The application “Liga UK” is one of the most used for viewing videos of the football of the UK’s Football League. However, there are some permissions on the App that the company that made it has not yet clarified users.

When you install the Liga UK application on your Android smartphone you will see that there are two permissions to give. One of them to yours “telephone“and the other to yours”storage“.

What are these Liga UK app permissions for?

Liga Portugal App

Theoretically, this type of permissions serves to make the application work perfectly. However, in this particular application, there is no reason to compel us to give permissions to “telephone“.

This type of permission gives “Sportinveste Muyltimédia SA”, the company that created the App, to all the numbers you have called recently and for how long you have done so.

Storage access is also not valid. This is because the application does not let you upload or download videos. In other words, this access to storage is also questionable.

Application does not work without giving access to permissions

More impressive than all these permissions, is that if you do not give them you will not be able to use the App. If you install and disable it in the settings you will also not be able to open it.

Questionable permissions only on Android smartphones

Liga Portugal application

But the situation does not end here. This is because the same application on the iPhone does not ask for any type of permission other than the “background update”, “access to mobile data” and “connection to Siri”.

We are still waiting for clarification

EBox has already contacted “Sportinveste Muyltimédia SA” to clarify the situation, however, so far nothing has been answered yet.

In the privacy policy we can read “The data transmitted to Sportinveste are for the purpose of managing contacts with VSPORTS customers and users; activities to promote products and services (direct marketing); signing contracts for goods or services (sale or provision services), by Sportinveste Multimédia or by entities subcontracted by it “.

That is, it is possible that they are using our phone numbers and numbers we call to create a database. We will only know when the company clarifies the situation.

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