Living in augmented virtual reality

Augmented Virtual Reality

The video you can see below is an impressive example of what we can do someday with virtual reality. Greg’s idea is to transform any flat surface into an introduction method that allows us to control scenes and project interfaces, however, the really amazing thing about the demonstration is that it does so in a real environment that is replicated in the software that is running, since he has mapped his apartment to be able to move through it without removing his glasses, and in passing, test his idea of ​​virtual screens.

That is, it is like playing on an identical map of your house, with the peculiarity that, if you sit on the sofa that you are watching on the screen, you are actually doing it on the same sofa you have at home. The demo is surprising, and although most elements are static, the feeling of immersion is spectacular. Its creator has called it Augmented Virtual Reality.

What hardware have you used?

The hardware needed to run this demo is not special at all. With Oculus Quest and the hand recognition software that Oculus already offers, it is possible to control the movement of the hands and use that information to generate interfaces such as those proposed by the video.

To make a copy of his apartment he has used SketchUp, Blender for corrections and Unity to compose the entire project and give it life. Who would not like to have a copy of their house with all these possibilities?

In its YouTube channel we can find other super interesting projectors, such as a mixer, a virtual piano or a surround sound emulation system based on the facial recognition systems of mobile phones.