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OnePlus Launcher receives update with a new feature that you will like! (video)

OnePlus continues to invest many resources in the constant development of the launcher that integrates in their smartphones, this being the only way for its users not to be tempted to install external launchers. Now, new information reveals that the latest update brings a very interesting implementation.In version v4.5.6 of OnePlus Launcher, [...]

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Samsung confirms new budget smartphone arrival! Meet the Galaxy M01s

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of information that has indicated the possible arrival of a new budget smartphone for the Samsung Galaxy M family. A few days ago some specifications of the Samsung Galaxy M01s were confirmed through its listing on the Google Play Console page, confirming [...]

3 days of touching the smartphone screen gave them 17,000 euros in prize money!

The contest was made by the well-known Youtuber "Mr Beast". The game was simple and was made for everyone. Open an application and do not release your finger from the smartphone screen for as long as possible. If you were the last to start, you would win $ 25,000, the equivalent of [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite has a price you shouldn’t miss!

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite is a smartphone "and pears". A device that gives us an inviting price, however, offers features that competitors simply cannot imagine for this value.Things are even better with this promotion. The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite (like the Mi Note 10) has an impeccable promotion on [...]

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Apple believes in the huge success of the iPhone 12! There were 80 million processors ordered

Apple's iPhone 12 is expected to be unveiled in September and the Cupertino company believes that success should be guaranteed. That's because Tim Cook's company just ordered 80 million Apple A14 processors.Apple returned to speak in the mobile segment when it launched its first iPhone truly different from its predecessors. We obviously [...]

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OnePlus Nord: why this smartphone should be taken into consideration

The OnePlus Nord is the brand's next smartphone. However, unlike the models normally launched, this will not be a top of the range.The OnePlus Nord is an intermediate device that will arrive at a competitive price and the second one invested in the mid-range segment by OnePlus.OnePlus Nord is more than a [...]

Xiaomi launches new foldable running belt perfect for any home!

Xiaomi has used us over the years to launch several products through its crowdfunding platform Youpin. Since these are exclusive products for the Chinese market, the manufacturer has already used Indiegogo several times to launch new products globally.Xiaomi's latest bet on global markets is a fantastic folding treadmill, the Xiaomi WalkingPad S1. [...]

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Galaxy M41 will arrive with a battery never seen before in a Samsung!

Samsung seems to be preparing a big surprise for fans of its mid-range smartphones, more specifically the Galaxy M series. According to the latest information, the Samsung Galaxy M41 battery has just been certified and will leave anyone impressed .As we see in the list, the battery arrives with the EB-B modelM415ABY, [...]

Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro: full specs revealed (but there’s a catch)

After many rumors, we are finally getting a more concrete idea of ​​what the Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro will look like. As expected, this will be a mid-range smartphone, with very balanced specifications.A recent publication on the Slashleaks website gives us information about the equipment specifications. In addition, another image shows us [...]

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Tesla cars have a serious problem! Brand response was to cut the warranty “in half”

Tesla has always offered a 4-year warranty (or 80,000 kilometers) for its MCU, also known as the giant screen positioned in the center of the cabin, used to control basically the entire car. However, several problems with the MCU have been recognized over the last few years, leading many users to need [...]

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Vodafone follows the example of NOS and MEO and finally launches support for eSIM

Contrary to what was expected, Vodafone was not the first national operator to adhere to eSIM technology. After its major competitors NOS and MEO, the British operator finally joined this technology.As of today, all Vodafone customers can now subscribe to the virtual SIM card. The great advantage of this service is the [...]

YouTube: Google brings new functionality that content creators will love!

Google finally decided to bring its functionality SmartReply for YouTube, promising to be an extremely valuable tool for content creators to communicate more easily with their followers. As with Gmail, this tool will also use an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm on YouTube, which will maximize productivity when it comes to replying messages.However, [...]

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PUBG Mobile: teenager spends all his parents’ savings during quarantine!

The news of users spending fortunes on additional in-game purchases is not surprising, but the latest news will leave anyone in awe.According to information advanced by The Tribune, a 17-year-old in India managed to "burn" his parents' life savings in less than nothing, buying numerous items and Battle Passes on PUBG Mobile. [...]

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iPhone 12 will arrive with high quality lenses. Apple has already ordered them

“High quality” lenses are being prepared for the rear cameras of the iPhone 12. These have already been ordered from supplier Largan, according to the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.This Apple manufacturing partner starts shipping the lenses of the upcoming iPhone 12 in mid-July. The novelty is revealed by the analyst, in a [...]

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Huawei Mate 40 Pro may surprise at loading speed

A certification on the 3C regulator's website realizes that Huawei may be preparing another step forward in charging speed. This time, going from 40W to 66W.At a time when the brand is developing its next top-of-the-range smartphone, the Mate 40 Pro, it is not unreasonable to claim that this may well be [...]

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Google Chrome for Android is getting ready to go much faster. Do you know how

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world, but not everything is an advantage in the American browser. One of the main criticisms pointed out is its excessive consumption of resources.Thanks to a new decision made by Google, Chrome will have a performance far superior to the current one. This [...]

iOS 14 exposes applications that atone for information they don’t need

With the launch of iOS 14, Apple will bring greater security to its equipment. One of the new measures is to send a notification whenever an application copies information that is in your clipboard.Thanks to this novelty, the beta version of iOS 14 has already exposed almost 50 applications with access to [...]

Xbox Series S could be the best console on the market for quality / price

After the Xbox Series X was unveiled, Microsoft will have a more economical version of its plans. Apparently, this will be known as Series S and may be revealed in August.As that date approaches, it is natural to start talking more about the console. This time, we have the indication that the [...]

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Huawei will considerably improve the zoom on its smartphones. Do you know how

When it comes to photographic quality on a smartphone, Huawei is one of the companies it commands. Proof of this were the last few years in which their tops have been consecutively at the top of the DxOMark list.Despite the difficulties that Huawei has faced lately, it does not want to give [...]

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Gmail suffers from spam problems. Google is already resolving the matter

Tools like Gmail have got us used to an inbox practically clean of any unwanted emails. But algorithms don't always work the best, and mistakes do happen.In the past few days, several users have complained that filter filters spam would not be effective on your Gmail account. This led to several complaints [...]

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