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Australians change their minds and Outlast 2 arrives in the country

Outlast 2
Outlast 2

It was last week that I wrote an article in which I reported that Outlast 2 had been banned in Australia. Apparently, the Australian gaming rating agency changed its mind a week after its decision was made known.

It is unclear what made this agency change its mind a week later. You might think that the game's producer, Red Barrels, made a version of the game to be sold only in Australia, just as other companies like Bethesda have had to do in the past. Amazingly, this was not the case.

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It appears that Red Barrels had nothing to do with this decision. According to the company, the Australian agency has classified Outlast 2 as a game for over 18 years. It has also been confirmed that there will be only one version of the game.

It is then doubtful what happened to have this change of mind. The decision was made after reviewing the game a second time. The reason for this second analysis, a consequence of the change of mind, has not yet been made known.

The opinion of the players on social networks may have been the cause of this change of mind. Nowadays social networks "amplify" people's voice, and by giving your opinion in the comments anyone can learn about them, including these classifiers.

For now we still have to wait for why this change of decision. Therefore, in the near future may come more news on this subject. Don't forget to watch out for EBox for future updates!

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Outlast 2 will be available on April 25th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you are a player residing in Australia I can now wish you the same as the remaining players – Good game!

Stay here with a gameplay from Outlast 2

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