, what had to happen [...]

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