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These are the Oscars movies that you can see online

Oscar films are more 2.0 than ever It's curious. A few years ago it seemed unthinkable that a film in the Oscar race could be so accessible from home, however, in these 2020 awards, the ones that stand out especially are those titles that can already be seen online without having to visit any [...]

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These are some ideas patented by Apple that made us dream and came to nothing (for now)

Not all patents have to become reality The latest patent registered in Apple's name implies that the manufacturer is thinking of creating a iMac with body of curved glass. It would be something like a one-piece iMac, in which the screen continues to extend until it reaches the table and fully integrates the keyboard. [...]

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Imagining the iPhone 12: so it would be according to all the rumors

Let's go back to the rectangular design Something in which many rumors and leaks coincide is that the future iPhone 12 It will present a design that will quite remind the iPhone 4. Basically by the straight edges that surrounded the screen, a design that many consider one of the best of Apple and [...]

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The magic of Studio Ghibli: curiosities of the animation studio that comes to Netflix

The magic of Studio Ghibli Movies like ‘My Come Totoro’, ‘Chihiro’s Journey’ or ‘The Princess Mononoke’ are just some of the many great animated works made by Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation studio that is a reference for many. Founded by Hayao Miyazaki, from the beginning he and the studio have sought to tell [...]

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How to download HBO series and movies for offline viewing

How to download offline series from HBO To enjoy the new function you will only have to have the official application of the service updated to the latest version, or else you will not see the new icon that has been included in the interface. It will be as easy as clicking on this [...]

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The best deals of the day bring the Mi Band 4, a turntable and the Final Fantasy VII Remake

The best deals of the day available on Amazon Below you have a selection with the best deals of the day. Some of them will not last all day (either at the end of the discount or by termination of stock) so we recommend that you do what interests you as soon as possible. [...]

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If you use Avast, you should consider changing antivirus

Avast and the disclosure of user data Applications and services that collect user data and then sell anonymous packages with such information to third parties are nothing new. Basically one could say that it is the essence of the internet for many and the business model they follow. Of course, on some occasions, limits [...]

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They want to ban these Nike shoes because they make you run more

Can Vaporfly be technological doping? The World Athletics, the governing body of athletics worldwide, is immersed in an important study that could mean a change of course in the design of sportswear for high competition. And the reason that led him to carry out this investigation has a name and surname: Nike Vaporfly. These [...]

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Your next hotel could be an Atari (yes, the brand of consoles)

The perfect hotel for video game lovers If we analyze the details they have shared, it may even make sense. The brand intends to create a complex of hotels specifically geared towards hotel enthusiasts. video game, so that in the new facilities customers can enjoy experiences of virtual reality, augmented reality and even the [...]

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IPhone or iPad backups: options and tips

How to make a copy of the iPhone or iPad on Mac iCloud is the option that Apple wants you to consider in order to have a backup copy of the data stored on your iOS device. First of all, because of the security it offers against local copies, since, like other cloud storage [...]

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A crazy theory relates the Wuham virus with Resident Evil and a Chinese company

Umbrella Corporation and the Wuham virus The coronavirus, also known as Wuham virus (because it was the city where it originated), it has been covering and covers for several days now. Its expansion has claimed the lives of several people in Asian territory and although WHO has not decreed the emergency International, the truth [...]

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Amazon Photos: a great option to store your photos without limits, if you are a Prime user

Amazon Photos, what it is and what exactly it offers Amazon Photos It is an Amazon photo storage service. And as a customer (aka registered user) they offer you 5GB of free space for you to save your photos and, taking advantage of Amazon Drive, any other type of file you want as long [...]

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Nintendo will stop repairing the mythical Wii because it has run out of parts

Repairs are over for the Nintendo Wii Something more than 14 years have passed since the console arrived on the market, so it is normal that after all this time the brand has decided to stop. 101 million consoles are many consoles, so the volume of repairs worldwide will have been spectacular. If you [...]

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Only on YouTube: Google keeps the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues

The cloud business and the importance for Google The business of Google cloud services It's not how big they want or what many users would imagine. Here, Amazon with AWS and Microsoft with Azure are the ones that dominate and quite differently from the rest. Google Cloud is the third service on the list [...]

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Start Monday with the best deals: Apple, Lord of the Rings and more

The best offers available on Amazon Then you have a selection with which we consider to be the best technological offers of the day. Some of them (by time or by stock) may not be available throughout the day, so our recommendation is to catch what interests you as soon as possible. Sharp sound [...]

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As much as you want to believe it, this is not the PS5: this is how the video fake was created

A very fine design work The video, which you can see below, shows a homemade recording in which an alleged PS5 starts up to a welcome screen with a QR code with which to complete the configuration of the console. Before reaching that, the screen showed a supposed process of booting a Linux system [...]

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A lamp that eliminates viruses? Yes, it exists, and it’s from Xiaomi

Xiaomi's great home automation catalog Although we have always associated Xiaomi with telephony, the truth is that the brand has managed to carve over time an image that encompasses much more than smartphones. The firm has a good amount of devices beyond the terminals among which we find for example its famous electric scooters, [...]

Take advantage of these Sunday offers: Xiaomi Mi TV BOX, Harry Potter and more

The best deals of the day on Amazon Below you have a selection with the best technological offers available on Amazon of the day. Some of them, as we always warn you, will not be available all day, so we advise that if you like something, buy it before it is too late. Ahead. [...]

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The mansion that Star Wars fans dream of

The 26 million dollar mansion that Star Wars fans dream of That there are people who invest time and money in customize a room or complete house on a specific subject is not surprising. Surely you have seen houses with a singer as the protagonist, video game or, as is the case, a movie [...]

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Byte, the return of Vine (more or less) and the six-second videos

Byte and the return of 6-second videos Created by Dom Hofmann (co-founder of Vine) and Rus Yusupov, after a development of several years and a few months in the closed beta phase, Byte It has already arrived officially. A new social platform that recovers the essence of Vine, or whatever: short videos. The application [...]