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The new Watch from Huawei measures SpO2, it is suitable for skateboarding … what else does it bring new?

Huawei Watch GT 2e, perfect for sports Along with the announcement of the new P30, P30 Pro and P30 Pr + phones, Huawei also took the opportunity to present the world with a new wearable. We are talking about the Watch GT 2e, a very attractive smart watch that adds to the ever-widening offer [...]

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The best of Call of Duty is yet to come with the third season

Dataminers' curiosity For the avoidance of doubt we have the work of data miners, users with a level of curiosity rather something that are dedicated to exploring the insides of the new update packages to discover details or functions that will come soon in a new package of novelties. And it is just what [...]

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You’ve never seen Amazon Kindle so cheap: take advantage!

The Amazon Kindle, the e-readers par excellence If someone thinks about buying an e-book reader, they will most likely do so with a Kindle in mind. In fact, on more than one occasion you will have even heard that of "I want a Kindle" to refer to a electronic ink than to read ebooks [...]

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Lara Croft Go is free for your mobile, from the best puzzle games

Puzzles with the most popular heroine During these days of confinement we are taking advantage to enjoy all those activities to which normally we can not dedicate the time that we would like during normal days. An example is video games. So, not being able to go out, why not take advantage of the [...]

The Disney + documentary that every fan of its parks should see

The story behind Disney parks With the arrival of Disney + in several other countries, among which is UK, not only did a streaming video service land, which was eager for its extensive and powerful catalog full of Marvel movies, the incredible series of The Mandalorian or all those classic and latest productions from [...]

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These books are not from Amazon, but they are also free (for a limited time)

Free books from the Planeta publisher In these difficult times we are living, many companies are leaning on the shoulders, facilitating access to their products at a cheaper cost or directly leaving them at cost 0. We have already put you on notice of the collection of free books that you could read and [...]

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Using the Stream Deck as a home automation control is a great idea

How to control anything with the Stream Deck If you like all the gadgets, you surely know the Stream Decks by elgato. These devices offer control based on different buttons with an interesting feature: integrate a small LCD screen which can be customized. Thanks to that you can place an icon / image that [...]

Free Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Child of Light from Ubisoft

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint The latest installment of Tom Clancy is available to play from Thursday 26 until next March 30 completely free of charge. You can download it both on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and with it you will enjoy an amazing open world where you must control a military team [...]

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Black Widow, the Iron Man antagonist who ended her own movie

Black Window, the villain who became Avenger Natasha Romanoff is the name of Black Widow, one of the most famous characters in Marvel comics and also the most popular since she appeared in the UCM (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Now everyone identifies it for what it is, an Avenger who fights on the side of [...]

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Turn your Rapsberry Pi into a console with all these cases

The famous development board has a large number of accessories with which to get the most out of it, and one of the most popular with protection boxes or housings. There are countless models on the market, however, some of the most popular are those that turn the board into an authentic miniature console. [...]

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Kingston has an accessory to turn your mobile into a portable console

Turning the smartphone into a portable console If you like video games you will know that the number of hours that some users can spend playing on their mobile devices has grown in recent years. And no, we are not just talking about casual games on the way to work, classes or in those [...]

New weapons, modes and maps for Modern Warfare and Warzone

The news The main news that we will find in this new patch (with almost 20 GB of download) is the arrival of a new Operator called Heel, characterized by having a dog as a companion who will make an appearance in executions, a new playlist with the map Kandoor Hideout, a new mode [...]

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Curious and essential accessories for the DJI Mavic Mini

Must-have accessories for the DJI Mavic Mini When we analyzed the DJI Mavic Mini one thing became clear to us: it is a perfect drone for the vast majority. In addition, its price is so good that there are few excuses not to get one. The only one, the flight limitations that [...]

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The deals of the day come with Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, games, bulbs and 4K TVs

The best deals of the day on Amazon Friday is presented with interesting news in what discounts it means. We have a couple of TVs with 4K support with quite significant discounts (we are talking about models from Samsung and LG), some games at irresistible prices and even a phone (the Galaxy A40) that [...]

In Microsoft Flight Simulator you will be able to fly alongside real-world planes

A world in which to fly accompanied Microsoft's idea is to offer a single world in which all the pilots on the planet fly together. And when they say all the pilots on the planet, they mean those who are playing virtually in Flight Simulator and those who are actually playing on their planes. [...]

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These Instagram accounts are inspiration for your creativity

Instagram accounts to shake up your creativity When you start to see accounts with a high level of creativity, beyond the talent when it comes to taking photos, illustrations or any other type of creation, you realize that there are multiple possibilities to further improve your profile. At least, try to adopt some ideas [...]

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The ‘prettiest game that exists’ is free for Android, run

Monument Valley, a visual fantasy When Monument Valley It was presented, back in 2014, it was a real surprise. It was about a game indie of a fairly fresh and different puzzle type, with a very careful and striking style compared to other options available in the mobile market. So much so that this [...]

Challenges of Fortnite: Week 6 – Mischief Mischief

Complete list of week 6 challenges The second installment of challenges Mymuscles It's already here, so let's go over all the challenges that have been included so that you can complete them easily and as quickly as possible. Eliminate enemies in El Yate or Señorío de la Sal Go to these locations and finish [...]

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‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’: PETA explains to vegans how to play it

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the phenomenon of the moment Nintendo has done it once again with its Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The new game, which was released just a week ago, is on everyone's lips and has been downloaded endlessly by millions of people to the point of breaking a record for the [...]

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The new Polaroid Now recovers the original essence and also the brand

New Polaroid with autofocus If you like the world of photography, surely you know the Polaroid brand. One of those classic brands and easy to recognize thanks to what they achieved with the design of their cameras, although in this case it also played in their favor that possibility that they offered to instantly [...]

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